Shopping guide in Brás helps you find cheaper clothes

Buy cheap clothes in Brás to resell: women's, men's, children's and plus size fashion

Shopping guide in Brás helps you find cheaper clothes

Brás is located close to the central region of São Paulo, and for those looking for cheap clothing options to resell, it is one of the main shopping destinations in the city, as well as in Brazil. There are so many options that it is impossible to see and know everything in a single day.

For those looking for an option to earn money reselling quality clothes, it’s worth checking out their highlights in stores with their own clothing. The fashion segment is always on the rise, because every season it renews its collection. Generating business opportunity for small entrepreneurs or self-employed sellers.

Brás is a famous neighborhood in São Paulo, founded in 1818 when it was mostly workers. It was later titled as a neighborhood of Italian immigrants and, later, due to the various other cultures entering with its immigrants, it ended up becoming one of the largest shopping centers in the country in fashion.

For those looking for variety and good prices, spending a day in Brás is a true dream, being the stopping point for several wholesalers, resellers, shopkeepers and other consumer profiles attracted by the largest clothing manufacturing hub in the state and country. Then check out the shopping tip at

Shopping guide in Brás: the best clothing stores to resell

For those who are not from São Paulo, the Brás region is one of the biggest shopping centers in Brazil. The region specializes in the sale of women’s, men’s and children’s fashion clothes. The neighborhood is close to the center, located in the east region of São Paulo. Do you want to know some important numbers that highlight the grandeur of the neighborhood? So here we go!

  • It used to have around 1 million people walking the streets in just one day;
  • The average is 350 thousand visitors daily;
  • It has an average of 5300 stores from the most diverse niches;
  • There are 160 thousand direct jobs and 330 thousand indirect jobs;
  • There are a total of 55 commercial streets;
  • Annual revenue is a little more than 12 billion reais;
  • Altogether there are about 350 charter buses circulating through Brás daily.

These are really impressive numbers, don’t you think? Still interested in visiting the neighborhood? Or are you even more interested? Want to know how to get there and get along?

How to get to Brás for shopping: The cheapest and easiest way to access the place is by public transport, either by bus or subway – getting off at Brás Station on the red line. Car? Only as a last resort, as parking lots are expensive and traffic in the region is chaotic. An important point to remember is that going to Brás by public transport must be outside the peak hours, which are from 06:00 to 09:00 and from 17:00 to 19:30.
Buy cheap clothes in Brás to resell: women's, men's, children's and plus size fashionThe region of Brás is a good option if you want to buy cheap clothes at retail and wholesale to resell

Guide to streets and clothing stores in Brás

  • Rua Rubino de Oliveira: This is where the largest wholesale shopping mall in the country is located, called Mega Polo Modas, aimed at retailers who buy wholesale goods, obviously.
  • Rua Oriente: Street with a variety of shops and street vendors with products ranging from women’s accessories to sports equipment. Retail is predominant at this point.
  • Rua Maria Joaquina: Focus on stores being jeans.
  • Rua Maria Marcolina: One of the busiest in Brás for having several stores that sell in retail.

Shopping Notes and Tips

  • In most stores there is no dressing room, as they are, in general, wholesalers;
  • Be careful not to pick up some parts without first checking if they accept retail business;
  • Some merchants do not accept checks or cards, so have cash on hand;
  • Stores are only open until 1:00 pm on Saturdays;
  • Prefer the morning to do your shopping, as it is the quietest time and with a greater diversity of goods.
  • Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and plenty of sunscreen on your skin on sunny days;
  • Watch out for children who can easily get lost in the crowd;
  • Be careful with purses, wallets and cell phones amidst the crowd;
  • Also be careful with your personal documents;
  • Distribute your money only in front pockets to avoid problems;
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and watches;
  • Avoid talking on your cell phone in a crowd;
  • If you decide to go to Brazil by car, never leave valuables or anything that cannot be “lost”. Preferably leave the parking paid in advance;
  • Avoid withdrawing money.

Service guide in Brás

  • Banks: Banks can be found on Rua Oriente, Av. Rangel Pestana, Rua Mendes, Rua Mendes Júnior, Rua Barão de Ladário, Rua Miller, Rua Maria Marcolina, Rua Silva Teles and Rua Xavantes.
  • Post office: There is a post office at Rua Oriente, nº 500.
  • Taxi: There are taxi ranks on Rua João Teodoro, Rua Xavantes and Rua Mendes Júnior.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants can be found on Barão de Ladário Street, Conselheiro Belisário Street, Casemiro de Abreu Street, Mendes Júnior Street, Xavantes Street and Miller Street.

It pays to buy clothes at wholesale: Reselling women’s, men’s and children’s fashion items purchased in Brás is a great business opportunity, the profits are very advantageous. However, to really be worth buying clothes to resell, in addition to buying at low prices, you have to be very fond of fashion, being in tune with the latest trends in women’s, men’s and children’s fashion.

In addition, having an affinity with sales, another important tip, for those who want to buy clothes in Brás stores, is to choose a target audience, and specialize in it, an example, if you are going to focus on popular fashion, know exactly what the trends are and which, is more successful among your audience, and most importantly, always prefer to buy quality clothes.
Clothing shopping guide at Feira da MadrugadaToday, Feira da Madrugada is a good place to buy cheap clothes at wholesale

Feira da Madrugada attracts buyers from all over Brazil

THE dawn market takes its name, for opening its doors in the early hours of the morning. This is a great place to buy clothes to resell. There are several boxes, offering the most diverse models of clothes and bedding, table and bath items. In wholesale purchases, resale profits can exceed 50%. With so much variety of products offered at Feirinha da Madrugada, a tip is not to go shopping right away. Although the price and variety offers are impressive, it’s always good to do your research and haggle.

From popular fashion to runway fashion: The fashion found in Brás stores is very democratic, from the most popular styles to big brands, such as a wholesaler that sells Hering products, but whoever thinks that, because they are cheap clothes, they lack quality is wrong. In addition to Feira da Madrugada, Brás has hundreds of stores and other shopping centers located around the Largo da Concordia, Rua Oriente and Maria Marcolina, many stores have their own clothing, from evangelical fashion, fashion and accessories for parties, graduations and costumes.

Now that you know how to go shopping, where to find the various niches between the best and biggest stores in Brás, just leave home and embark on this adventure in a fashion hub with pieces that are modern, quality and with incredibly low prices.

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