4 tips for clothing stores to sell more, attracting and retaining their customers

4 tips for clothing stores to sell more, attracting and retaining their customers

4 tips for clothing stores to sell more, attracting and retaining their customers

Clothing meets two needs, the first one who brought it was Pedro Álvares Cabral as soon as he arrived in these lands. He dressed all the Indians, our ancestors, and so, since then, it is good manners for us to wear clothes. The other is more linked to our vanity, our need to feel beautiful and in accordance with our social group.

First define who your customer is

I know, it looks like a class text. But it makes perfect sense for the conversation we’ll have now. Doesn’t the path to success in commerce start with knowing who your customer is? So what I said at the beginning makes perfect sense. There are consumers who buy clothes because they need to dress. They don’t care if it’s in fashion. They care about the cost-benefit and want convenience when buying.

And there is the biggest group (to your relief, a clothing store owner): those who buy clothes thinking about looking good and presentable. Ufa! This is the group that consumes the most.

So, keeping in mind these two groups, you know that your store must be visually attractive, but without losing practicality. And in addition to thinking about modern pieces that are “in fashion”, you cannot forget the basic pieces. Those with more sober colors and without much fruit. Pieces that never go out of fashion without necessarily being in fashion.

The vain customer will attract you in the window. Take care in assembling, choose the most modern pieces, but don’t fill your window to the point where the customer doesn’t see the interior of the store. And leave it in a point of view, a counter or other type of display that shows basic pieces like shirts and more neutral pieces. There are a lot more tips about shop window in the post “How to set up a shop window”.

Remember, a window that allows you to see the interior of the store will be attractive to all audiences and safer, as I told you in the text published two weeks ago on how to prevent theft in your store.

How to organize and decorate your clothing store

Arrange the pieces by types (pants, skirts, blouses) and then organize each type by color. This makes the choice easier and pleases any type of customer. And if there is space, don’t leave too many pieces. Placing only a few pieces of each model makes it much easier for the customer to see all the options. In addition to a much more comfortable look. A store full of products suffocates and anyone who enters immediately feels like leaving.

Sectorize. If your store only serves one type of public, for example, a women’s clothing store, arrange the pieces by model and occasion. Separate more basic pieces from those at night, for example. And create highly visible sectors for other products such as jewelry and accessories. This goes for all audiences.

But if your store is for the whole family, think about three different stores: women’s, men’s and children’s. Of course, a defined space for each audience will help a lot. And within this space, the organization of pieces I mentioned is worth it.

This organization applies to stores of all sizes. If the space is small, explore the higher parts well to expose the pieces. So, you enjoy all the available area. And make clear the sectorization, a space for each audience, even if it is a shelf for each one.

Create an ambiance

I talked some time ago about “shop perfumes”. Perfumes applied in the environment, causing a pleasant feeling for those who enter. Nothing worse than a bad smell in any kind of business, do you agree? Some famous brands create their own perfume for customers to associate a certain scent with the brand. This creates an unconscious olfactory memory. And smell is one of our most primal senses.

You don’t need to create a custom perfume, but it’s nice to always use the same scent. Pleasant but not too intense. There are many flavors on the market in spray or oil that are very affordable and delicious.

Sound is also nice. But don’t even think about putting on a university sertanejão or a funk pancadão. Unless your audience is specifically listeners to some specific type of music. What I believe it is not. After all, you want to serve a much wider audience than listeners of one type of music or another. Choose “ambient music”, something that you can hear but that doesn’t distract from the most important thing: the products.

Creating a waiting environment for husbands and children in women’s stores will let your customer take your time shopping. A little corner, with an armchair, a table, papers and colored pencils will make everyone happy. Including yours!

How to create promotions and creative actions

I talked about it on our fan page and I’m going to rewrite it here.

Let’s start with the tips to create a LIQUIDATION: 1 – Don’t just lower prices. How about creating a combo: “buy a shirt and get a discount on your pants”; 2 – Offer progressive discounts: 20% on the first piece, 30% on the second successively, up to the maximum discount you define. So, you profit on quantity; 3 – Try to partner with suppliers: the supplier gives you a discount percentage on your purchase and you add another percentage, offering a good discount to your customers. But it’s no use all this settlement if you don’t disclose it. In the window, on social networks, sending messages, emails and even a smoke signal! Just don’t forget to advertise as much as possible.

Another idea I mentioned on face was about ways to face the crisis. We know that in times of crisis everyone needs to spend less. Research has shown that at times like this, people are looking to lower their cost by reusing products. Thinking about it, I had an idea: why not include in your clothing store, a consultancy or even a partnership with seamstresses and offer clothing customization for your customers? Or create a thrift store section? It’s a way to keep moving in the store, offering a lower cost alternative for your customers to renew their wardrobe! That way, when the crisis is over, you will not have lost the link with your customers and will be able to maintain your sales normally.

And don’t forget to use all the features of the NEX Program to make your store look and feel more professional. Haven’t downloaded the NEX yet? Click here and download it now. It’s free!

It’s nice to read (if you haven’t already) last week’s text on the use of identification tags.

If you have another tip or would like to read about another topic, let me know!

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