Instagram bio matching boyfriend: see 65 options

Image shows Instagram Bio matching boyfriend

Instagram bio matching boyfriend: see 65 options

Oh the love! Sharing life’s moments with someone special is a gift. How about showing all your feelings? A bet is the Instagram bio matching boyfriend, which can translate into words all the sensations and gratitude for the time together.

We selected 65 ideas, which can also be shared in the captions of photos published on social networks, mark their presence in the WhatsApp status or increase cards. Check out!

How to combine Instagram bio with boyfriend?

There are three ways to declare your feelings. Each can choose a phrase or both can post the same message. The most differentiated idea is to use excerpts that complement each other when read together.

Regardless of the choice, what is important is that the words come from the heart. Let go of the shame and allow yourself to live every moment intensely, including the declarations of love.

Phrases for bio matching boyfriend

1 – “I’ve already dreamed of life. Now, I live a dream.” and “But living or dreaming about you doesn’t matter.” (Paula Fernandes and Victor and Leo)


2 – “Freeze your gaze on mine.” and “Hide that you already realized that all my love is your love.” (Ana Vitoria)

3 – “It was God who gave you a gift.” and “In your smile today I want to live, in your embrace I found my peace.” (Edson and Hudson)

4 – “He is the best part of me” and “She makes me so good”.


5 – “He is the lid of my pan” and “She is my half of the orange”.

Image shows Instagram Bio matching boyfriend

(Photo: Malu Pires/Disclosure)

6 – “As long as I exist…” and “… you will never be alone.”

7 – “Love that will last…” and “… for life”.

8 – “Love that cannot be measured” and “Love that cannot be asked for”. (Black city)


9 – “I love you…” and “… forever”.

10 – “No matter what” and “No matter where” (“no matter what, no matter where”)

11 – “As long as I exist…” and “… you will never be alone”.

12 – “You and me” and “I and you”. (Tim Maia)

13 – “Only he knows how to make me happy” and “Only she knows how to make me happy”.


Biography for Instagram Dating

14 – With you, I only know how to smile.

15 – At your side, chance became destiny.


16 – May love be the first and last thought of the day.

17 – Love is knowing how to face life together.

18 – You are the most beautiful page that destiny wrote in my life.

19 – You are my dream, my love and my life.

20 – Love happens whenever eyes meet and the heart beats faster.

21 – “For me to feel whole, I just need you.” – Matheus and Kauan

💗Image shows valentine's message

(Photo: Malu Pires/Disclosure)

22 – “I want to share the good life with you.” (Rubel)

23 – “Our love has no secrets, it knows everything about both of us and throws away our fears.” (Leandro and Leonardo)

24 – Love is not just looking at the other. But the two look together in the same direction.

25 – I fall in love with you every day, as if it were the first time.


26 – The feeling that unites us is more than a happy chance, it is a love story.

27 – The perfect couple is not one who has no problems, but one who, despite obstacles, always stays together.

28 – “At the first moment, I saw that it was love.” (Jorge e Mateus)


29 – “Wherever I go, I want to be your partner.” (Elis Regina)

30 – How good it is to love you.

31 – Today, more than ever, we are two.


32 – Our love is greater than anything, greater than any problem and mismatch.

33 – “Our love, no one surpasses.” (Iza)

34 – With you, everything is always so right.

35 – Loving you brings me peace.

36 – Loving is too good.

37 – Together we are stronger.


38 – “I’ve been looking for you for so long, now everything makes sense.” (Melin)

39 – Life is good, but it’s much better with you.

40 – I live every minute to love you.

41 – You and Me: My Favorite Love Story.

42 – My love is yours.

43 – It is agreed like this: you and I together until the end.

44 – “Without you, my love, I am nobody.” (Vinicius de Moraes)

45 – “My universe is you.” (New clothes)


46 – Our love makes life worth living.

47 – “If love knocked on our door, how lucky we are.” (Matthew and Kauan)

48 – You arrived out of nowhere and today you are my everything.

49 – “Our differences already get along so well.” (Melin)

50 – “You painted like a dream and I went after everything.” (Fabio Jr.)

51 – Your heart is the most beautiful house I’ve ever lived in.


52 – May what makes us good be infinite.

53 – Our love can only be the work of God.

54 – Everything is simpler with the right person.

55 – Our bond is eternal.


56 – “Our destinies were traced in the maternity hospital.” (Cazuza)

57 – Love modifies, simplifies, amplifies.

58 – You are my sun, my light, my joy.


59 – My heart chooses you every day.

60 – It has been beautiful to share life with you.

61 – “I will love you from January to January until the world ends.” (Roberta Campos and Nando Reis)

62 – “My laugh is so happy with you. My best friend is my love.” (Tribalists)

63 – The definition of luck is having you in my life.

64 – “And among so many people, I found you.” (Marisa Monte)


65 – I don’t let you go, I don’t change you and I don’t lend you.

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