How and Where to Find Cheap Clothes in Fortaleza to Resell? Highly Profitable Business Tips! | by Thiago Melo

by Thiago Melo

Thiago Melo

Hi, are you looking for wholesale clothing in Fortaleza to resell and increase your business profitability or are you thinking of starting your own business? Ceará is one of the top fashion spots in the country and there are many factories and wholesale clothing stores in Fortaleza where you can buy clothes to resell and earn money.

Buying wholesale clothes in Fortaleza to resell is a great option and a strategy adopted by many clothing retailers and retailers even in your city I can risk saying. The tip to get excellent profit margins and resale products with ease is to look for clothing manufacturers that offer attractive prices and quality.

Know that buying clothes wholesale in Fortaleza to resell can be the beginning of a profitable business. Wholesale shopping malls, factories and wholesale clothing stores offer some advantages for those who want to buy cheap clothes in the capital of Ceará, such as better prices and conditions for payment, facility to find good brands of clothing from different segments and quality products in the same place and consequently save time, among other benefits.

If you want to earn money selling clothes from different segments or if you already resell women’s, men’s, children’s clothes, jeans, lingerie, beachwear or fitness clothes, but don’t know where to buy wholesale clothes in Fortaleza, find out about some clothing stores in Fortaleza below. attacked in Fortaleza.



» Cardigan —

» Donna Xiquinha —

» Eloah —

» Fame —

» Sleek Thread —

» GK Fashion —

» julich —

» Kokid —

» Mauy —

» Mammo Brazil —

» Mint Coffee —

» Top Fashion Mix —

» Vieux Gitan —


» Boldness —

» Blinclass —

» Cats Company —

» Rock Legion —

» MR2 —


» Chiquinha Fulo —

» Diverkid’s —

» Infanteen —

» Maluzinha —


» Anne —

» Nosy Cat —

» Handara —

» Flower Girl —


» Lingerie Diamonds —

» Del Lily —

» Diunbody —

» Kallifon Lingerie —

» Liebe Lingerie —

» Sensuality Lingerie —

» Thays & Thamires —


» Allamar —

» Water Bubble —

» Half tone –

» Sun & Water —

» Sun and Bronze —

» Sky Beach —


» Sculpted body –

» Corpore Fit —

» Little Girl

» Zig Zag Fitness —

If you want to buy wholesale clothing in Fortaleza on the internet, with convenience and ease when buying, visit the clothing brand website and contact us for more information.

Now you know where to buy wholesale clothing in Fortaleza.

One day I saw the market in my capital as the only profitable source for my future business, but I happily concluded that, in general, prices in Brazil are really absurd! So, if you are interested in buying a piece of clothing, an instrument, a food supplement, or any other quality product, you will pay a surreal price here in Brazil due to taxes.

But the good news is that this situation is solvable! Just know how to import products from abroad. See these TIPS!

Importing a product can yield savings of thousands of reais. That’s because the real cost of a product manufactured abroad is low. The price we see in stores in Brazil is always overpriced due to the high taxes and high profit margins that retailers, representatives and distributors add to their merchandise. Therefore, by importing a product you are cutting a large part of the cost chain and getting the product virtually free of additional costs.

See in this example the huge difference between Apple’s things sold in the US compared to those sold here in Brazil, CLICK HERE!

Also check out this other example of exorbitant price differences for a product that is a fever in our country, WATCH INVICTA!

There are many important details for your import to be successful. After all, if you don’t know the weight and size limits that must be adhered to, your products can be heavily taxed at customs, which would greatly reduce your economy. Maybe you’re thinking, “Cool, so if I do everything right, I’ll be able to buy my product at the price I see in foreign online stores?”. Well, that price you see in a foreign store is much cheaper than prices here in Brazil, but you can pay even less for these products. But how?

Amazingly, it is possible to get even lower values ​​when buying from abroad. That’s because the price you see in a foreign virtual store is a little higher than the price practiced there in the country, as they know you’re Brazilian (just check your computer’s IP). HI P (Internet Protocol, or Internet Protocol) it’s like the CPF of your computer on the internet. Every computer has an identification, and through this IP it is possible to discover the location of a computer. But you are not required to enter the IP of your computer. In fact, it is much safer for you to browse the internet without informing your location, as this makes it difficult for hackers and malicious people to act. This knowledge did not come from people who know how to import, but from people who are experts in computer security. Learn about this training I have been doing for about 2 months and it changed my view of the Brazilian market! CLICK HERE.

So, if you know how to hide your IP, these virtual stores won’t know you’re Brazilian and will show local prices, which are even lower than what you’ve seen. This tip is just one example of what you can learn when you study the art of importing.

There are many other tips that are worth gold and can make you have an unbelievable economy when importing from other countries, to the point of encouraging you to resell products here in Brazil (because the difference in price you will be paying in relation to the goods sold here can help you earn a monthly salary). Imagine this situation where you buy for R$ 40.00 (including shipping) an imported brand shirt that costs R$ 150.00 here in Brazil. You can sell it for R$100.00 here, earning R$60.00 and still help someone pay less for a very valuable product.

In case you didn’t know, some “import masters” they have even quit their jobs and live importing products and reselling them through Mercado Livre, among other platforms, without spending a penny on advertising and without the stress of going from door to door offering products, after all, the internet today makes this sales process much easier.

Generally, those who learn how to import start saving on their individual purchases, then start shopping for family members, such as siblings, parents, etc. Then he starts shopping for his friends, after all the news that someone can get much cheaper prices spreads fast. It doesn’t take long for the person to start considering the possibility of profiting from it, as the number of interested parties only increases.

On the open market, as well as on other online sales platforms, there is still a lot of room for resale of various products. After all, the demand and quantity of goods transacted in general in a country of 200 million inhabitants is very large. You don’t just sell LED TVs, there are all kinds of products. There will always be someone looking for a specific product of the X or Y brand, and if you who know how to import are aware of these opportunities, you will always have a buying public at your disposal, after all the prices you can offer are much more attractive than the prices of Brazilian retailers and even more attractive than the prices of used products. It’s not hard to conclude that the person who knows how to import is always at the forefront in the price battle.

I hope you contributed relevant information, now the choice is yours!

Happy shopping and sales success!

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