How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell: 6 Essential Tips

How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell: 6 Essential Tips

How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell: 6 Essential Tips

For your online fashion store to be successful, it is necessary that you understand very well the process of taking pictures of clothes to sell more and better.

Photos are the customer’s gimmick. It is through them that you draw attention to your pieces and make sales.

There are several strategies to successfully use photography as a way to sell clothes online.

You can choose photos with models or mannequins, to give an idea of ​​how the clothes fit, or choose photos that show only the product, for example.

And in the end, the best strategy for your online store will depend on several factors, such as your target audience and your budget.

However, the truth is, it doesn’t take a lot of money to start taking pictures of clothes to sell online. In many cases, just a cell phone can be enough.

That’s why we made this text with all the secrets and fundamental tips for you to take good photos of your pieces and sell more. Good reading!

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How to take pictures of clothes to sell in your online store

There is no one right way to take pictures of the clothes you intend to sell in your online store. It all really depends on how much you are willing to invest and your needs.

If you have a brand that has a strong online presence among a younger audience, for example, taking the clothes from your cell phone on a hanger, putting a filter here and there, might not be a bad idea.

If you want to show the different details of the clothes, photos of models or models can be more interesting, as they show how the clothes fit on a body, which generates more identification.

Yes, it sounds like a lot, but throughout the text we will explain each of these issues in more detail.

First step: understand the audience you are going to sell to

As we saw earlier, the type of photo you want to take of your clothes will depend on your needs. And who dictates what your needs will be: your target audience!

If you want to sell clothes to a more conservative audience, for example, photos that are more professional, well edited and with a certain investment behind them can attract more attention.

On the other hand, if your target audience is younger and more connected, perhaps simpler, low-budget photos taken with your cell phone might do the job of closing sales.

Understanding who your audience is, especially before you have one, can be tricky. So invest your time doing market research.

Note which online stores already exist today that may be competitors and how they share photos of your clothes. This can give you many insights that go far beyond how you should photograph your pieces.

Do I need a professional photographer?

Not necessarily. If you have no experience with photography, but don’t mind showing your products through simpler photographs, maybe a simple cell phone is enough to achieve your goals.

If you want a more professional look, you have two options: hire a photographer or equip yourself to take the photos yourself.

Both options will require some investment, but your choice should be made based on your needs and your willingness to learn a new skill.

Planning the photos: dressed or not dressed

Now that you have a well-defined target audience, you should define how your product photos will be: will the clothes be worn on a mannequin or model, or will they be loose, hanging on a hanger or spread out on some surface?

Check out the main photo styles below to choose the one you think is most appropriate for your online store:


Using the mannequin will give you autonomy, since you won’t need to mark with a model, in addition to showing the way the clothes fit on the body.

However, the mannequins can also make the photo more impersonal, in addition to being more work, since it is necessary to take the photos indoors and with controlled light to better expose the details.

Clothes hanger

The hanger is an easy, quick and practical option to photograph your clothes. In addition, this style of photo refers to the professionalism seen in physical stores.

However, you lose the ability to demonstrate the fit of clothing to the body.

surface photo

Taking pictures on some surface, such as a rug or mattress is an interesting way to create various compositions of pieces and show different combinations.

However, just like the photo on the hanger, surface photos do not show the garment falling onto the body.


Hiring a model to take photos of your clothes is a way to bring dynamism and naturalness to your photos.

In addition, using the template is a way to generate identification with your target audience, especially if you already have it very well defined.

The disadvantages are that it is a type of photography that involves more technique and effort. Also, you will always be dependent on other people to photograph your products.

Tips for taking pictures of clothes for sale

As we saw earlier, it is not necessary to hire a photographer or professional to take good pictures. It is a relatively easy task that you can do on your own as long as you know some of the basics to get good results from your clicks.

Here are some tips for taking pictures of clothes for sale:

1- Prepare the environment

First of all, you must choose and prepare a place to take your photos. At this stage, consider factors such as:

  • Will the photos be taken outdoors or indoors?
  • Will the photos be just of the product or do you want to use a model or mannequin?

If you choose an outdoor environment, you should first consider that you won’t have much control over issues such as the flickering of light in the environment and interference from other people.

Although photos with models generate more identification with your target audience, this method is still more expensive, since you will be hostage to the availability of models.

If you choose an indoor environment and only want the clothes or clothes on the mannequin, the ideal is to create a simple scenario, preferably monochromatic, so that you can direct all the focus to the product.

That way you can show more details, such as the sewing of the pieces, for example, or whatever your differential.

2- Control lighting

Lighting is very important when taking pictures of clothes to sell and it all depends on how you want to take the pictures.

Outdoors, you’ll need to pay close attention to the qualities of natural daylight. Depending on the time and place, using spotlights can help make your photos look more professional.

When you are taking pictures in a controlled light environment, the ideal is that the light source is positioned at a 45º angle in relation to the product.

Another very creative solution is to set up a mini-photo studio, which you can make with simple materials: cardboard boxes, EVA sheets, glue and TNT.

3- Equipment needed to take pictures of clothes

For most people, a cell phone with a camera with a resolution from 13MP is enough to start taking pictures.

However, if you want to buy a camera, the best option is to use a DSLR camera, which has an internal mirror system.

If even buying a camera you feel the need to do something even more professional, you may need to buy some other equipment, such as tripods and softboxes (a type of reflector that provides soft light).

4- Photo editing

Once you have the photos, you can choose to edit them or not. It all depends on your need (yes, need) and the effect you want to achieve.

Sometimes, it can happen that the result is not good. It was only when you saw the photos on the computer that you realized that, due to the wrong lighting, the color of the piece was not very faithful to the original.

These types of accidents do happen, and especially if you don’t have a way to retake the photos, you may need to make some subtle changes to the photo’s color balance so that the product appears trustworthy in the original.

The same goes for simpler photos, taken by cell phone. Cell phone photos, when taken in a well-lit environment, tend to be quite trustworthy.

Therefore, adding filters to photos unnecessarily can be risky and generate dissatisfaction among customers. Adding too many filters can make the color of the piece look very different from the original and this will certainly be a reason for headache..

5- How to take pictures of clothes to sell with your cell phone

Taking pictures with a mobile phone is different from taking pictures with a camera. Although modern cell phones have many adjustment options, it doesn’t compare to the versatility of a camera.

However, it is possible to take excellent photos with the mobile phone. Just pay attention to a few details, such as:

  • Make sure the lens is clean. Sometimes some dirt on the lens can cause photos to be blurry or distorted in color;
  • Beware of backlight: this can darken the product;
  • Avoid using the zoom, as most cell phones simply crop the image, which makes it lose definition;
  • Explore all the functionality of the camera you are using. Most cell phones today allow you to make adjustments to the exposure, for example.

6- Photographing professional or amateur models

If you decide to work with models to display the clothes you want to sell, there are two options: work with professional or amateur models.

Professional models are usually easier to work with, as they already have the confidence to be uninhibited in front of the camera and translate that into solid images.

On the other hand, you may not have the money to pay a professional model for your photos.

In this case, there are some tips that you can apply so that a model with little experience makes good, spontaneous photos that will generate sales for you. Check out:

  • Convey security to the model. If necessary, talk to her(e) and try to break the ice. As she(e) loosens up, you guarantee more candid photos;
  • If necessary, practice some poses with the model and share the result. This will help the model to have more confidence;
  • Don’t be afraid to step back and approach the model. The person and the outfit they’re wearing are the reason for the photo, so give it a try.

Extra tip: whenever photographing people outdoors, be very attentive to the environment and what appears in the background of the frame. Sometimes a detail that draws more attention than the product can go unnoticed.

Best free and paid apps and software for taking clothes photos

As we saw throughout the text, it may often be necessary to make one or two post-production adjustments to the photos so that they are realistic and faithfully portray the item of clothing you want to sell.

There are many free and paid apps and software that can help you through this process. Check out:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe’s famous Photoshop is definitely the best option for editing photos on your computer. Through it, it is possible to make a multitude of edits, especially if the photos taken with the camera are made in .RAW format.

However, it is a paid software and some knowledge is needed to use the tool effectively.

Adobe Photoshop Express

While Photoshop gets paid for…

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