Makeup Tips for Graduations

Makeup Tips for Graduations

Makeup Tips for Graduations

Makeup is used to highlight facial features, or even make new features that the person did not have before, it also disguises unwanted imperfections, thus making the person wearing more beautiful or extremely beautiful, lol, but it can also leave people with a horrible face for the photos.

Girls: Generally our students use the same makeup for both studio and outdoor photos because in 90% of cases we do it on the same day. For the studio that has strong lighting and is already using it outdoors, the first and most important tip is: don’t use an illuminator! In real life it looks beautiful but for these photos it looks like sweat and no one wants this โ€œeffectโ€ right!? Wear light makeup, no black eyes and strong eyeshadows. Avoid very prominent contours. Lipstick, avoid using too much skin color. Opt for a more pink or even red if you are used to using it. Eyelashes are very welcome! leave any simple make up in a mega production. A very common question is whether the nails appear in the photos and yes, they can eventually appear, but very far away. So, leave them made and the color of your choice.

Boys: The world of makeup is no longer exclusive to women, many men have adopted more elaborate makeup. For those who like makeup, it’s free. For boys who just want to hide pimples, scratches or scars, the ideal is not to use any makeup for photos, as it will not be a complete makeup, it is very likely that different shades of colors will appear on your face. So, if it’s for pimples and scars, don’t use makeup, let photoshop solve it.

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