See 6 tips and more than 13 Clothing Store Logos! I We Do Logos

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See 6 tips and more than 13 Clothing Store Logos! I We Do Logos

First, the clothing store logos are one of the great secrets of this business segment. In this way, a well-designed logo that pleases the public can become a desired brand, adding intangible values ​​to products, such as prestige, elegance and popularity. The Fashion segment is one of the fastest growing in Brazil. Also, the clothes store have the most varied profile: women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children’s fashion and even clothing stores for geeks, which are already appearing on the market. And there is the doubt, how to create a fashion brand that it becomes a reference and is remembered?

So, face the topic in the following way: When it comes to clothing stores, what is the first thing we think about to remember a certain brand? Usually, the clothing store logo is striking! This is because this is one of the roles of the logo: to stay in the consumer’s mind so that he always remembers the brand.

Importance of the clothing store logo

Primarily, when the logo is in the minds of consumers, they fall in love with the brands and their logos, trust them, are loyal to them, buy and believe in their superiority. As such, this is the main reason why so many people are loyal to certain brands to the point of buying a much more expensive product with similar quality to a cheaper brand. Furthermore, a well-crafted and professionally created clothing store logo can be an excellent communication tool for your business.

clothing store-WeDoLogos

However, being remembered is critical and is becoming increasingly difficult. In this scope, a brand has to be strong enough to stand out in a densely populated market. A good clothing store logo attracts more customers. Thus, your store’s positioning needs to be focused on the audience you want to reach, so that your logo can convey the right message.

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And today you got lucky! Our CEO, Gustavo Mota, decided to open up the game and tell us several tips to create a successful logo. Below, we list the 6 tips he considers the most important. But before checking out these clothing logo tips, let’s check out more than 10 examples of clothing store logos created by We Do Logos.

13 logos for clothing store

Now, see some examples of clothing brands to inspire your store. In this sense, we separate 13+ clothing store logos made in We Do Logos for you to be inspired and create a brand that is a reference in the Fashion Universe.



Logo-Dindalinda-WeDoLogos Logo-moscova-WeDoLogos

Logo-mariapititica-WeDoLogos Logo-panteia-WeDoLogos





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First of all, it is evident that the logo and visual identity are so important for a business, especially if it involves a physical point of sale, that we decided to bring you a success story from one of our clients. For example, the Rio de Janeiro restaurant Point do Macarrão reached a point in its trajectory when the partners decided that it was necessary to invest in design and communication in a more professional way. For this, they started asking the creating a logo for We Do Logos. Furthermore, the result was so good that with each new communication project with We Do logos, they felt an increase in sales in their store, even receiving franchise proposals!

Check out this success story in full: Noodle CASE Point.

How about taking advantage of and in addition to creating your brand’s clothing logo, you also create your business card?


Clothing store logos: more examples of projects

For you to better understand how We Do Logos creative projects work, we have separated 10 clothing store logos created on our website. The winning proposal being presented for each store. Also, if you click on the link below each of them, you can check out several other logo options submitted by different designers and, in some cases, even to notice the evolution of the parts, as the person who placed the order asked for adjustments and changes, check:

Female Mix

  • Submitted arts: 75
  • Participating designers: 26
  • Winning proposal:


check out more clothing store logo examples that competed in this project.

Just Plus

  • Submitted arts: 53
  • Participating designers: 28
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of soon to clothing store that competed in this project.


  • Submitted arts: 137
  • Participating designers: 70
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of soon to clothing store that competed in this project.

Pretty Woman

  • Submitted arts: 92
  • Participating designers: 46
  • Winning proposal:

logo-beautiful woman-WeDoLogos

Check out more examples of soon to clothing store that competed in this project.


  • Submitted arts: 34
  • Participating Designers: 12
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of soon to clothing store that competed in this project.


  • Submitted arts: 41
  • Participating Designers: 6
  • Winning proposal:



  • Submitted arts: 20
  • Participating Designers: 7
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of clothing store logos that competed in this project.


  • Submitted arts: 47
  • Participating Designers: 30
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of clothing store logos that competed in this project.

Hot Jeans

  • Submitted arts: 69
  • Participating Designers: 27
  • Winning proposal:


check out more examples of logos for clothing stores that competed in this project.


  • Submitted arts: 78
  • Participating Designers: 20
  • Winning proposal:


check out more clothing logo examples that competed in this project.

Della Personi

  • Submitted arts: 294
  • Participating designers: 56
  • Winning proposal:



  • Submitted arts: 27
  • Participating Designers: 7
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of clothes logo that competed in this project.


  • Submitted arts: 16
  • Participating Designers: 9
  • Winning proposal:


Check out more examples of clothes logo that competed in this project.

6 Tips for Creating a Successful Clothing Store Logo

Beforehand, did you think that we had forgotten about Gustavo Mota’s tips? Of course not! Read it carefully and use it on your store’s clothing logo!

1. Know your business well


The first of the tips to create a logo, according to Gustavo, is self-knowledge. This is the key to creating a successful logo for a company. Entrepreneurs must be clear about their differentials and how they want to present themselves to the market so that this can be translated into their brand. “In the initial phase of the business, it is common for an entrepreneur to be very focused on the product and forget to look at the market. Therefore, he ends up not having a very clear vision of who his company is”, highlights our CEO.

2. Understand your audience


To convey the most appropriate image of your business, the entrepreneur must know who your customer is and what he or she wants, as it is obviously impossible to please ‘all customers’ at the same time. This second of the tips for creating a logo is focused on getting to know the customer well. In this way, it means knowing what his habits are, what he consumes and what he craves. “Defining your audience simply as ‘class A’ or ‘class C’ is too vague. Try going deeper. ‘Class A youth, cool, who like to go to the beach and travel’ is a more useful definition”, he explains.

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3. Analyze the competition


Also, understanding how competitors are performing is also a great tip for creating a fundamental logo. Only then will it be possible to decide how to position yourself in relation to them. “It is necessary to understand the tendency to be able to follow it or even go against it”, justifies Mota.

4. Show off your personality


This tip for creating a logo will also be useful in your life: show your personality! The brand should reflect the personality of your business. Do you want to sell a strong or a delicate image? Female or male? Classic or modern? These attributes will make the public identify (or not) with your business. For example, “For an office specializing in tax law, for example, a more serious source is important to convey credibility”, highlights Gustavo, who is also a designer in his spare time.

5. Pay attention to colors



For now, we see that the logo colors are also important allies to associate ideas with your brand, so don’t choose them at random. “Yellow refers to youth, green to growth, blue to seriousness”, exemplifies Mota. He points out, however, that these interpretations vary according to cultural context.

6. Escape the fads

According to this point, it’s one thing to look for tips for making a logo, it’s another to copy ideas or follow a fad. So, watching the trends is important, but avoid shaping your logo just according to the current trend. Therefore, whoever adheres to the fads runs the risk of having a mark stuck in time. “This could incur costs in the future to remodel everything,” warns our CEO.

In this sense, creating a logo with the face of your company is as important as choosing the name, which is why this is a step that requires great responsibility, a lot of work and, often, help from an expert.

Finally, regardless of the products that will be marketed by you, it is important that designers create your logo knowing as much information as possible. Therefore, we recommend that you make your clothing store logo with We Do Logos, the largest creative competition site in Latin America. Also, you can also create stationery shop, digital banners, e-mail marketing and much more! You register your order on the website and sooner than you think you have your logo created by professional designers, everything is very fast and has an extremely affordable price. That way, during the process, you can request adjustments, all online, and if you don’t like any of the created options, you can ask for your money back!


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