Phrases by rapper Matuê to be inspired and used as subtitles

Frases Matuê

Phrases by rapper Matuê to be inspired and used as subtitles

See the phrases and caption your photos or stories with the trapper of the moment Matue.

The rapper recently released Time Machine”, album released on September 20th, presents Matuê’s best creative moment. Without stepping on the brakes, he advances with speed beyond the barriers of trap music like little has been seen in Brazil and abroad. And, by adding the concept of time travel to the record, in a colorful, hallucinogenic and, at the same time, cyberpunk journey, he also presents a narrative that is unprecedented in national music. Check out the album by clicking here!

Phrases, lyrics and subtitles Matuê:

1. Everyone wants to be a star, but there’s no place in the Sun

2. Come swing, no cheating. I’m bad and I’ll steal your soul until the end of the song

3. Everything we do will have to be heartfelt

4. I just know that you are boring and very hot for me

5. I came from there, I came from far, from far away, I came to teach you that when the beat drops we can never stop

6. I kept my secrets, repeated my mistakes, but I’m still here

7. Now that I’m old, I just want peace

8. Lost in time I feel so lonely without you here

9. I swear I’m insecure, the cross I carry on my chest I paid in interest

10. Cat, I can be your saint, but to save you, I’m going to need an advance

11. She deserves my world, I make time for everything

12. When you come into my life I forget today, yesterday, now

13. Self-esteem exhaling mercilessly, today I’m going out, enjoying vibe

14. I am almost fire in the darkness, already bless my protection. Along the paths, the nest, the road and heart

15. This flavor is inexplicable, it has a taste of love at heart

16. It was just love that we swallowed, understanding was what came loose

17. Only you win me in the smile, I count the hours to be with you

18. I came here to change my perception, in this world where returning is not an option

19. But who would believe that I would one day dominate? I’m living my dream, good life, having everything I wanted

20. You didn’t believe me, now I’m on vacation just taking lean

21. They say this is the time to turn my runs around

22. To achieve my dream I had to come on passin

23. I thank you guys who complicated me, it ended up motivating me in the end

24. My prerogative is to toast it loud and make a sound, wait for the money and share it with the brothers

25. I pay high because I never depended on anyone

26. To have money, it has to be whole, the kingdom is silver on your chest, it’s for merit, yes, not for investment

27. Sometimes life forces you to make choices in the fall

28. New age, new rhyme, play the game. Lights up another one, heats up the weather and steals the top

29. In my mind I have a dream, to live selling joy

30. And my tram is any tram that sings and dances. It has no definition, no class and no color

31. My tram is the perfect mix of all bums

32. It is still said that there is no discrimination and wars putting the poor young man in the coffin

33. Sorry I’m tired of living like this, seeing my brothers always one step closer

34. And every day we suffer from travel, Malacca politician does not understand reality. Forcing people into crime with laws that don’t match real problems

35. When you want the world in your palm, you’ll end up trading your soul for money

36. I married money, I never let go. he will never let me go

37. I’m loving this life, I’m just on the one-way ticket

38. An experienced, demanding guy, I’m not content with little

39. Following our course without any direction, always listening to the voice of the heart

40. Life grew up like that for me, living on the beach, dying on the beach on bad days

41. I wish I could go back to how it was before

42. Confidence is what we lack is adrenaline

43. I’m going back in time just to relive what I was before

44. Those who are walking with God are never amazed

45. Nobody knew, I want everybody mute

46. ​​Put faith in the underworld

47. There is always more money to make

48. I’m going to go back and rewrite it all over again.

49. I’m going to make a time machine

50. Nobody will stop me, nothing will stop me anymore

And when we fall into bed, the stuff heats up hot in the pan. matue

Lust spoils me, makes me less of me. matue

Living everything I wanted to know, North and South of the country knew that every time I would be rewarded. matue

Winning for me is easy, I was born blessed winner, I’m grateful. matue

All you really want is to kiss my dove. matue

You became my Mona, your sweet soothes me warms up inside and puts me in my zone. matue

When did I get lost in your wave, time surfing your wave. matue

My glass is already full, it overflows. matue

Living everything I wanted, saving money for my granddaughter, because my daughter is going to be rich. matue

My cell phone keeps ringing, is it the note man knocking on my door? matue

I pay big because I never depended on anyone. matue

And your friends trust me, it’s always best to trust you. matue

Imagine us in a plane, me, you, a room, we fly high like an airplane. matue

If restraining is a prison, allowing yourself is the solution. matue

Living an unlimited dream, we impressed NASA with a paper airplane. matue

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