Where to shop on the coast of Santa Catarina?

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Where to shop on the coast of Santa Catarina? -Tourist’s House

It’s not just the beaches that attract tourists to the Santa Catarina coast. The region also has a good variety of shops and shopping centers where to shop. These are places where you can find good quality clothes, shoes, bath items and souvenirs at good prices. How about enjoying your vacation to spend a few days at the beach and still come back with good products in your luggage? See some tips on places that make good purchases in the region:

Check out shopping tips for your vacation on the coast of Santa Catarina

Municipal Public Market in Florianópolis

one of the best places where to shop in the state capital is the Public Market, located in the city center. The more than 100 boxes sell clothes, shoes, food and utilities. In addition, there are good handicraft options for those looking to take local souvenirs to friends and family. In the central span, visitors find a few options of bars with tasty food and cold draft beer. It’s worth walking a bit to the famous Felipe Schmidt promenade, which has a good variety of clothing, shoe and optician shops. Book your transfer now.

Avenida Brasil, in Balneário Camboriú

Transfers to Balneário Camboriú |  Tourist House - Incoming Tour OperatorIn Balneário Camboriú, you will find some of the most famous national and international brands. As it is a city dedicated to tourism, commerce almost never stops. Most establishments are open every day of the week, including Sundays and holidays. Book a day to visit the stores on Avenida Brasil. There, you can find cheap accessories, bikinis, shoes and clothing stores. Avenida Brasil also has a mall with 70 stores: Camboriú Praia Shopping.

FECCAT, in Itapema

FECCAT is a permanent fair located in Itapema. It is the ideal space for those looking for shoes that represent good value for money. At the fair, which specializes in shoes, you will find a variety of models that appeal to different tastes and styles. The products are made of different materials – there you will find leather, synthetic and suede shoes, for example. If you are in Itapema, be sure to visit FECCAT!

Crystals in Blumenau

Blumenu Tour |  Tourist House - Incoming Tour OperatorIn addition to Oktoberfest, Blumenau is also known for being a city with excellent options for those who look where shopping. Many people travel to the city to buy crystals – for example, at the Strauss brand factory store (Kristal Haus). The city also has the Kingdom of Crystals and Glas Park, a company that accepts visitors who want to know the manufacturing process of its products. During the visit to the company, tourists can also visit the Crystal Museum, which has a good collection of equipment that has historical value for the sector. Blumenau is 152 km from Florianópolis and 68 km from Balneário Camboriú.
We recommend booking your transfer in time to visit Blumenau.

Fashion Fair in Brusque

During your visit to the Santa Catarina coast, it is also worth traveling a few kilometers to do shopping in Brusque. The city is known for having a good variety of stores that offer quality products at good prices. The Fashion Fair (FIP) is a good example. This is a space that brings together more than 200 stores in the textile sector in the region. Brusque is 102 km away from Florianópolis and 41 km from Balneário Camboriú. Book your transfer now.

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