How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

Self-respecting retailer knows that the soul of the business is good promotion, especially when the store is new in the region. What some retailers haven’t realized is the power social media has in reaching thousands of people. And the best, spending little. In short, it is these new forms of media, such as Instagram, that are creating new success stories and bringing, to the consumers’ view, products that were previously unknown to the masses.

It is with these new advertising options in mind that we created this post to teach you how to sell more fur with Instagram. So come with us!

How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

Instagram is the biggest social network for photos and videos, it was created in October 2010, but it was in mid 2011 that it started to gain notoriety. Currently the network belongs to Mark Zuckerberg, the same owner of Facebook – a network that linked some functions to Instagram. There are more than 500 million active users (of which 7% are Brazilian, approximately 35 million) and 95 million photos are shared every 24 hours. Instagram’s big difference is the ability to photograph, edit and share the image within the application itself.. Not to mention the possibility of using hashtags, browsing other profiles and using the new Instagram Stories tool (a kind of Snapchat on the network).

Well, let’s get down to business: How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

1 – First steps

First, if you don’t have it yet, create an account for your store. For this you will need:

  • An email or phone number;
  • Choose an easy username, preferably your store name, without numbers or signs.
  • Create a short text that introduces the establishment, that convinces the customer to meet you.
  • If you have a website or facebook page, you can also put it on your profile.
  • Choose an image to put as a network profile. But, first of all, make sure that the chosen image is in good quality and dimension (min 110×110 pixels). For the profile, it is recommended to use the store’s logo, no image of the facade or a mannequin.

How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

2 – Business Profile

After completing the first step, there is an important and very easy step. Transform your store profile into a commercial profile. To make the transition, access the settings and click on “Change to business profile”, grant Facebook permission to link your accounts and end. So now you officially have a business page on Instagram. And what are the advantages? By switching from a personal to a commercial account, you have access to information about visits, location, contact information and the possibility of sponsorship – we will touch on this subject later.

3 – Publications

Instagram, in the marketing world, is seen as the network where users will look for lifestyles, consumer desires and style tips. That is why, your profile photos must be in excellent quality.. These are the images of clothes, gifts, flowers or products in your store that will subjectively say ‘buy here and buy this lifestyle’.

How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

The practical tips for caring for your store’s image on Instagram are:

  • Take care of the angulation and, preferably, ask someone from your team to use the piece (discard the mannequins for this service).
  • A good photo to use on Instagram must be at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. So, if your cell phone doesn’t have a reasonable camera, take the picture on a digital camera.
  • When using filters (or when editing an image) don’t overdo it. Fix a few things and make the product as natural as possible. In other words, it is preferable that you select the location of the photograph well so that in the edition the least amount of retouching is possible.

4 – Subtitles

Use subtitles wisely. Remember that Instagram is a fast network, where people value the look and not text and links. So, say the basics: model, value and trend. More than that can get boring. Or, if you prefer, make a caption about moments in life and invite the person to visit your website. Ah!, links are not welcome in the legend.

5 – Hashtags

The hashtags are small words, or phrases that are accompanied by a pounding Tic-Tale (#). The tool’s usefulness is to allocate your image within a subject, for example, you want to promote a composition with a blue dress: #blue #dress #lookdodia. In other words, tags are nothing more than markings that indicate the subject that the photograph addresses. So, think carefully before swarming with tags that say the same thing, or HUGE ones that go nowhere.

How to use Instagram to sell more in your store

6 – Gain followers

There is no magic formula to gain followers on Instagram, much will depend on the relevance of your store and the visual way it is presented on the network. So, the tips to boost the number of followers are: follow profiles of potential customers and, possibly, they will follow you back; Comment on pages of famous stores, possibly, someone might be interested in your profile; publicizes your Instagram profile on other social networks and in store media; do exclusive actions for followers

7 – Sponsorship

Sponsorship on Instagram is still something recently launched and the metrics are not well developed to see if the investment equals the result. Anyway, just like on Facebook, you can invest some amount in the publication so that it appears in the timeline of your potential customers. You select this audience through related interests and network custom, when they least expect it will be impacted by a post from your store. Another differential of a sponsored publication is the possibility of including a button that takes the customer directly to your website, called a call to action (call to action). For example, you can sponsor a photo where a button that says “learn more” appears and it takes your customer to the 2017 trends page.

8 – Extras

  • Remember to answer, as soon as possible, all questions asked by comment and/or direct message.
  • In publications, take good care of the Portuguese language.
  • Do not repeat photos, innovate and avoid images with flashy texts.
  • Occasionally, republish photos of your customers.
  • Use standard hashtags from your store’s segment.

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