How to Open a Physical and Online Clothing Store

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How to Open a Physical and Online Clothing Store

do you want to know how to set up a physical and online clothing store? Then you’re in the right place!

Do you like the fashion market? Are you specifically interested in this area? I wonder how to open a physical or virtual clothing store? So this content that Gerando Empreendedores prepared with great care is for you!

THEopen a physical or virtual clothing store it can be a great deal, because like you, a lot of people love fashion. And you always want to renew your wardrobe, buying new pieces. But to be successful in this field, you have to work hard. And with focus.

Let’s teach you step by step to open your clothing store. Entrepreneurship is necessary, but knowing how, avoiding failure, is urgent and necessary.

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Tip One for Opening Clothing Store: Market and Target Research

The first step to start a clothing company is to do extensive research on the market, understanding it better, as well as its target audience.

Some examples of business segments:

  • Children’s Clothing Store
  • men’s clothing store
  • Women’s Clothing Stores
  • Baby Clothing Stores
  • lingerie store
  • beachwear store

from a business plan and strategic planning for clothing store, you will prepare yourself to have better conditions to operate in this market and stand out. One accounting advice will make all the difference at this time, helping you to better define your business.

Tip two for opening a clothing store: Search for the sweet spot

Lvirtual clothes shops have gained more and more prominence, attracting a lot of people. The main benefits of a virtual clothing store they are:

  • The store never closes.
  • You don’t need many employees.
  • You don’t need a physical environment to receive customers.

So, a virtual clothing store it can be an excellent way to start selling in the market, without the need for large investments.

Tip three to open a clothing store: virtual environment

Unsurprisingly virtual clothing stores has gained more and more prominence, for many reasons. First let’s start with the Benefits of having a virtual clothing store:

  • You will need less quantity of parts.
  • Greater sales power.
  • Ease of sales for being virtual.
  • Security in data exchange.
  • The store does not close.
  • Parts can be sold at any time of day and/or night.
  • You don’t need many employees.
  • You don’t need a physical environment to receive customers.

Therefore, having a virtual clothing store has been an excellent way to start selling in the market, without having to make large investments. How about starting your online store today?


Tip number four: search for suppliers

There are many suppliers and factory stores that can help you in this regard. Some can be found in your own city, others are in other regions, but the important thing is to research well, see the quality and origin of the clothes and fabrics, so that later there are no complaints about clothes that tear easily or have poor finishes!


Opening a green rocket man company

Tip number five: seek accounting and financial help to balance things out!

You will need a series of documents to legalize your business. An experienced accountant should be hired to assist you in this task, avoiding errors and additional costs. He is also instrumental in managing your business financially, helping you to decipher the numbers and make decisions.

Some of the documents required for legalization:

  • Copies of RG and CPF – all authenticated.
  • IRPF mirror sheet.
  • Proof of address.
  • Property tax.
  • Copy of the lease or purchase and sale agreement for the property.

You will need to register the store:

Accounting and tax obligations for clothing stores and other companies

Some services provided by accounting are mandatory. Let’s look at the examples:

  • Accounting, tax and labor documents.
  • Documents for opening a clothing store.
  • Documents for clothing store transfers.
  • Bookkeeping for clothing stores:

In about 15 days the company will be open, with all operating licenses withdrawn and authorized.

If your company does not maintain the bookkeeping, if it only does the taxes part and the work part with payroll, it is a very complicated situation, because you will need to regularize yourself, as this is imposed by the Brazilian civil code.

This means that all entrepreneurs who are thinking about opening a clothing store or who already work in this segment, or who have another company, necessarily need this tax, accounting and financial advice.

NOTE: It is not allowed for people without CRC to act in these roles. (Only professionals authorized by the Regional Accounting Council).

That is why it is more interesting to outsource these services than to hire an inexperienced or unauthorized person to respond and act in benefit of your company’s fiscal and financial matters.

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Benefits of having an accounting advice for clothing stores

Not only the fiscal, labor and tax areas are important and necessary for the good conduct of the business. A specialized accounting consultancy offers much more, that is, a complete consultancy for the entrepreneur to run his business safely and very well informed.

It’s not enough to just worry about parts and suppliers, for example. Proper accounting advice gives you more strength to operate in the market in a differentiated way and focused on strategies that really make sense and are important!


Tip number six: digital marketing for clothing stores

Digital marketing came to drive businesses and place them on an equal footing with the competition, in relation to big brands and companies. Therefore, making use of this support and dissemination tool becomes extremely necessary!

The best social network at the moment for clothing store owners has been Instagram. There, it is possible to generate an audience and build a relationship between styles, tastes and prices!

Photos and videos help in disseminations and as social networks nowadays have their prominence, people like to follow the news through this online vehicle sales.

So, having a clothing store, invest in a professional Instagram, take new pictures of the clothes that arrive and make daily promotions, this will certainly help a lot in sales!

Costs to set up a clothing store

It will depend a lot on the size of your clothing store, equipment, materials, location, resources, and more. There are clothing stores that with an average of 30 thousand reais it is already possible to open, others more and others less. Everything is taken into account, even if the clothing store is only in a virtual environment.

There are people who, with 10 thousand reais, can open a virtual clothing store. Starting with very small investments, and so they grow with time and sales.

There are entrepreneurs who are starting with more investments. In other words, everything will depend on how and what you start with! Because the value of the investment has even reflected the prices paid on clothes, in the case of advance sales, instead of consigned ones!

The costs will even depend on a number of things, both in terms of company documents and licenses, number of employees, and in terms of equipment, parts and accessories for clothing stores, or for its functioning.

If you decide to work in a physical structure, obviously you will have to bear much higher costs than if you were just Virtual store. So, weigh everything on the “scale” and have a planning becomes essential in the short, medium and long term!

So, if you really want to position yourself well with clothing stores and if you want to have profits and security with this segment, count on those who really understand this business niche and who can help you with the best and greatest guidelines!

Big hug.

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