How to use Instagram Reels? What Online Stores Should Do


How to use Instagram Reels? What Online Stores Should Do

E-commerces that know how to use Instagram Reels can boast the network’s golden combo: reach, engagement and organic growth. The feature, which allows you to post short videos of up to 30 seconds, is a fun and engaging way to get the audience’s attention and let more people know about the brand.

Want to know how to create short videos for Reels on Instagram? In this article, we reveal the crucial points of producing interesting materials for your audience and bring suggestions for topics to work on. Read on!


Instagram Reels for Online Store

Reels was launched in August 2020 in over 50 countries. At the time, it was possible to publish videos of up to 15 seconds – today the limit has risen to 30 seconds. In recent weeks, the network has released to content producers 1 minute Reels. The feature was Instagram’s response to rival TikTok, the Chinese app that was a phenomenon during social isolation.

Reels has become a fertile territory for digital businesses and many brands have already understood its potential. Fashion and beauty companies, for example, are among those that most explore video content on Instagram.

They use the resource to promote collections, launches and merchandise, to give look tips and to make a quick makeup tutorial. Others use it to reveal behind the scenes and show how a product is textured.

A novelty recently launched by Instagram for e-commerces is the purchase of the product through Reels. Companies can tag the articles in the videos so that followers can click to buy, or they can save to buy later.

Reels or IGTV?

The video produced for Reels has the characteristic of being dynamic, quick to consume and easy to share, unlike IGTV, which is aimed at presenting more in-depth content. See a comparative chart between Reels and IGTV:

Reels IGTV
Duration up to 30 seconds Duration from 1 minute to 10 minutes
Short and dynamic videos Longer and more explanatory videos
Simpler production More elaborate production, script and editing
Ideal for reaching new people Ideal for the public that knows the brand

It is important to note that one format does not cancel out the other and your e-commerce can use both within the Instagram content marketing strategy. One suggestion is to use the Reels feature for challenges (challenges), quick tips, product teasers and voiceovers. For IGTV, bet on series, full tutorials and videos in question and answer format.

how to use instagram reels woman recording video with cell phone and ring light

Reels or Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories has informality in its favor, besides allowing to publish takes practically in real time. A new product has just arrived in the store? Go to the Stories to release it. Afterwards, you can make a Reels, a little more elaborated, to better show the novelty. Use both resources to build a strategy that engages your audience on the social network.

See a comparative chart between Reels and Instagram Stories:

Reels Instagram Stories
Null 24-hour validity
Informal videos, but with production More informal videos
Allow comments and likes Allows interaction: poll, quiz, question box

Content for Reels on Instagram

There are content themes common to various e-commerce niches. We selected some Reel ideas for store that can be applied to any segment, check it out!

educate the public

Teach and inspire the audience about your products, without necessarily talking about them. A fashion e-commerce, for example, might use Reels for a look tip, a styling trick or to show the versatility of a piece.

The beauty segment can record a video to show the product in action on the skin, produce challenges and teach tips from skincare and makeup. To complete the editing, use the audio and text tools available.

The Moka Clube, an e-commerce specialized in coffee, made a Reels on how to pass brewed coffee.

present a product

Reels also works well for showing a product to an audience. The video must present the characteristics of the article and its usage applications. Depending on what you sell, you can include information on composition, benefits, effect, and packaging in the script.

reveal behind the scenes

People like to know how the brand works, so open up behind the scenes. Whether it’s product manufacturing, the photo shoot, or the order-shipping process. It’s also a way to show transparency and become closer to followers.

The idea is valid for several segments: cooking, decoration, beauty and clothing. CCM Moda Fitness used the theme to show a photo shoot.

Answer frequently asked questions

Contains gluten? Test on animals? What is it suitable for? How much? These and other questions can be answered in a short video, with subtitles and music. The important thing is to grab the user’s attention in the first few seconds.

show textures

This type of content works perfectly for makeup brands and skin care products. Videos that show the consistency of the foundation, the coverage of the concealer and the texture of the gloss are curious and even relaxing. Look at the sensory experience that Quintal Dermocosméticos has created:

launch a product

Divide into two moments. In the first step, weeks before D-day, produce a teaser, giving spoilers, but without revealing too much. Then, at launch, post a video showing the product and all its benefits.

Do challenges

The challenges conquered social networks! The key to reaching more accounts and boosting engagement is to follow trends and replicate the idea. Careful editing is also essential. Make cuts to the beat of the music and use the transition tool to sequence the movements. That’s what made the Massage Fitness, like this challenge of looks roulette – a super cool idea from Reels for a clothing store:

What can’t be missing from your Reels?

For the elaboration of the script, a tip is to make a checklist so as not to run the risk of forgetting any details. See which items are key:

  • CTAs: enter a call to action (CTA for Reels), which can be following the profile, commenting or visiting the store. This definition depends on the purpose of the script.
  • Subtitles: beware of long texts, prefer shorter insertions in videos, always calling the user to action
  • Hashtags: choose a few (up to 30 are allowed) to make the content discoverable by more people
  • Reels Cover: you can choose a specific scene to be the cover of the video.
  • Song: pay attention to copyright.

Reels is a resource that, when properly used, helps drive store growth and promote the brand and products sold in an efficient and modern way. These contents also have the advantage of appearing on the Explore tab, making more people aware of your business and wanting to share the video.

For what purpose has your online store been using Reels on Instagram? If you still haven’t found the way to improve engagement on the social network, talk to the experts at Nação Digital. To do this, just click on the image below and schedule a conversation without commitment!


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