How to open a women’s clothing store?

How to open a women's clothing store?

How to open a women’s clothing store?

Good afternoon Derliana. Knowing how to choose the right audience for your store is fundamental and it is by studying the market that you will be able to better see the risks and advantages of betting on this business idea.

Why is it important to profile your customers?

Your target audience is more than the niche market you intend to serve. You need to think of your business as a set of strategies needed to succeed. And the first of these strategies is to understand that each audience is an audience, and knowing how to meet the demands of each one of them is your way of standing out from the competition. By defining your target audience, you will be able to offer the prices they can afford and will also be able to communicate more efficiently.

How to stand out from the competition?

During your market analysis, it is possible that you have identified that there are plus size women’s clothing stores in your city, for example. However, all of them cater to the A or B class public. Reaching this conclusion, it is time to think about whether you want to enter the competition and compete with these existing stores, or intend to invest in a new public, which would be the class C.

This audience, like all others, has its specifics that you need to understand and meet in your establishment. But, even so, it’s an audience that can give you much more opportunity for growth, just because you’re the only one in the region to meet the needs of the niche.

Where to set up a women’s clothing store?

Finding the best retail outlet to set up a women’s clothing store is one of the most important steps for you to succeed. Investing in a place with cheap rent and poorly located, for example, is one of the choices that can cause problems for your store, even bankrupt you. Some steps you need to follow to choose the location of your physical store well:

1- Visit the place more than once on different days of the week, to check the street movement;

2- Find out if there are competitors in nearby streets and neighborhoods, or even similar stores;

3- Ask local residents or business owners if the region suffers from robberies or other types of violence periodically;

4- Think, too, if the region is easily accessible to your target audience.

Price should also be an important point when deciding on the best location, but saving on rent is not always a really good investment. So, look for a good price allied to a good physical space, facing a busy and safe street.

How to advertise a women’s clothing store?

Now that you have your target audience defined and a good place to set up your women’s clothing store, it’s time to think about the communication strategies you’ll use. As you have already defined your final customer, knowing how to get there is much easier. Instead of investing in all kinds of disclosures that lie ahead, try to focus on those that will definitely reach your client.

To better understand this, we can also use the example of the women’s clothing store aimed at the plus size public. As the end customer chosen was the C-class, you should think of ways to reach this audience efficiently. Illustrative flyers, with lots of images, can be left in the hands of people who pass by the streets near your business.

Surveys show that more than 1 billion people in the world use social networks and the Brazilian leads the ranking. Consequently, your customer is also present on social media. Just creating a company profile is not enough for a good promotion on social media. It is necessary to keep the page constantly updated and in constant communication with the consumer, answering questions, criticisms and suggestions, in addition to producing attractive content for your customer.

How much to invest to set up a women’s clothing store?

The truth is that there is no fixed budget, mainly because everything depends on a series of variables that range from your niche of activity to the size of your physical store. In general, those who invest in a medium-sized women’s clothing store need to pay around R$30,000 in initial investment.

This cost already includes the payment of the clothes that will be sold, employees’ salaries, and, of course, the physical space where the store will be installed. However, it is possible that you can set up a much smaller store with less investment. Setting up a small clothing store in your garage is also a possibility, depending on where you live. The important thing is that you do everything with planning, carry out market research and carefully choose the audience you will serve.

Structure of a women’s clothing store?

The basic structure for opening a women’s clothing store with little money is as follows:

1- Dressing rooms with curtains and mirrors;

2- Sofas or chairs for customers to sit on;

3- Mannequins;

4- Showcases;

5- Macaw, where exposed clothes are put;

6- Hangers, among others.

7- Shelves;

8- Counter;

9- Tables;

10- Box;

11- Computers;

12- Credit and debit card machine;

13- Diverse goods following fashion and seasons;

14- Storage room.


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