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Clothes: clothes in english |  English Live Blog

Clothes: clothes in english

You’ve already seen the men’s point of view on matching clothes here in our English fashion guide. But today we are going to talk specifically about the names of the garments we have in English. So when you are out of the country “mall” (shopping), you will have no problem finding the piece you want.

Let’s start with the underwear, which we call “underwear”. there is the “women’s underwear” (women’s underwear) and the “men’s underwear” (men’s underwear). As for the first, we have the “brassiere” (or the abbreviation “bra”, which is used more than the name) for “bra”, and “panties”, which is the “panties”. And, for both women and men, there are “socks”, ie the socks. For men’s underwear, underwear, speak “underpants”.

Moving on to other wardrobe drawers, let’s see what people tend to wear on a daily basis, depending on the weather.

In the heat:
t-shirt: T-shirt
tank top (USA): fair race
skirt: skirt
shorts: shorts (we use the same word)
dress: dress
shorts shorts: shorts<

In the cold:
Pants (USA) / Trousers (UK): pants
Jeans: jeans
Blouse: female shirt
shirt: shirt
jacket: jacket
neckerchief: scarf/scarf
tie: tie
Gloves: gloves
coat: jacket

To sleep, people often use “pyjamas” (pajamas), usually consisting of pants and a shirt. Women like to wear too “nightgown” (nightgown).

So, are you ready to talk about clothes in English? If we have forgotten a part, leave a comment and we will help you to translate it into English!

Written by Sarah Oliveira.

Sarah Oliveira

Sarah is a student of Arts at the University of São Paulo and a content assistant at EF Englishtown. His interest in English dates back to his childhood, when he chose to watch subtitled movies to learn new words and expressions.
She decided to study Literature, as she is fascinated by British, American and world culture, and there is nothing better than English to have a deep contact with different literatures and arts.

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