How to Sell Clothes on the Internet: 10 Tips for Starting a Business

entrepreneur, notebook, clothes (Photo: Reproduction/Pexels)

How to Sell Clothes on the Internet: 10 Tips for Starting a Business – Small Business Big Business


THE e-commerce became an outlet for many entrepreneurs continue selling when physical stores had to be temporarily closed. But, even before the pandemic, the Internet it was already a very important sales channel. In fact, some businesses have already started with e-commerce and managed to be very successful.

This is the case of entrepreneurs Nátali Soares, from LF Comprinhas; Giulia Gargione, from the Giu Store; and Daiana Moreira, from Toda Frida. For PEGN, they gave tips to help those who are thinking of starting a clothing store on the internet.

entrepreneur, notebook, clothes (Photo: Reproduction/Pexels)

Selling clothes on the internet is a good deal (Photo: Reproduction/Pexels)

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unique name

The first step is to decide what your brand will be called. “Your company name is a way to differentiate it, giving the consumer a more striking, unforgettable, professional and trustworthy image”, says Soares.

Also, the name should be something easy to remember. “Names that are difficult to pronounce and to write make it difficult for the customer to understand and also to spread word of mouth about your company”, says Gargione. “Preferably, it should be in Portuguese”, he adds.

Once chosen, the entrepreneur must check if the name is already used by other brands. “Go on the website of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) to check if the name does not already exist. It was the first thing we did at Toda Frida. It wasn’t our first choice, but all the other names were already registered”, says Moreira. The advice is to see this as soon as possible so as not to run the risk of growing the business and, later, being barred in court because it has another trademark already registered.


“This part usually causes a lot of problems for those just starting out, but it doesn’t have to be a biggie,” says Gargione. It is possible to create logos within applications, which the entrepreneur himself designs for free. Another option is also to hire freelance design to make a custom design.

“It is important to bet on a strong logo, which escapes the cliché. You can be sure that a nice logo will convey a lot of credibility to your client”, says Soares.

e-commerce platform

The platform you will sell your products on must be chosen very carefully. In Moreira’s view, it is not necessary to use an expensive website with many functions at the beginning. “It is possible to start with lower monthly fees to learn how to work with e-commerce. There are platforms with previous layouts on which the entrepreneur can customize the color and place their logo. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to start working with e-commerce”, he says. Soares recommends the cloudshop, tray and Shopify platforms.

Social networks

Social networks are the showcase for your business in the virtual world. “You don’t necessarily need to be present at all of them, but it’s important to analyze which ones are important to talk to your audience. In the case of women’s clothing brands, their presence on Instagram is indisputable, which is a very visual network”, says Soares.

“Today, the fastest growing social networks are Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Which one does your audience use the most? That’s the one you’ll develop first,” agrees Gargione. “Place your logo, customize your name and make a nice description of your company stating what is sold, where you are from and a form of contact.”

clothing retail

Entrepreneurs are not always able to start a brand with their own production. In Gargione’s view, this can be an advantage for your business. “When starting a company by reselling, you have the freedom to test different products while maintaining a low cost”, he says. With this, it is possible to see what the public likes to consume the most. In addition, it is very important to have experience with fabrics and confection, especially for those who have not studied fashion or had previous contact with the sector.

The tip is to face the resale phase as learning to invest in your own production, if the entrepreneur wishes to do so.

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Produce photos with lighting, especially natural light. When choosing the photos to be posted, you should ask yourself if you would buy the product looking at that image. “It sounds obvious, but it isn’t. You’ll find that you can shoot from new angles, using other poses to show more detail, fabric and fit,” says Gargione. With a more detailed photo, it is possible to resolve possible doubts that the consumer would have about the product.

If the products are for resale, Soares advises using fewer photos from suppliers and producing copyright images with their own models. “This will help the public to differentiate your brand from others who are selling the same products.”

Shopping experience

Unlike the physical store, where the customer leaves with the product straight home, e-commerce requires a little patience. “The shopping experience has to make the wait worthwhile. It’s very frustrating to open a box and see that the product was packed anyway,” says Moreira. It is necessary to think about bringing a differential to your business, such as a striking perfume, a gift or a discount voucher for your next purchase.

But it doesn’t have to be something physical. “Care and care for the customer is not only demonstrated by sending it in an expensive box, but with attention that can even be demonstrated by writing a letter of thanks”, says Gargione.

Measurement chart

Without the chance to try on the clothes in person, consumers have a table of correct measurements for the products. “This varies from company to company. We work with the body measurement table, but other companies work with the part. Regardless of what it is, it is very important that the measurements are correct”, says Moreira. “One of the sore points of fashion e-commerce is that the exchange rate is high even with a correct table. So imagine if I’m wrong.”

You can make videos teaching customers how to measure and post to YouTube or the website.

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A point that leads many retailers to not make a profit is to make mistakes when placing prices. “Prices well above the market average drive away customers, but low prices can convey the idea of ​​”devaluing the product” and customers tend to distrust the quality,” says Gargione.

When pricing, the entrepreneur should not only consider the price paid for the part itself, but all the costs involved in the purchase, such as transport and packaging. “Many stores do not consider this fixed cost per piece, and it ends up with the entire profit margin, leaving no cash to be reinvested in the company”, he says.

After sales

It is cheaper to retain a customer than to win a new one, so bet on after-sales. If the customer has any problems, the company must respond as soon as possible. “The consumer wants to be answered on the same day. Mainly, if it is the first purchase and he is already suspicious because, unfortunately, we still have many scams on the internet”, says Moreira.

In this same aspect, it is important to understand that all companies make mistakes: “We send the wrong parts, we miss the customer’s address, etc. It’s normal and it will happen. Do not freak out. Serve the customer in a polite, humble way, recognize the error and guarantee that you will correct it as soon as possible”, says Soares.

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