Makeup for bridesmaids: tips and how to do it!

godmother makeup

Makeup for bridesmaids: tips and how to do it!

Maid of Honor makeup has to be special! After all, you were invited by the newlyweds to stand at the altar and play an important role in this celebration. But rest assured, the choice of the ideal make is not a seven-headed beast. Let’s help you look stunning to fulfill this role!

godmother makeup

Makeup for bridesmaids by day

For a daylight celebration, you should pay close attention to skin preparation. Invest mainly in the contrasts between bronzer and illuminator, but everything with a lot of lightness.

Makeup for a bridesmaid at night

Bet on fearless shine! The eyes can be worked out more, with depth and many layers of color. Closer shades are also welcome for the lips.

Makeup for bridesmaids – black skin

Black women look great with eyeshadows in shades of green, eggplant and gold. Metallic tones, both for the eyes and for the mouth, are also highlighted in dark skin. Bet without fear!

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Makeup for bridesmaids – brown skin

Dark-skinned women can improve the volume of their eyes, abusing dark shadows for the concave. Don’t forget to apply bronzer below the cheeks to create a nice contrast with the blush and highlighter.

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Makeup for bridesmaids – white skin

Light-skinned women can invest in a monochromatic makeup that brings out the same tone in the eyes and mouth. The most obvious choice is pink, but shades of champagne and orange can also be interesting.

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Makeup for the bridesmaid – step by step

If you are the hands-on type and want to do your own makeup for your godmother, come with us to learn valuable tips!

Products you will need:

  • brush set
  • base
  • Liquid Paper
  • compact powder
  • bronzer
  • Illuminator
  • Blush
  • shadows
  • eyeliner or pencil
  • Mascara
  • mouth pencil
  • Lipstick

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How to make the skin base:

  • With the skin sanitized, start to apply the foundation with your fingers or with the help of a brush.
  • Then, spread the concealer on the upper and lower eyelids, moving down a little to the cheeks.
  • Use the concealer to cover the marks or pimples on the face.
  • Then fix with the compact powder in light strokes.
  • Apply bronzer to the determining areas to mark the curvature of the face.
  • Then the illuminator will create the luminosity points, as in the image below.
  • The blush enters the cheeks, between the bronzer and the illuminator to bring out the cheekbones.

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Special attention to the eyes:

  • To start highlighting the eye area, don’t forget to harmonize your eyebrows.
  • Then make a firm outline at the base of the upper and lower eyes, from the center of the face to the corner.
  • Then mark the concave of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye with a darker shadow and smudge well.
  • Above and inside, fill the mobile eyelid with the colors you want and perfect the shine.
  • In the corners of the eyes and below the eyebrows, apply a good dose of illuminator.
  • When done with the shadows, reinforce the outline.
  • Apply a few layers of mask on the lashes.
  • If you have skills, invest in false eyelashes.

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Harmony on the lips:

  • To close your makeup with a golden key, invest in a lipstick color and texture that maintains harmony with the palette used in your eyes.
  • Put a little powder on your lips to better fix the makeup.
  • Apply the lip liner, one or two shades darker than the lipstick color, to draw the lip design.
  • Apply a generous coat of lipstick and wipe off the excess by kissing a napkin.
  • Finally, use a little light on the dimple of the lips to highlight the area.

Ready! You’ve got a sealing makeup to rock as a bridesmaid!

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Updated March 23, 2021

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