Clothing store decor: tips and inspirations!


Clothing store decor: tips and inspirations!

Have you ever noticed that when the clothing store decor is it pleasant are we more interested in entering the store and even buying?

This may all seem a bit confusing, but details like this influence the act of purchase and even to attract customers. So, if you are thinking about opening a store or even redecorating your clothing store, it is interesting to choose the right elements to compose the decoration, after all this can be a decisive factor to boost sales.

And to give you that little extra help with clothing store decorating tips and ideas, in the post you’ll see ideas for different styles of decor, so you can be inspired by amazing environments!


Clothing Store Decor Models and Styles

chic and elegant

Chic and elegant stores are beautiful to look at, but before you follow this style, make sure you know who your target audience is. If you want to sell clothes at a more affordable price, an overpriced store may not appeal to your lower-priced audience. If the store is located in an upscale neighborhood, with more expensive clothes and a public that likes Lux, don’t hesitate to be inspired by this style of decor.

golden decoration

Mirrors help to enlarge the space

The colors used in the decoration and composition of the environment are extremely important to enhance the style. In this proposal, the idea was to use gold as a base for the decor, and the color itself already conveys sophistication. The mirrors and lighting also enhance the environment, which is spacious and has clothes displayed on golden racks.

More pictures

chic store decor

The staircase with glass railing keeps the room modern

sophisticated decor

Chandeliers emphasize sophisticated decor

luxury decoration

The glass wall offers a view of the garden.

chic and sophisticated decor

young and fun

If your target audience is young, pay attention to the fact to follow some tips:

  1. Colors: in general, young people will not be attracted to a neutral and classic decor, after all it can be too “straight” to find nice clothes. So, choose a more cheerful color chart, even if the color is for details such as puffs, frames, etc.
  2. Style: it’s not just the style of the clothing store decor that counts, but the style of the clothes being sold as well. If the proposal is clothes for skaters, it’s worth following the same idea for the decor. However, if the idea is for feminine and delicate clothes, a tip is to invest in details that represent this style.

mirror globe decoration

White furniture softens the color decor

A clothing store decor suggestion is this project. Here, the decoration brings elements from the club, such as the mirror globe, and already gives a hint that the environment is more modern and with a young way.

More pictures

cheerful decoration

The puffs have colorful prints

youth decorationmodern and young decor

The wall has exposed brick cladding

fun decoration

The wall was decorated with black and white posters.

Modern and clean

If the idea is to follow a lighter trend, the clean decor is a great bet. The style with soft colors and without excess of information is modern and combines with different styles of clothing, which makes this type of decor versatile.

neutral decor

The lowered ceiling was the bet for the project

Following the idea of ​​a clean decoration, this project bet on soft tones, such as beige, for the decoration. Clothes displayed through hangers on the wall and small pieces of furniture spaced around the store are ideal, as they leave a cleaner look in the large space.

More pictures

modern decor

The white floor helps to lighten the environment

modern store

The center table has a modern design

lingerie store decorationmodern and clean decor


In the case of rustic decor, style does not determine the type of clothing sold, and the pieces may even follow a more modern trend, which creates a nice counterpoint between rustic decor and modern clothing. For this rustic look, it’s worth investing in exposed brick walls, wooden floors, and even in pallet and crate furniture.

exposed brick wall

For the composition of this project, the idea was to make a mix with several elements that mark the rustic style. Among these elements are the exposed brick wall, the wooden floor and even the iron rack, which leaves clothes exposed and organized.

More pictures

pallet decoration

The pallets form a piece of furniture for the pants

rustic men's store

The wall has a rustic finish

wood decor

On the floor, burnt cement floor

rustic decor


Industrial decoration is a trend for those who want to give a modern touch with a differentiated style to clothing store decoration. The most up-to-date style goes well with youth clothing, both female and male. And it can follow the more “raw” line, that is, with more focus on the industrial; or a mix, with elements from industrial and other styles.

industrial decoration

Orange details decorate the room

In this clothing store decoration project, the industrial style of the environment is something that stands out. Each corner marks this characteristic that brings together burnt cement floors, lighting with exposed ducts, and even iron furniture and displays.

More pictures

modern industrial decoration

On the wall, the visible pipes work as a support for shelves

modern industrial style

The red table adds color to the space

factory style decoration

The pendants follow the style of the factories

decorated store

vintage and retro

The retro and vintage decor are great proposals for those who want to bring a touch of past decades into the environment. In the case of retro, the idea is to compose the space with elements that are a rereading and can bring a splash of color. As for the option of decorating a vintage clothing store, the old furniture are decisive and the wooden pieces can create a more classic style.

retro decoration

In this retro decoration proposal, the store brings the geometric and colorful elements that marked the 60s and 70s. The different wallpapers decorate and refer to the style, as well as other elements that make the style stand out.

More pictures

vintage decoration

The antique crystal cabinet decorates the space

idea to decorate

The furniture is vintage style

retro and vintage decor

Frames decorate the wall

decoration style

The chaise has tufted finish

Provençal and romantic

If the idea is to attract the female audience with a delicate decoration, elements that mark the Provençal decor and light and soft colors are perfect bets. This softer style calls for the whole environment to follow the trend, so if the idea is a romantic decoration, the tip is to see if the idea is compatible with the style of the clothes sold, after all, those who are looking for a sportswear will hardly ever will enter a delicate and romantic store.

provencal decoration

The clothing store decor proposal here is an environment totally inspired by the Provencal style. Light wood floors cover the floor, and the furniture that makes up the space is all white and in a Provencal design.

More pictures

store chandelier

Chandelier chandelier decorates the room

delicate decoration

The environment combines shades of pink and white

romantic decoration

The wallpaper is romantic style

Provencal and romantic decor

flowers decorate the store


A common mistake is having an all delicate shop for men’s clothing. It’s already difficult to attract men to shop, and with the wrong decor this task can be even more complicated. if the target audience it’s masculine, be inspired by decor without determining colors, and bet on wooden details, or even a clean look for social clothes, such as suits and shirts.

men's store idea

The decoration of this store is focused on the male and young public, and this can be determined by the style of the clothes and decoration. In the environment, the burnt cement floor was combined with wooden elements, and the more exposed clothes make the task simpler for men, who don’t like to spend too much time looking for a piece of clothing.

More pictures

chic men's store

Gray wallpaper is neutral

modern male decor

The drums decorate the store

male industrial decoration

On the floor, a floor that imitates wood

men's store decoration social

small, simple and cheap

Following the simple and economical style for clothing store decor may not be a simple task, but following a few tips is much easier:

  • Color chart: if you don’t want to spend a lot, one possibility is to choose one or more colors to decorate the store. A colored wall is already a great element to characterize the environment.
  • Clothes arrangement: even with a small store, try to keep the clothes closer to the customers, such as pieces displayed on racks. The folded pieces and shelves encourage less sales, and don’t make the store as attractive.
  • Details: if the idea is to spend little, invest in details. Comics on the wall are beautiful, and decorate without spending too much. Ah, remember that even in the details, the elements must be in the theme of the decor and the clothing store.

simple idea

In this simple decoration proposal, the idea was to include a colored wall, cartoons on the wall and a corner with coffee and water for customers, making the space more cozy.

More pictures

pink decoration

The pink rug matches the wall color

small shop

Wall mounted macaws optimize space

cheap decorationsimple and cheap decor

Clothing Store Wallpaper Tips

Wallpaper is a great element for clothing store decor. The item decorates the wall quickly and can be decisive in defining the style of the room. So, when choosing the type and style of wallpaper, consider a few points:

children's store decoration

In children’s stores, the wallpaper asks for a child-like style, which is why drawings and prints reminiscent of the children’s universe are very welcome.

modern store

The mix of pink and white leaves the feminine decor

If the idea is to build a more contemporary store, it’s worth investing in wallpaper models that are more current and even more colorful; what will make the decoration stand out.

wallpaper templates

The chandelier maintains the classic style of the decor

If you want a more classic look for your decor, the print arabesque or even damask are ideal for enhancing this style.

stripes wallpaperideas for wallpaper

The orchid makes the decor sophisticated

Striped models are wild! It is valid from thick or thin stripes, horizontally or vertically, and in different colors. This type of wallpaper, fits into different projects and so it turns out to be an error-free choice.

Did you like the tips and inspirations from clothing store decor? As with the look, the right look for the environment is also capable of giving the environment an uplift.

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