How to Dress Well: 6 Basic Fashion and Style Tips

how to dress well

How to Dress Well: 6 Basic Fashion and Style Tips

Are you full of doubts when you have to choose an outfit for going out? Not sure how to combine the pieces you have in your wardrobe or are you afraid to risk a different combination? Dressing up doesn’t require a lot of rules, but there are a few tips that will help you stay cool with fashion. Want to see?

how to dress well

Check out 6 tips for dressing up

know your body

The first thing is to be aware of your body, to know clearly your strengths and what you want to hide, so you know what to value when getting dressed.

  • Short women should invest in well-fitting clothes that emphasize the lines of the body.
  • Those who are overweight, need to enhance the lap, mark the waist and wear pieces of the correct size.
  • Those with wide hips should bet on blouses and accessories that emphasize the upper body.
  • If you have broad shoulders, wear v-necks and avoid puffy sleeves.
  • Those with full breasts can bet on canoe necklines to enhance the shoulders and flared skirts.
  • To disguise the belly, use well-structured fabrics and abuse models crossed or envelope.

bodySource: @esteticacomharmonia

understand the occasion

Each type of event asks for a different type of clothing. Of course there are pieces that can be used for work and play, but there are also those that don’t fit in certain environments.

If you have an event that is outside of what you’re used to, discover the dress code to find out which pieces you can pull out of your wardrobe. Still, don’t fall into the same thing. Often, a pair of pants that you only wear to work can look great with a more tidy blouse for a night out. Or that wild gown you wear to the mall can go great with a high heel and become a great choice for going to the theater or dining out.

fashion1Tailored pants with high heels are a great combination for a meeting
fashion2Pantacourt is a wild piece: great for work or for going out
fashion3Short dress with spaghetti strap is a great option for an unpretentious outing

Full tour? Formal dress? How to assemble a cool dress code!

define your style

No, you don’t need to have just one style for life. But it’s worth defining the style you’ll want to wear on that occasion.

If you’re looking for something street, you already know that a destroyed jeans can be the first piece to choose and then build the rest of the look. If you want something romantic, a piece with lace is a good place to start. And so on…

Women’s fine sport looks for you to rock!

fashionYou can look for an elegant and comfortable style
fashion4You can bet on casual fashion, but still full of style
fashion6And you can even climb the heel and combine prints with a lot of personality

See blouse models for those who want to renew their wardrobe

learn to match colors

Colors can work in your favor when putting together the look. You just have to know the color palette and its possible combinations. See below how to create looks with two or three different colors that go together!

Women’s social clothing: see the must-have pieces in your wardrobe


What to wear: ideas for style in any occasion

imprint your personality

In fashion, personality is everything! It’s no use copying the look of a famous woman if it’s not about you. Buying very serious and composed pieces if your style is more laid-back, for example, is throwing money away. In the end, you don’t want to use them.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have some parts that escape your safe haven. Yes, it’s worth testing and if you like it, you can gradually invest in other styles.

How to organize your wardrobe in a few steps




Maxi necklace: the perfect accessory for those who want to ooze charm and beauty

Feel good

The first rule of thumb for looking pretty is to feel pretty. Fashion is increasingly inclusive and today there are brands and pieces for all body styles and personalities. Just find the one that suits you best.

Forget about idealized bodies, magazine covers and love your body as it is. If you don’t like something, go for it to change or use fashion to your advantage to enhance other strengths.

Stylish and comfortable: check out looks with women’s sneakers!




Women’s kimono options for you to create a boho look

When buying clothes:

  • See if the piece is of quality, not necessarily expensive, but well made.
  • Pick up stuff at thrift stores and department stores. You might be surprised!
  • Always have some wild pieces, which go well with everything in a hurry.
  • Never buy on impulse! Buy it if you need the piece or if you fall in love with it.
  • Invest in different accessories so you can compose a look with ease.

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