5 tips for the look!

como se vestir para cavalgada

5 tips for the look!

Get the look for the ride right

Hey, really fancy people, everything is a piece of cake? After the rainy season, the season of pedestrian parties, rodeos and events about horses, which the crowd loves, enters. Riding or not, do you already know how to dress for horseback riding?

This type of meeting is just joy: lots of entertainment and beautiful people. So, nothing better than putting that neat outfit to enjoy. But then, do you want to learn some tips to stay on top of horseback riding around? Read on and check out what we’ve brought you!

1. Make sure the weather

You are about to create something worse than wearing a clothing and experiencing discomfort because of the temperature. Who has never left home in a cold sweater, and the flaking sun came up along the way? If you identified with the situation, know that you are not alone!

With that in mind, take a look at the weather forecast websites and see how the weather will be on the day of the party. From there, it is easier to choose a more suitable production.

As we are more exposed to the sun on horseback riding, the tip here is to wear a short-sleeved blouse and a vest for days when the temperature is not very defined. That way, the vest protects you from the wind — but if it gets hot, just take it off.

2. Bet on comfort

In addition to being elegant, the look has to be very comfortable. After all, we spend hours on horseback or drinking that cold one with friends. That’s why you can’t put on a boot that squeezes your little toe or pants that compress your stomach when you sit down!

choose a pair of good quality boots, made of pliable and durable material — like leather — good flexible jeans and a blouse or shirt that makes you feel comfortable. At these events, the most important thing is to enjoy with the people, without leaving the style aside.

3. Choose a style

Speaking of style, the ideal is to opt for one before defining which look to use for horseback riding. There are several types of events that involve the horses, from that ride with the crowd to the animal shows, and each one asks for an attire accordingly.

For example, at the Mangalarga Marchador marching cup, people go more elegant, for a casual side. On the informal tour, you can dress in a more casual way. See some suggestions!

casual look

When the event calls for a certain “chic”, bet on the shirts. With a multitude of colors and details available, choose the one that appeals to your mind the most. If you are not going to ride, wear flared pants, short boots and pointed toes, and finish off with a nice belt. Now, if you’re going to ride a horse, the idea is to change your pants for a tight but flexible skinny and a pair of riding boots.

sporty look

The polo-neck shirt gives it a sporty and tidy look at the same time. They are great choices for horseback riding because they are suitable for this type of event. What’s more, they go well with tight pants and riding boots as well as straight pants and pointed-toe boots. Don’t want to get it wrong? So bet on this tip!

stripped look

Is the ride you’re going to gather horse lovers and have a few beers or that little drop? So, it’s good to make a more laid-back production. It’s time to put on that chic horse-print T-shirt, pants and riding boots (for those who are going to ride), or denim shorts and Texan boots for those who are only going to accompany.

4. Bet on the boots

Boots are a fundamental part of how to dress for horseback riding. Did you know that the wrong choice can get you in trouble when riding a horse? It is true! And we’re not just talking about hurting your feet or not.

When it comes to safety, always opt for shoes without heels. High heels are beautiful, but they can snag on the stirrup and cause a nasty accident. So better prevent!

In terms of comfort, those who are going to ride should invest in long boots. That’s because, with the walk, the animal sweats and can get your pants wet, if you have low boots or boot. If that doesn’t bother you, that’s fine. But if you think walking with wet pants on your calf is uncomfortable, follow our tip!

5. Don’t forget the accessories

The accessories complete all the charm of the look. Clothing is often simple, but a well-looped belt buckle makes all the difference, doesn’t it? In addition, some are essential for our health, such as sunglasses and a hat, which help protect us from the sun.

Speaking of hat, have you already decided to use it or the cap? Both look really cool with different looks, but if you’re in doubt about which one to make your production for the day, we’ll help. Bet on the first one for a more elegant and tidy look. But if you like the laid-back style or practicality more, go with the second one.

To give that glow and enhance your face even more, how about earrings and necklaces? Today, there is a variety of these horse, hat, horseshoe and other themed adornments from the country world. Choose the one that best suits your style and match the entire production.

See how to dress for horseback riding is really easy? With a few tips, we produce amazing looks to make anyone’s jaw drop, without giving up comfort and safety. After all, brutes cannot leave the charm aside even when riding. Coupled with good style, it’s just success!

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