5 important tips for those who want to open a clothing e

5 important tips for those who want to open a clothing e-commerce

5 important tips for those who want to open a clothing e-commerce

The clothing e-commerce in Brazil has been the sales leader for some years. In addition, the pandemic and social isolation made people buy more and more online, which made selling clothes online a very viable and profitable way of doing business.

Fashion and accessories e-commerce has occupied the top positions in order volume in online sales in recent years, according to the report Ebit|Nielsen Webshoppers. From this result we can infer the following: even in a virtual store it is entirely possible for the consumer to have access to accurate information about the product, in order to avoid surprises when receiving it at home.

Continue reading this article and check out 5 tips we’ll give you. In them we will show you how to set up an e-commerce for clothing that is profitable and makes your business stand out in the market.

1. Define a micro niche

The definition of which profile of people you want to sell in e-commerce clothing is done in planning. The success of the business necessarily goes through this stage, in which the retailer must specify the persona.

In other words, it is necessary to know whether women or men are going to buy from e-commerce, what age groups they have, what style they have, etc. Obviously, the two mentioned audiences need to be studied, so that the clothing e-commerce can meet their wishes and needs.

2. Create quality content

In addition to the clothing e-commerce itself, the creation of a blog and social network profile also helps a lot in conquering and retaining the persona. The purpose of using these means is to generate empathy with the consumer, from the first contact with the brand, even if it is not yet a sales approach.

For the business to have a return on attracting customers, the implementation of a sales funnel is essential. In this sense, quality content must be created based on the stage in which the consumer is in that funnel.

For example, consider a gym apparel e-commerce. The company’s blog may have content focused on related subjects, such as weight training and physical exercise. This type of strategy makes the persona develop an initial empathy for the brand, which can later reflect in a purchase and, later, the loyalty of that consumer.

3. Offer a differentiated service

In a virtual enterprise, service is an aspect that cannot be neglected. In this sense, there are two fundamental aspects: empathy and the variety of using different service channels. With regard to the first, online attendants must convey warmth and willingness when solving doubts and solving consumer problems.

It is worth remembering that good service is decisive when the persona buys from e-commerce A or B. Regarding service channels, the company should invest in different tools, such as telephone, Whatsapp and online chat. The purpose of this is to increase the points of contact with the consumer, facilitating their shopping journey.

4. Understand customer needs

Depending on the persona of the business, it is necessary to know their particularities, preferences and needs. This aspect is fundamental, since, if neglected, it could mean that resources were misallocated or poorly planned, harming profit margins and, consequently, jeopardizing the future of clothing e-commerce.

5. Do market research

As mentioned, clothing e-commerce is one of the most sought after niches by Brazilian consumers on the Internet. Therefore, it is concluded that this is a market with great competition. For that reason, it’s essential to do research and know what your competitors are doing. This way, it will be easier to have an accurate idea of ​​whether the business is up to date or not regarding good customer attraction and retention practices.

Importance of choosing a clothing e-commerce platform

Choosing an e-commerce platform is directly related to what was planned. It should be borne in mind that an online store is a business with great scalability. This means that the chosen platform must support the increase in the volume of clothing e-commerce orders without presenting instability and offer the essential functionalities for its growth.

On the client side, he will always be looking for a website that has a good layout, as well as ease of navigation and mobile responsiveness. Even if at first the chosen solution is meeting the business needs, if the choice back there is not correct, it may be unable to cope with new demands.

Clothing e-commerce was already highly sought after by consumers before the pandemic. When choosing a platform, Tray Corp can be of great help, since it is a definitive solution, offering the features you need to extract the maximum potential of your online store, not only today but also throughout the growth of your company.

Tray Corp

Part of the Locaweb Group and part of Tray’s corporate division, Tray Corp offers, through FBITS technology, a customized, integrated and scalable e-commerce platform, making it the definitive option for your virtual store.

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