New Year 2022 Clothing Tips

New Year's Eve Clothing Tips

New Year 2022 Clothing Tips

Hi everyone, in this article we are going to help you with New Year 2022 clothing tips for you to rock the party and start the new year with great success and attracting good vibes from the first day of the year.

We will bring you information about what the New Year’s clothes most suitable for each region of the world, which are the best clothes for each type of party and also the best clothes for each public: female and male.

New Year’s Clothing Planning

When planning your New Year’s Eve It is common to think: How to enjoy New Year’s Eve? Where to travel? Which hotel to stay in? What tours to take? Just as it is common to think: what clothes to wear on the new year? This concern usually arises within a few days of the party.

“Regardless if it’s clothes with sparkles, clothes with accessories, White clothe or clothes with your favorite color, the rule is to invest in clothes that bring you good energy.”

Furthermore, comfort and well-being should always be the first things you should look for before choosing one. New Year’s Eve clothes, regardless of the place of the trip, be it New Year’s Eve in Copacabana, New Year’s Eve in Florianópolis, New Year’s Eve in Salvador or any other region in the country or in the world.

However, we know that for you to feel more at ease in a place, there is nothing better than arriving in that place wearing the right clothes and that’s why you should follow the tips below.

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New Year's Eve Clothing TipsNew Year’s Eve Clothing Tips


Clothes for each region of the world

Each world region it has its particularity, after all, the world is very big and there are different cultures and different climates. If here on New Year’s Eve in Brazil the weather is hot, on New Year’s Eve in Europe or New Year’s Eve in the United States the weather is icy, requiring warm clothing to withstand the temperature, often negative and even with snow.

The map below helps you plan which clothes to take for New Year’s Eve according to your location on the map and considering your position according to the Equator Line, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn:

  • Arctic Polar Circle (upper gray line)
  • Tropic of Cancer (top blue line)
  • Equator line (red line)
  • Tropic of Capricorn (bottom blue line)
  • Antarctic Polar Circle (bottom gray line)

Consult the map to find out which clothes to take for New Year's EveConsult the map to find out which clothes to take for New Year’s Eve
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New Year’s Eve clothes for the intense cold

The recommendation is to use New Year’s Eve winter clothes for countries in Europe, countries in North America and countries in North Asia, since there the temperatures are winter (and severe winter), not like the winter here in Brazil.

The tips apply to anyone who is going to spend New Year’s Eve in the United States, New Year’s Eve in France, New Year’s Eve in Italy, New Year’s Eve in Portugal or New Year’s Eve in England, for example.

Most of these countries are above the Tropic of Cancer line, where cold is intense and common in several seasons of the year. For these places, you should take the following clothes for New Year 2022 in your travel bag:

  • Pants
  • shirts
  • coats
  • coats
  • jackets
  • Gloves
  • Beanies
  • Scarf
  • closed shoes

For these places, the color of the clothes doesn’t really matter, the most important thing is to protect yourself from the cold. And as winter clothes are heavy and take up a lot of space in the suitcase, be sure to check out this article that gives tips for organizing your suitcases.

New Year's Eve in ParisNew Year’s Eve in Paris


New Year’s Eve clothes for the mild cold

It’s also cold in the extreme south of countries which are located below the Tropic of Capricorn, as is the case in several regions of Argentina, Chile and Australia, for example.

In this case, the cold is milder since we are talking about countries where summer is the season of the period, heat is common during the day and a more intense cold at night.

Even in some cities in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, it is common to feel a milder cold in the summer, especially in Serra Gaúcha and Serra Catarinense. If you’re going to spend New Year’s Eve in Gramado, for example, you should be careful.

The clothes you should take in your suitcase for New Year’s Eve 2022 where it’s mildly cold are:

  • Pants
  • shirts
  • light blouses
  • jackets

New Year's Eve in Buenos AiresNew Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires
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New Year’s Eve clothes for the heat

As for all the other regions that are close to the Equator Line, which is more centered on the globe, you can dress with peace of mind. lighter clothes, as the heat is more intense and in many of these regions it is even hotter because of the summer (as is the case in most New Year’s Eve cities in Brazil).

The clothes you should take in your suitcase for New Year’s Eve where it’s intensely hot are:

  • Bermuda
  • light pants
  • shirts
  • t-shirts

We made an article that talks about temperatures in Brazil and the world and that can help you in planning clothes for New Year 2022 considering the temperature of the moment.

New Year's Eve in CopacabanaNew Year’s Eve in Copacabana
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New Year’s Eve clothes for every type of party

Now that we know which New Year’s Eve outfit to wear considering the weather and season, let’s see which New Year outfit to wear considering the place and type of party you’ll enjoy at New Year 2022.

As it is a special date, it is important to choose one nice clothes for new year’s eve and suitable for every occasion, and the secret is to study the place where you will enjoy the party.

if it is a New Year’s party at the home of friends or relatives, the inviter usually says how he/she prefers their guests to present themselves, especially when it comes to themed parties, strictly speaking or if the costume is comfortable.

if it is a private new year’s party you pay for the ticket, you have to observe the tips and restrictions of the websites of each venue. Some may require long pants, for example.

If New Year’s Eve at the beach even, you are more comfortable to go according to the climate of each beach. Our tip is to consider an outfit that can get wet after bathing in a sparkling wine or with the tradition of jumping the seven waves.

New Year 2022 clothesNew Year 2022 clothes

Traditional New Year 2022 clothes

Below you can check some New Year 2022 clothing tips considering some traditions and also fashion tips based on what was disclosed by large retail chains such as Dafiti, Renner and C&A.

Traditions of New Year’s Clothing

New Year’s Eve in Brazil has a tradition of wearing new clothes at the turn of the year and almost always white, especially underwear. We did another article that says what each of the New Year’s colors means.

The new outfit is a superstition that is linked with the good luck of the coming year. Even if you don’t wear a new outfit, idealize a 2022 with a lot of prosperity.

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Women's Fashion for New Year's EveWomen’s Fashion for New Year’s Eve
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New Year’s Eve clothes for women

The tip for women’s New Year’s Eve clothes should take into account the type of party, and the ideal is to use clothes that refer to white, gold and sparkles, after all we are talking about one of the most special dates of the year.


Here in Brazil, women love to wear dresses at the end of the year, even more if the party is on the beach. The models that gain prominence at the turn of the year are shorter in length. Nothing prevents wearing long dresses for New Year’s Eve.

Strapless, asymmetrical one-shoulder necklines and the deep “V” are a trend among New Year’s 2022 clothes, as are skirts that also remain in fashion.


Brazil’s tropical climate calls for shorts. In addition to giving a modern production, the piece can be used either on the beach, on the farm, at a club or in a more formal event.

To compose a sophisticated outfit, they must feature a fine material. One of the great bets of New Year’s Eve 2022 clothing are the bent hem tailoring models that can be combined with shirts, smocks or tank tops and heels.


Who says you can’t wear pants on New Year’s Eve? You can wear and abuse pants. There are several models: straight, cigarettes, pantaloons, skinny, leggings, with pleats, high waist, low waist, finally, there are many options.

Trousers in looser designs can build a casual and trendy outfit that gains even more sophisticated air if used with cropped. The traditional skinny pants can be combined with gowns, looser blouses and even tops.


Short or long jumpsuits are still in fashion at the end of the year. Those who follow the safari aesthetic are best suited for a comfortable, original and sophisticated outfit. With heels, belts and bracelets, it is an outfit that makes women even more elegant.

Menswear for New Year's EveMenswear for New Year’s Eve

Men’s New Year’s Clothing

At New Year 2022 clothing tips for men they also vary depending on the atmosphere of the party. White clothes are the champions, and working with details that can personalize the look can be the big difference.

Dress pants and shirts are the main options for more formal celebrations. Depending on the style, it’s even worth investing in a blazer.

For informal events, the polo shirt is a good ally. Casual clothes gain space when New Year’s Eve is between friends and family, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little more to start 2022 in high style.

Where to buy New Year’s Eve clothes?

There are several websites that have been standing out on the internet in selling clothes online and that always create categories on their websites aimed at the end of the year celebrations.

One of those sites that has been standing out in the internet clothing sale and the Daffiti, since they have several special pieces for New Year’s Eve, including several of the tips that we brought here throughout the text. For light clothing and a more sporty feel, you can check out the Netshoes website.

The websites of large retailers such as Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime also have special categories for the purchase of end of year clothes, mainly because now they have also opened space for local stores to make sales within their website (the famous market place).

For those who plan ahead, you can also buy clothes at super cheap prices at famous sites in china, as is the case of the Aliexpress, alibaba and Gearbest, including accessories. In this case, the recommendation is to buy the clothes at least 3 months in advance to allow time for the clothes to be delivered.

Where to buy New Year's Eve clothes?Where to buy New Year’s Eve clothes?
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In this article, you have a series of tips and information for you to plan which New Year’s Eve clothes to use in your New Year’s Eve party considering the climate and temperature of the region where you will enjoy the party, as well as New Year’s tips for each type of party.

You also checked out some of the traditions that exist on New Year’s clothing, as well as checked out tips for women’s clothing and tips for men’s clothing and places where you can shop, whether on websites in Brazil or even websites foreign.

Now, just decide where to spend New Year’s Eve to choose the first outfit you’ll wear in 2022 and enjoy the party!

Hugs and happy new year!

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