Instagram for fashion: tips to stand out

Instagram for fashion: tips to stand out

Instagram for fashion: tips to stand out

O Instagram became the “darling” social network among internet users. O Instagram for fashion is a source of inspiration for beauty and creativity. With over 50 million users in Brazil alone and over 700 million active users worldwide, social network opens up a range of opportunities for entrepreneurs. in addition to the great power that quality images provide, interactivity enables direct communication between your company and its consumers. That’s why the Instagram is so important to your Store, is a tool for you to sell more and consolidate your brand.

Want to know some creative ideas for using the social network and turbocharge your fashion business? So keep reading our post and be surprised!0,

Instagram for fashion: cread a business profile

Many entrepreneurs still have doubts if they should use the “Instagram for Business”. Let’s start by explaining the differences. In the commercial profile you can choose the buttons “Call”, “Send e-mail” or “How to get there” right below your profile. THE Bio (biography) of your Instagram is the space for you to write your main profile information. You have to be objective and at the same time creative, after all, the space fits up to 150 characters.

Until tags that you use or follow can be posted on Bio. O business profile it also allows you to see and track your business results. You can measure the countries, cities and age range of people who are entering your profile and also interacting with your posts, so you can think of ideal posts for your audience.

Share your pieces

Instagram for fashion it is a resource excellent for spread yours products. The social network works as a kind of virtual showcase, so every time something new and interesting arrives in your Store, try to photograph and post! It is very important that you choose an interesting setting, choose the pieces well and promote the products in a very well thought out way. This will increase your chances of engagement and sale.

Find a model or invite a customer from your store to come across a photo shoot in a beautiful setting. But if you can’t find a suitable location at first, use your own store as the setting. Remember that the better you advertise your products on Instagram, the better your results will be.

Instagram for Fashion - Photos

Use Instagram Stories and make lives from your Store

This is a very useful feature of the Instagram. With Stories it is possible to publish short videos, photos and drawings that are available for 24 hours. Best of all, the public can interact with these contents. You can even put drawings on the images and make the look more interactive.

You stories from all your contacts are available. If you make a post with a link that leads to a site, for example, the consumer can drag and click to access the full content. At lives are also a tendency to give more visibility to your company. Followers receive notification that your broadcast is taking place. Take advantage of this feature to promote your news. The social network offers other techniques to promote your products.

Use attractive tags

Instagram for fashion need strategies to give the result you expect. Who is a user of Instagram already noticed how the #hashtags make a big difference in publications. a simple #tag greatly increases the reach of your posts. More people will find your content. If you use a hashtag plus the word moda (example: #moda) the user will find all content related to the same subject. Location tags help customers find your Store.

Make promotions

Another good way to pump up using Instagram for the fashion segment is to publicize promotions. You can provide discount vouchers to be printed and used in the Store, it can make a promotional action aimed at the first 50 customers who follow the Store on Instagram, it can promote a draw among people who like the photos and tag friends, and it can also make the famous cultural contests.

Photograph the looks of the day

A social media craze is the famous look of the day post. Follow all the trends in the fashion world, assemble interesting productions, take beautiful photos and post on Instagram. Try to post at least one look a day. follow the bloggers from the fashion world and get inspired! You will be amazed by the results!

Instagram for Fashion - Disclosure

invite for releases

Use Instagram to invite customers to participate in collection launches. Don’t forget to create a nice layout for the invitation and give your full address. store. The best way to increase attendance at the event is to use attractive differentials, such as gifts and cocktails. This is a way for you to get to know your customers better, attract new customers and retain them.

Don’t give up planning

Any and all commercial actions, whether in person or online, must be strategically planned. Assess the pros and cons, consider your target audience, set goals and create action strategies to develop a good job in social media, especially on Instagram. It is important to plan everything in advance so that your actions be assertions. When you do the planning of two images, for example, think about the clothes, the models and find the ideal setting. Do not leave to do your actions at the last minute.

Extra tips to promote your store on Instagram

  • Use quality images. At Internet, the look counts for a lot and if you use poorly produced and low-resolution photographs, the tendency is to drive away customers rather than attract them.
  • Update social media frequently and always post different! Customers like the originality.
  • Encourage collaboration and ask customers to send in photos of the store’s looks. Another good idea is to ask them to use hashtags with your brand name and promotions.
  • Don’t leave anyone unanswered. enjoy it Instagram to answer customer queries. This attitude reveals that the company cares about the consumer.

Instagram for fashion

So, ready to create a profile super attractive and use all these strategies from Instagram for fashion? Follow our tips and don’t forget to come back here to tell us the results. See you next time and keep an eye out for news on the blog from Fair Shop!

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