How to Photograph Clothes to Sell Online: A Complete Guide

how to photograph clothes to sell online - set a scene

How to Photograph Clothes to Sell Online: A Complete Guide

When we talk about online shopping, especially clothing and fashion items, there is still a certain insecurity about purchasing without seeing and trying on the pieces. For this reason, you need to invest in photos that convey the quality of your brand’s products!

Photography stimulates the senses and is a determining factor for the sale. However, this only happens when the images are of good quality and manage to achieve customer profile.

if you want to understand how to photograph clothes to sell online, check out the tips we’ve prepared. They are so good for smartphones as for professional cameras!

Choose the support of the pieces

Before starting to take the photos, you need to define a type of support for the pieces. Look for alternatives that reproduce body fit as realistically as possible, but remember that attention must always be directed to the product.

Choosing the best support is essential to have a professional result and show the characteristics of the piece. With that in mind, avoid placing the clothes on the floor, supporting them on hangers, or any other item that can generate creases and shadows in the image.

The first alternative is to use dummies, choosing the format according to the specifics of each piece. Many brands use editing to create a “ghost dummy”, removing the distraction of the support and highlighting the clothing.

You can also hire real models to use the products, which helps their consumers to imagine themselves in the pieces. In this case, the photography work must be even more detailed and requires some extra care, such as directing the people who will be photographed.

assemble a scenario

Taking pictures outdoors involves issues that can get out of hand, such as flickering light and interference from other people. Therefore, the most suitable when shooting clothes to sell online it’s setting up a scene at home or at the office.

You don’t need many items to turn a common room into a photo studio. Choose a white wall, or use light backgrounds, and place the mannequin or model a few steps ahead. If you are going to use fabrics, make sure the material is of quality, it reaches the floor and has no creases.

how to photograph clothes to sell online - set a sceneWhite background and good lighting are essential items for anyone who wants to learn how to photograph clothes to sell online.

In addition to the background, you need to think about the composition of the photo as a whole. insert elements that contextualize the image, match the clothing and relate to your brand. Although, remember less is more, especially if the objective is to show the isolated product.

take care of the lighting

Natural light ensures vivid images and allows your product to be seen clearly. If you don’t want to invest in artificial fonts, try to take the photos during the day and set the scene near big windows.

If you notice that the photo is dark, use yellowish lamps and lamps, as they deliver a more natural result. To enhance the ambiance, rent or invest in a basic lighting kit.

The position of the light needs to be tested at various inclinations, whether from natural or artificial sources. One of the best known indications is that of direct the lights at a 45º angle above or below the product.

Perfect the framing

All clothing must be photographed at basic angles that show the front, back and sides of the garment. In addition to the obligatory perspectives, it is interesting that the camera is positioned in multiple directions, delivering a more faithful representation of the item.

Pay attention to the details of the piece, such as buttons, zippers and finishes in general, as well as the prints.

To prevent blurry photos, use a tripod or improvise a stand with books and assorted objects. Another valuable tip is to keep the product centered and occupying the largest space in the image.

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When you can find a frame you like, repeat the same pattern for all the photos. The consumer needs to perceive a visual unit in images, what goes make your brand stand out.

Invest in post production

Now that you know how to shoot clothes for a virtual store, do your finishing touches. Use editing programs to punctual adjustments, how to correct the clarity of images and adapt them to social media formats.

Don’t put off making big corrections in post-production, and try to be faithful to the clothing colors and textures. Images must show the same product the customer will receive at home!

how to photograph clothes to sell online - editionEditing must be careful and punctual, with care to convey an image that matches reality.

free software

We separate one list of free programs which, in a few clicks, offer everything you need to edit the photos of your clothes. Some versions are for mobile, others need to be accessed from a computer. Check out:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express: is an application for those who want the ease of editing images in smartphone, with the quality of a professional tool.
  • befunky: ideal for simple adjustments, it is an online platform with basic and functional features.
  • Gimp: you need to do download to access it, but it is one of the most complete options among publishers at no cost.
  • photoscape: In addition to cropping and color adjustment tools, it includes features that help you create content for your brand’s social media.
  • pixlr: it’s perfect for those who don’t have experience with editing programs. It’s available online, so you don’t need to download it.
  • polarr: it’s also basic and offers essential touches to treat images. It takes up little space and can be used on your computer or cell phone.

The first few photos can be more difficult, but, little by little, you will see how photographing clothes to sell online can be a simple task. Follow the tips, adapting them to the your brand profile, and have even more success with sales!

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