7 tips to make your online store’s Instagram bio

Create your online store and sell online

7 tips to make your online store’s Instagram bio

Instagram’s Bio is the field on the social network profile positioned right below the account username, where you can share personal information or information about a business. Learn how to create one for your store and check out sample ready-made Instagram bios.

It is very common for us to use social media to share personal and professional information. For this, we have specific spaces on each platform to create a small summary about us, such as, for example, the Instagram bio.

If you’re arriving now and don’t quite understand what the Instagram bio is, relax. Come with us, because we’re going to teach you everything about this function, how to create a bio for your store and, finally, you even check out a list of Instagram-ready bios.😊

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Create your online store and sell onlineCreate your virtual store and sell over the internet from your computer

What is Instagram bio?

Instagram Bio is the social network profile field positioned just below the account username, where it is possible share personal or business information. In the section, you can include a brief description, contact details, hashtags, emojis and a URL, ie a website address or your WhatsApp link, for example. maximum 160 characters.

See an example below:

Cloudshop Instagram screenshot

In the case of a commercial account, the biography on Instagram is an excellent digital marketing strategy, as it can be decisive for a potential customer to decide whether or not to follow your page.

So remember that it takes inform people who you are and what you do objectively. For this, Instagram’s bio must gather the following information:

What should be in the Instagram bio

  • Profile name (person or company);
  • User name (@) ;
  • Profile photo (or logo, in case of corporate account);
  • Category (or area of ​​expertise, in the case of a business account);
  • Minibiography (or brief description of the business);
  • Physical address, if any;
  • Contact information (phone, email, WhatsApp etc)
  • Hashtags related to your products or services;
  • Link or website;
  • CTAs (Action Buttons).

7 tips for making an Instagram bio

Now that we know what the important information is when filling out the Instagram bio, let’s go to some tips that will help you make the Perfect biography for your business.

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Create your virtual store and sell online

1. Have a good profile picture

You know that maxim: “a picture is worth a thousand words”? It also applies when choosing a photo for your Instagram profile.

If you are a brand, put the your business logo. If the account is yours as an individual, but you use it for business matters, choose a professional photo. Pay attention to the image quality and the perception you would like to convey.

This step is essential for the customer to be interested in your business and seek more information about the company in the Instagram bio.

2. Be objective

As we mentioned earlier, the bio on Instagram needs to briefly deliver what the purpose of your account is. So structure a description of your business objectively, that shows what is your product or service, how and where you serve and that is inviting. So the chances of the user become a follower will be bigger.

3. Highlight your contact information

As we are talking about commercial accounts, remember that Instagram can be a channel for increase the visibility of your business. Therefore, take the opportunity to make your store’s contact information highly visible, such as email, WhatsApp, telephone and other social networks.

👉 Free tool: WhatsApp link generator

Instagram’s bio is the single location in any tool that allows the inclusion of links — except for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, which can link to Stories — so use this to your advantage. For commercial accounts this possibility is excellent, as it allows you to fix your business’ link in your bio, making it easier for users to access your site.

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5. Include CTAs

CTAs (calls-to-action) are nothing more than short calls, usually imperative, used in marketing to instigate users to take certain actions. For example: “access the website”, “download the e-book”, “sign up now” etc. These text elements can be very well used to increase your store’s traffic and even your conversion rate.

6. Create relevant highlights

For your Instagram bio to be even more complete, use the feature of highlights of the social network, which allows the media posted on the Instagram Stories model to be fixed in the user profile.

As minibio has a character limit, you can take advantage of the highlights to talk a little more about your business and the services it offers. It is possible, for example, to have one of “who we are” to explain about the company.

7. Use keywords

Last but not least come the key words. If you are already a little familiar with techniques of IF THE, knows that the use of keywords is a crucial point to improve the positioning of your website and, for Instagram’s bio, this is no different.

When creating your biography, focus on words that relate to your business and that reflect how your customers search on Google. For example, if you sell clothes, use a word structure that might have a high search volume, such as: clothing store or buy clothes online.

to make a assertive research what keywords to use, use tools like Google Trends. This will help you define the terms that will bring more traffic to your account.

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Examples of ready-made Instagram bios

To continue this complete guide on Instagram bio, it’s only fair to check out some templates of Instagram bios ready to use in your business. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to use the same examples. It is possible to put together models and create a personalized biography for your business.

Also, don’t forget the tips given above as well. The more resources you use in building your biography, the more eye-catching it will be.

For inspiration, check below. real examples ready for Instagram biography entries:

1. Biography for online clothing store

In terms of virtual clothing store, the shop is a great example of good use of ready-made Instagram biography:

Screenshot of Lolja's Instagram bio.

2. Biography for female e-commerce

Now talking about Instagram bio ready for women’s stores, take a look at the profile of Boreal Jewels:

Capture of her from the Boreal Jewelry store's Instagram bio.

3. Biography for Variety Store

Finally, see the store example memo, who used Instagram’s bio to summarize the brand’s proposal, in addition to inserting the link to the virtual store:

Screenshot of Instagram bio from Memo store.

Did you like the ready-made Instagram bio examples? If you want to apply them in your business, check out these quick tips to build your profile description:

Examples of how to enter contact details

  • Founded by @yourpersonalprofile
  • Follow our social networks. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc)

Examples of how to promote promotions on Instagram bio

  • 30% off the entire site, check it out!
  • Free shipping to the entire state of São Paulo (according to your region and shipping conditions)
  • 20% coupon for new customers!
  • Special offers every day of the week! Check out our website!
  • We deliver nationwide. Buy directly through the website!

Examples of how to enter business information

  • Your business name and brand slogan. (Ex.: Cloudshop. Leveraging success stories)
  • The best parts at the best prices! (for clothing store Instagram bio)
  • Everything you need delivered to your door within 24 hours (for Instagram bio from online markets)
  • The main releases and the best brands in one place! (for Instagram bio of electronics and variety stores)
  • The best natural products store in the Greater ABC region (here you can change the store’s branch and region)

👉 Free tool: slogan generator

[Extra] 4 personalization tips for your store’s bio

Now that you know how to create a very complete Instagram bio for your profile, let’s go to the fun part: a personalization. Below are some tips to customize your biography and make it look like your business:

1. Edit the font

Have you ever accessed an Instagram profile and seen that super different font and wondered how the user did that? Know that it is possible to insert texts with custom fonts through external tools such as the LingoJam it’s the IgFonts. To do this, just type the text and choose the font you want. See an example in the GIF below:

Here it is important to be careful when choosing the font; avoid models that are difficult to read or that cause visual pollution.

Here it is important to be careful when choosing the font; avoid models that are difficult to read or that cause visual pollution.

2. Enlarge the biography space

Instagram’s bio has a 160 character limit. So if you’re wondering how to enter all the information in a small space, know that there’s a way to do it.

This tip is almost a secret, as few users know that with tools like Apps4life it’s the PostBuilder, it’s possible increase biography content area.

With the help of these applications, you can structure your bio vertically, without exceeding the 160-character limit, as the tools don’t count spaces as characters.

3. Use emojis

Using emojis is also a good strategy to customize your Instagram bio. A good use of these visuals can help to captivate users. After all, a more beautiful and organized profile no doubt attracts more followers, doesn’t it? 😉

See in the image below how this store customized its profile with emojis:

Instagram screenshot of Urban Hype store

O Cloudshop links is free tool which allows you to create a link to be shared on your brand’s Instagram bio, that is, the URL inserted in your account profile.

This is a great feature for commercial accounts to promote and generate traffic to other pages such as the brand’s website, YouTube channel and other social networks, for example.

Another option is the linktreelink tree, in free translation into Portuguese — which is a link aggregator tool.

When accessing Linktree, you can create a landing page concentrating all links you want to make available for access. And, with the URL of this single page in your Instagram bio, users will be able to access all selected addresses. See an example in the image below:

Linktree screenshot

Create your online store and sell onlineCreate your virtual store and sell over the internet from your computer


It’s no longer news that social networks are great allies of business, isn’t it? So don’t hesitate to bring your brand to this type of platform. You will notice that the traffic to your store will increase significantly.

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What is Instagram bio?

Instagram’s Bio is the field of the profile on the social network positioned right below the account’s username, where you can share…

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