Makeup tips for halloween: halloween.

halloween makeup

Makeup tips for halloween: halloween.

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In today’s column I bring you makeup tips for halloween or halloween, a typical celebration of North American culture.

halloween makeup

Of pagan origin, the traditional festival takes place annually, every October 31st. In addition to the USA, other English-speaking countries (Canada, Scotland, England and Ireland) also commemorate this date.

The religious character lost, over time, its relationship with Halloween. Currently, in the United States, celebration is more linked to the world of play, fun and socialization. As Halloween is not linked to any institution, the organization of the party takes place in a decentralized manner. Generally, schools, clubs, families, companies and groups of friends organize and celebrate the date.. (source)

Due to globalization, in Brazil, there has been a growth in the interest in celebrating Halloween and more and more costume parties have arisen related to the theme.

To make an artistic makeup, whether for halloween, masked ball or carnival (see here), the ideal is to have the proper products for that. But, you can do using the common makeup of daily use and come up with something interesting.

The brand Mac Cosmetics created a website, Mac Rick Baker (on here), just to show you some Halloween makeup ideas made by a grand master of cinematic makeup. See the video from the channel MAC:


To make an artistic make-up, it is necessary to make the skin like any other make-up, as this will serve as a background. Choose the theme to start the effects. If it’s makeup like masquerade, make skin well lit, glowing and healthy. If it’s zombie or monster makeup, do the opposite of what you should do in social makeup: make the skin opaque and lighter, mark the bottom of the zygomatic with brown product to make the face thin, mark the line well. jaw, highlights dark circles and expression lines with brown and purple shadows, all opaque. Make use of the light and dark game to make volume effects and unleash your creativity. Don’t be stuck with rules or theories, design whatever comes to mind and take good care of the finish. Finish with makeup fixer and cover more expensive than a common makeup. LOL

On Pinterest (follow me there) has several makeup inspirations for Halloween.

halloween3 makeup

halloween halloween makeup

halloween makeup2

Photos: reproduction via Pinterest.

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