Online Clothing Stores: What To Know Before Opening One (5 tips)

Online Clothing Stores: What To Know Before Opening One (5 tips)

Online Clothing Stores: What To Know Before Opening One (5 tips)

The other day a well-known person told me he was super excited about her project, she was going to open an online clothing store. Not that my intention is always to bummer when they talk about “online clothing stores”, but I really don’t understand why people believe that opening an online store in this segment is like a miracle recipe for success.

As a matter of fact, I even understand in a way how many people are attracted, given the disparity between the number of stories that point to the online store success it’s the failure.

I own a online clothing store and in this article I decided to give some tips for you who are thinking of entering this field.

Before giving my actual tips about online clothing stores, I recommend that you read the articles in issue 54 of the magazine. My own business.

Is opening an online clothing store as complex a business as any other business? No, it’s not. Opening an online clothing store involves a number of elements that often weren’t in the script, and if you don’t have the hips and foresight to get by in your 30s, the odds of bankruptcy just skyrocket.

No need to think about an online store the size of Daffiti to find that only they are susceptible to relevant mishaps. And look, I never got along with the “apocalyptic lord” or “competition scare” slur.

But it is that in the e-commerce business many virtual stores (mainly online clothing stores) tend to have relevant revenues that are dazzling, but you never know for sure if the business really hit the break even.

Tip #1 for Online Clothing Stores: Spending is the best way to grow

My first tip is: don’t worry about generating a very high billing immediately if the cashier is not enough to support the expenses of your online store.

Although many entrepreneurs aim to create a boom in the first years of the business for several reasons, whether to show a potential angel investor or investment fund that their business is viable or to gain market immediately under the prerogative of not giving space to Any competition in your niche, the chances of losing a lot of money are equally considerable.

Generally, anxiety is linked to the act of allocating rivers of money with paid marketing (Adwords, Facebook Ads, advertising, etc.) and then, at some point in its trajectory, the entrepreneur is forced to recognize that the end of resources is just a short distance away. step of sealing the closing of the deal.

Tip #2 for Online Clothing Stores: We All Style Syndrome

Fill the stock with parts of all sizes, colors, brands, etc. Disruption is a term used in the market to refer to an act in which a company employs resources to bring a person to its online store and at the “time of the day” he does not have the product. So there is money thrown away.

The problem with this excessive concern is that in the case of online clothing stores, fashion e-commerce owners allocate a lot of money in inventory and then when working capital starts to run out they start making absurd decisions in the desperation of not having enough money to honor the commitments.

The first acts are usually: making “salad” and burning a good part of your profit margin per piece, not seeing in the goods a bargaining chip with influential people in the sector (swap) and, finally, not carrying out specific actions aimed only at a product that inflates inventory. I balanced the inventory with the need to have the products available every single day.

Tip #3 for Online Clothing Stores: Set Growth Goals

A mistake we made with the moy mony in 2013 was not defining where we would like to be in the following years. It was only after mistakes and missteps that we started to set goals to be hit in the long run.

Although we work to keep the operation running and sales occurring in the short term, part of our time is focused on improvements such as flooding our online store’s blog with texts that we hope to collect consumers via Google and other search engines throughout our existence .

Tip #4 for online clothing stores: Keep up with the changing trends in the e-commerce segment

The other day I was watching a video from 2013 in which entrepreneurs ventured into the online jewelry business. With an investment of around 200 thousand reais, they envisioned a highly profitable business and began to reap the rewards, that is, sales began to happen – they did not disclose the net profit.

Interested in the online store in question, I researched it and found that unfortunately it no longer exists. I was not so shocked knowing the death rate in this segment. My speculation, I suspect that there was no monitoring of trend changes in the e-commerce segment.

What happens is that in this industry, things work more or less like this. An example. You discover that linkbuilding is the sensation of the moment and spend tons of money on fashion websites pointing to your online clothing store. You reach a number of 200 backlinks pointing to your virtual store and firmly believe that the investment was or will be worth it.

Until, at a given moment, you realize that those appointments earned brought some traffic to the store, but not enough to keep the business operating, since sales are not able to keep up with the expenses. Maybe it would be interesting for you to change the strategy and choose to increase the volume of traffic via blog, but it will take another two or three years to capture the results and until then, how are the monthly fixed expenses?

Tip #5 for Online Clothing Stores: Make Time for Updates

Still making a profit with the last tip, and not wanting to piss off the E-Commerce Brazil staff, but already doing so, it’s crucial that you stay tuned in tips from blogs and industry sites to keep yourself updated daily on issues of the e-commerce segment.

This is true not just for an online clothing store owner, but for all online store owners. Here you will find several articles from extremely competent and cooperative people.

Access my other articles about online stores. I recently started a series of texts talking about how to set up your online store’s business plan and soon I will continue. Take the opportunity to read while the other posts do not come out of the oven. Good reading!

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