Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Before applying makeup, it is important to go through a process of cleaning, exfoliation and skin hydration:

  • Cleaning is essential to remove impurities and excess oil;
  • Exfoliation helps to remove the layer of dead cells, leaving the skin thin and smooth;
  • The moisturizing must contain preferably sunblock.
  • Right after the moisturizer, to make the skin more beautiful, better fix the makeup and remove the shine, a good tip is to use a primer. For more information go to: Primers

Special Care for Oily Skin

Some care can contribute to avoid oiliness and excessive shine.

Keeping the skin clean is fundamental. For this, the secret is to use soaps suitable for oily skin. Afterwards, apply a tonic to remove pollution and makeup residues.

Take care when hydrating: choose oil-free products that do not clog pores. Be careful with the temperature of the water, which cannot be hot or cold.

How to Apply Makeup

1. Facial Base

face care

Give preference to liquid or creamy foundations, as they dry out the skin less. To spread the foundation better, use a sponge dampened in water. Apply a foundation lighter than your skin to the forehead, sides of nose, mouth, and chin to smooth out features and “illuminate” the face.

2. Correctives

face care

To disguise dark circles, use a concealer lighter than the foundation shade. Slightly green shades correct pimples better too.

3. Face Powder (Compact or Translucent)

face care

The function of the face powder is to even out the skin β€” especially after using concealer β€” and to help fix the makeup. But if your skin is good, you won’t even need to use it. Be careful not to exaggerate the amount so your face doesn’t look like a “mask”.

The application is very simple. Use that thicker brush or, in the case of compact powder, the sponge.

4. Shadow

face care

Dark shadows diminish the eyes; light shadows enhance the eyes.

The eyeshadow should be applied with the strongest shade in the outer corners, very close to the lashes, and the lightest shade in the upper part, very close to the roots of the eyebrows. Be careful not to overdo the quantity and try to use it only on special occasions.

5. Pencil

face care

The eyeliner must be passed with care when ironing, especially those who have the habit of passing it well under the lower lashes to leave the eyes well marked, as the skin sweats you can get blurry quickly.

6. Eyeliner

face care

For a better look, apply the shadow before the eyeliner. This should be applied with a thin and even layer along the roots of the upper lashes, from the inside to the outside of the eyes.

If you want a very fine line, just use the tip of a brush or pencil. There are already applicators whose brush is rigid and with a very fine tip. They are best for those who don’t have a lot of skill or firmness in their hands. If you want a thicker stroke, tilt the brush tip slightly.

To apply eyeliner more easily, use a mirror on the table. First apply from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corners. Then make a thinner stroke from the center of the eyelid to the inner corner.

7. Mascara

face care

To lengthen your lashes, apply mascara in at least two layers. Use it only on the upper lashes, to leave the natural look. To not smudge the mascara, dry your eyelashes with a blow dryer. Keep your eyes closed to avoid irritating them.

If the mascara is dry, apply a few drops of saline so it can be used more apply a few drops of saline so it can be used a few more times.

8. Blush

face care

Apply with a brush a small layer of Blush on the cheekbones, with light strokes. Blush should be used in moderate amounts so as not to give an artificial look. Excesses must be removed with a sponge containing compact powder.

If you want to “widen” your face, apply blush around your ears, pulling the brush towards your cheekbones. If you want to make it thinner, apply to the temples (between the eyebrow and cheekbone) and pull towards the cheekbones.

9. Lipstick

face care

To fix the lipstick, apply it and remove the excess with absorbent paper, apply a layer of compact powder and apply another layer of lipstick.

For raise your lips, draw their natural outline with a pencil a little darker than the lipstick, on the outside of the lips, blur the line with a brush and apply the lipstick. Use a lighter, shimmering shade in the middle of the lower lips. Use and abuse the gloss and sparkles.

For shrink the lips, draw the outline on the inside of the lips, with a pencil that is lighter than the lipstick you are going to use. Avoid glare and gloss; use dark opaque lipsticks.

10. Makeup cleaning

Permanent Ink without Ammonia?

Do not forget remove makeup well before bed so that the skin can breathe.

The ideal is to use makeup removers, as these are suitable for removing all excess makeup. Then use neutral soap (suitable for washing the face) to remove what the makeup remover did not remove. The facial tonic serves to remove that little dirt hidden in the pores, good to finish cleaning. Avoid alcohol-based products as they dry out the skin.

And, finally, don’t forget to get a lot of hydration or (depending on your age) a good anti-wrinkle cream.

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