7 tips on how to sell clothes on the Internet

how to sell clothes online

7 tips on how to sell clothes on the Internet

Knowing how to sell clothes on the internet is a smart attitude for someone who wants to start an online business. Just so you have an idea, according to Statista survey, this sector represented nearly 21% of retail sales in 2018 in the United States.

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Globally speaking, this segment generated 533 billion dollars in the same period and is estimated to be worth more than 870 billion dollars by 2023.

how to sell clothes online

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In other words, the scenario for this category looks favorable, doesn’t it? To know how to sell clothes on the internet and earn money online, all you need is spirit entrepreneur, focus and also, follow the tips below. Good reading!successful e-commerce

How to sell clothes on the Internet: top 4 tips to do well in this business

Check out, now, the main tips to know how to sell clothes on the Internet and make your business take off!

1. Bet on a niche

Despite the fashion segment being quite broad, it is necessary that its strategy of sales focus. It’s virtually impossible to reach such a vast audience even more for those just starting out. As such, it is essential to create a persona and thus develop products based on their behavior and habits.

Once this is done, you need to show your differential. For this, it is important to study the competition, carry out research and, thus, analyze and reflect which needs, desires and problems of your audience have not yet been resolved.

2. Count on good suppliers

count on good Providers is one of the most important actions for those who want to know how to sell clothes on the Internet. These partnerships will guarantee the quality of your pieces.

Therefore, it is essential to research the best suppliers in your niche and ask for one. budget for each of the selected ones.

In this scenario, it is vital not to choose the cheapest quote right away. Choose the ones that best align with your reality financial and then study the best cost-benefit presented to choose the best partnership.

3. Invest in quality images

When buying over the Internet, a person cannot try the piece. So, no matter how much you put the measurements of the clothes in question, the first characteristics that come to the eyes of those who want to enhance their wardrobe are: is this piece beautiful, is it comfortable?

Therefore, it is crucial that your website has Photos of quality about the product. In other words, instead of trying to photograph the piece, it’s better to hire a professional. It will shoot from the right angles and also ensure the quality of the images.

how to sell clothes on the internet

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4. Careful in the part descriptions

Informing about available colors and sizes is nothing more than obvious. To go beyond the commonplace, it’s critical to be specific and creative. In this framework, describing the fabric and other product differentials is a good tactic.

How about, for example, creating a story about the play? People love stories! You can talk about the origins of this clothing, how it evolved over time, and add other creative touches to this presentation.

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How to sell clothes online: + 2 amazing tips

Now discover two more amazing tips to discover how to sell clothes online.

1. Promote your business on Instagram

Second Socialbakers survey, Instagram is the social network that engages the most. Because of that, promoting your business in this media seems like a good idea, right? Even more if we consider that the fashion segment has a strong visual appeal.

It is essential to develop a strategy to attract potential customers. First, define the tone that will be used in your posts and what kind of content it will present.

We can emphasize that the language must be light and informal. This does not mean that you can neglect Portuguese! On the contrary, it is essential to be very attentive to this.

It is also important to know the best times to post on Instagram with periodicity and that its content is informative, creative and has its own face. In addition, it is essential, of course, to post quality photos.

Regarding business strategy, it is worth researching the main influencers in your segment and, thus, proposing a partnership that also has advantages for them.

2. Evaluate the best strategy

To sell clothes online, you can either create your own Virtual store how to be part of a marketplace. It is a very personal decision.

The advantage of having your own online store is that this model gives you complete autonomy in front of your business. In other words, the freedom to interact and create relationships in this model is complete. Another important point is the profit, which can be lower if you work in a marketplace, due to fees.

On the other hand, in a marketplace, the visibility that your business can gain is far superior to that of a e-commerce. In addition, you don’t have to worry about investing in advertising and most of the responsibilities rest with the marketplace itself.

In this sense, there are interesting marketplaces in which you can act, such as:

  • Dafitti;
  • Kanui;
  • Tricae;
  • Kidizen; between others.

How to sell clothes online: + 1 bonus tip

Check out a bonus tip for how to sell clothes online.

Count on a good payment intermediary

By relying on a good payment intermediary, you:

Do you need help in this regard? For that, there is the Yugo, a reference online payment platform in Brazil.

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