Instagram Reels: 6 Tips for Online Stores

Instagram Reels: 6 Tips for Online Stores

Instagram Reels: 6 Tips for Online Stores

Instagram Reels is one of the features launched by the social network with the aim of offering technical conditions for creating and editing videos of up to 15 seconds with more creativity.

One of the main attractions of social networks is, without a doubt, the speed with which news and new features are released. THE Instagram Reels, for example, is one of those great surprises.

It is not new that Instagram has been reinventing itself and investing heavily to compete with TikTok. One of the responses to the rapid growth of the Chinese social network was the launch of Reels, which took place in August 2020, to more than 50 countries.

Very similar to the feature offered by TikTok, Instagram Reels is a tool that allows you to create and find various short and fun videos. Microvideos can be edited with special effects and audios.

The functionality fell in the taste of Brazilians and became one of the most used features by commercial accounts, mainly by online stores.

In this post, we’ll better explain how Reels works and why it’s been so adopted in digital marketing growth strategies. Come on?

Reels: what it is and how it works

Reels is an Instagram tool based on a function identical to TikTok, aimed at making videos of up to 15 seconds, for the Stories and the Explore area, with some extra features.

Like Instagram Reels, videos can be shared on users’ profiles, and when you’re making a new video, you can include elements from old videos to enrich the material. Reels also allows you to upload videos via Direct, the Instagram chat.

as the social networks are part of the digital marketing strategies of several virtual stores, Instagram Reels has become a very useful tool to generate business, engage users and attract customers.

With this functionality, posts on an e-commerce profile can be more creative, with the presentation of more complete scenes, with soundtrack, timer, special effects with filters and speed control.

In other words, you can create really interesting digital marketing pieces and use Reels to create really cool videos for users and to promote brands and products.

Difference from Instagram Reels, IGTV and Stories

On Instagram Reels, also called the “Scene” function, the user will find some differences for the Instagram stories, especially the following: make the video interleaving and grouping in just one compilation.

In practice, to use Reels for this purpose, you can use files that are already stored in your gallery and videos that were created with your own camera.

However, the arrival of Reels does not mean that Instagram Stories loses its function for its online store. On the contrary, the two functions complement each other very well.

For example: to broadcast in real time or post some very informal content, without much production, stories are still essential. If an e-commerce launch arrives, you can instantly advertise it through Instagram Stories.

Then, with more calm and time, your digital marketing team or you, depending on the size of your e-commerce, can produce more elaborate material with Reels.

Now the difference from Reels to IGTV it’s also pretty sharp, as Instagram’s TV channel lets you create much longer vertical videos, lasting up to 60 minutes.

As it is aimed at the production of long content, IGTV is indicated for more complete and in-depth videos on a topic.

As such, Reels is intended for sharing, designed to be consumed quickly and to produce more dynamic content. Stories are ideal for fast, real-time communications. IGTV is recommended for dense content.

Another thing: IGTV is an app on its own, while Reels is an Instagram feature.

What are the advantages of Instagram Reels for an online store?

As a novelty, Instagram Reels is another feature that can be used by an e-commerce to promote products to followers and to improve brand positioning.

Among the top results when using Rells for an online store are the following:

  • increase the reach of publications;
  • improve post engagement;
  • achieve the organic growth of the profile.

The short videos, full of filters, creations and visual elements are excellent for promoting beauty services (if you follow some brands or salons you may have already noticed how much they use Reels).

Without a doubt, the resource has become a powerful tool for online stores to make direct sales!

Step by step for creating content on Instagram Reels

1. The first step is to update your Instagram to the latest version.

2. In the upper left area is the image of a camera, you should click on it.

3. Once the camera is open, one of the recording options that will appear will be Instagram Reels.

4. Your video can be created with files imported from the gallery or with camera takes.

5. To enrich your material, you can use filters, background music and make as many cuts as you like.

It’s quite easy and intuitive make videos on Instagram Reels. When the content is ready, the publication is done in an area destined for Reels, a feed for Instagram scenes.

How to use Instagram Reels in practice

Instagram Reels is very useful to show new goods, present new products to the public, make a quick tutorial about a product, show behind the scenes of a company, among many other possibilities.

It is very common to use Reels for voiceovers, special and short tips, challenges and product teasers.

However, what most calls the attention of online stores and e-commerces on Instagram Reels is the possibility that customers have to buy products directly through the tool.

For that, the products that are in the videos and that the virtual store intends to sell are marked and the followers can click and make the purchase or, if they prefer, store to make the purchase later, at another time.

6 tips for using Reels in your online store

Now that you know what it is, how it works and the advantages of using Reels, just take a look at these tips for you to introduce this functionality into your online store!

1. Show your products in use

Reels can be used to show a product being used in practice. In the case of beauty products, for example, it is possible to explore the “before and after” format, to present new clothing and footwear collections, launches, among other actions.

For example: a virtual clothing or fashion store can show how versatile a piece is and give tips on looks with products that are part of the catalogue.

In all cases, to complement the information with brief product descriptions, just use text or audio to talk about available colors, prices and sizes.

2. Present behind the scenes of the company

Another case that can be addressed in Reels is about the backstage, something very useful for some segments, such as decoration and cooking.

In the case of cooking, it is possible to assemble videos with all the steps of a recipe being prepared.

The same happens with decoration, since the video for Instagram Reels can have several cuts, each one with a new piece being added to the environment and, of course, with marking so that the pieces can be purchased in e-commerce by followers.

3. Ask questions about products or services

Use Instagram Reels to answer questions from followers about your online store products, such as price, sizes, usage, duration, ingredients, material type, among many other details.

Putting music and subtitles in videos is a good alternative too, as it increases engagement and gives an even more special touch to the production.

4. Launch new products

Reels is great for launching products in online stores because you can produce teasers that will engage the audience for the day the product is actually presented.

For this, create videos with some information to sharpen the curiosity of customers about the new thing that is to come.

5. Participate in challenges

As we said, Instagram Reels also allows the creation of “challenges”. This is one of the most successful features on Reels and can be used to increase engagement on your profile!

Challenges are entertainment-oriented challenges. Many celebrities adhere to the videos, making the feature even more fun. See the challenges that are on the rise and that make sense within your industry and join in the fun.

6. Share customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are important social proofs and can be shared via Reels to show the level of consumer satisfaction with your online store.

Did you see how you can use Reels a lot in promoting your e-commerce and in sales actions? Enjoy the feature and all its functionality. Your clients will love and interact with your profile a lot!

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