see success tips to sell more

see success tips to sell more

Instagram clothing stores: image of a closet full of clothes

By mLabs Editor

Posted on March 13, 2020 | Updated October 25, 2021

At clothing stores on Instagram has been making a profit for a lot of people. According to data from E-commerce Brasil, 70% of sales on social networks are already made through this social network.

Furthermore, according to Sebrae, Insta generates 15 times more interactions between users than other social media — that is, they talk to each other more. And, this is true both for those with a personal profile and for those who have a company.

Because it is easy to use — compared to other media with many options and information — choosing products and buying through Instagram is very practical, so much so that it ended up becoming a natural behavior for users.

See, in this article, how to ride the wave of the moment and increase your store’s performance on this social network. Stay with us!

What should a profile look like to sell on Instagram?

The first step is to prepare your little corner on this platform.

You may already know that Instagram has commercial profile options. So, first of all, make yours one of them.

This will bring benefits to you, such as being able to measure interactions, engagement and other numbers that help increase your sales.

With a business profile, you can also promote your posts on the network to extend the reach of your posts.

And since we’ve talked about the importance of having a business profile on Instagram, check out some tips on how to optimize yours!

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Packed with information

You need to know that disclosing information about your business gives people security. So the more you talk about them, the better.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes: would you dare to do business with a store that doesn’t explain in detail what it is, what it sells and what it’s for?

One of the ways to gain this consumer confidence is by filling out your bio strategically.

The tip here is to insert your username, website, emojis, hashtags of your niche, CTAs so that users can access the bio link. 😉

Organized to highlight products

There are people who use apps to organize the feed. This organization makes everything more beautiful and practical!

Anyone looking to sell through Instagram knows that it is the most efficient online catalog of their products.

So, use your imagination and try to make your consumer’s life easier: divide the feed into categories that make sense, so that, when they access it for the first time, your followers and potential followers already know where to find what they need.

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Full of good quality images

If you don’t know how to take good pictures, you won’t have a marketing strategy that will save your Insta profile.

Worry about the scenes, framing, best angles and take some time to learn basic photography techniques.

A good product photo is the first step to an Instagram sale!💰

If you want to know more, read our specific post with 5 tips for producing the best Instagram photos.

Constantly updated

The more you post, the more you appear in your consumers’ feed. They might not buy anything at the time, but they will keep in touch with your brand.

So, everything that might be of interest to them should be posted:

  • photos of people happy with what you sell;
  • events in which you are involved;
  • that traditional image of a sold-out product with a red x on top and much more!

Made to encourage engagement

Use links and so called Calls to Action or calls to action – features for people to interact, such as button-clicking messages – to guide your audience to take a certain action.

You can add this kind of feature to your profile with Instagram for Business, and you should be smart about taking advantage of it.

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And to promote the relationship

People who have questions and direct them to you through Direct (Insta’s personal messages) are those who most intend to make the purchase.

Delaying in responding to these messages, on the other hand, can be disastrous and you could lose business.

Therefore, keep response time rates low log in frequently to the app and chat with these users even if their questions aren’t sales-oriented.

Instagram measures how long it takes you to respond and uses that to determine whether or not you’re worth it to followers.

The faster the responses, the greater the chances that new people will see your products!

Okay, if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already changed your profile to the company, updated your information, and started taking better pictures.

The next step is to take steps to increase sales and be able to increase your wider reach without spending so much on ads on the platform. See the main tips for this!

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use hashtags

Hashtags are those words or expressions that come with a Tic-Tip symbol before: #LojaDeRoupas, #FashionWomen’s and #TipsOfFashion are some examples.

Instagram uses this feature as labels for target the right content to the right people. So, don’t even think about trying to circumvent this system.

Using hashtags that are not related to your business in your publications is a shot in the foot: they attract curious people without the slightest purchase intention.

Post actual product videos and photos

People use the photos you post on Instagram as references to the real state of the products you sell. So, don’t even think about using images taken from Google, ok?

As good as they are, you can always see that these are promotional photos. Take good pictures of your products and inspire confidence in the public.

Even if you sell used items, such as thrift stores, for example, make it clear in the images if there are use marks on the clothes.

Post behind the scenes

The way the Internet has evolved, no one has the patience to see only product photos. By nature, people are attracted to everyday events in your business.

It seems insignificant, but they have fun seeing images of shoppers wearing the clothes you sell, or even having contact with everyday events in your work.

The tip here is to use Stories to share brand information. There, you can show everyday events and use features that encourage interaction, such as the question sticker that allows you to collect qualitative data.

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Use InstaShop

InstaShop is a feature offered by this social network to allow you to link your Instagram profile to a website or e-commerce, if you have one.

In this model, the photos already appear with the price in the posts. You can also include a link in the description pointing to the product page on your website.

With Instagram Shopping you can sell in Stories and even have your products located in the “Explore” tab.

store on instagram

If you haven’t set up your Instagram clothing store yet, you’re certainly losing sales. We hope that, with these tips, you will be able to fix this error in time and get your shop off the ground!

How about now watching a video that teaches you how to plan content for your Instagram store? In just a few minutes, you’ll dust off your profile and hit the social network with accurate strategies!

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