40 Ideas for Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup Idea Queen Hearts Version

40 Ideas for Halloween Makeup

The month of October is marked by Halloween parties, which are already quite common in Brazil. Even though the right day to celebrate is only October 31, which is called Halloween, during the entire month there are theme parties, in which everyone takes the opportunity to dress up. So, check out the Halloween costume ideas and also Halloween makeup inspirations to rock – and scare – in celebrations.

The following tips are for making creative and spooky makeup that goes with all kinds of costumes. Choose your favorites and make them at home to see how it will look. It has from the simplest models even for those who are professional in the subject. Check out.

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Creative and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Whether to scare or delight, Halloween makeup needs to be all about your costume. On the other hand, if you don’t know what clothes to wear, choose a make up first and then decide what you can match. See these ideas.

1. Queen of Hearts rereading

Halloween Makeup Idea Queen Hearts Version

The Queen of Hearts is the character from the movie “Alice in Wonderland” and there are different ways to choose this option. You can be the same as the movie or make your own version. This model is a retelling.

2. Movie Queen of Hearts

Halloween Queen Hearts Makeup Idea

Now, the make of the movie character. It is as easy to make as the previous model, from rereading. You just need to choose your favorite.

3. devil

devil halloween makeup idea

If you decide to go to the party wearing a devil costume, which is one of the classics, Halloween makeup can be in that style. If you can’t put on the horns, wear them in a tiara shape on your head.

4. Cruella de Vil

halloween cruella makeup idea

Cruella, character from the movie “101 Dalmatians”, is also very simple to make, as you can use your creativity. What is most striking about her is her hair, half black and half white. So, the only rule of make is that it is very striking.

5. Female Beetlejuice

Halloween Beetlejuice Female Makeup Idea

This is the female version of the character from the movie “The Ghosts Have Fun”. Groom your white face and deep dark circles, with touches of purple and green to be more faithful to the original.

6. Male Beetlejuice

Halloween Beetlejuice Makeup Idea

The male makeup version of the character is even cooler. Using a mixture of white, black and gold looks great and is easy to do. What is special about this makeup are the rotten teeth and messy hair, which is also spray-painted.

7. Scarecrow

Halloween Scarecrow Makeup Idea

This is a very nice idea, but if you want, you can also turn it into a scarier option. The scarecrow is a pretty cool character for Halloween, so it’s up to you whether you want to enchant or scare.

8. Wild

halloween joker makeup idea

The Joker’s painting is simple, it just needs a very pale face as a foundation, then a red lipstick, the eyebrows as green as the hair and eyes with a lighter effect of dark circles. Enjoy macabre smiles during the party!

9. colored skull

colorful skull halloween makeup idea

Not every skull needs to be scary. Of course, a Halloween makeup tends to scare, but if you want to innovate, this makeup will definitely attract attention, it’s beautiful!

10. Cheshire

cat halloween makeup idea

Another option is that of Cheshire, the cat with the macabre smile from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. Remember that you won’t be able to smile much if you want to keep that special effect in your mouth. But it looks really cool!

11. Mad Hatter

hatter halloween makeup idea

If you’re willing to fancy the full costume, here’s another idea also from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. The Mad Hatter has a more elaborate make up, especially on the eyes, with false eyelashes.

12. Corpse Bride

Halloween Makeup Idea Bride Cadaver

For this Halloween makeup, you’ll have to be more patient and not skimp on paint. But if you’re good at makeup, it’s definitely worth going to the party with this costume on.

13. nun

Halloween Nun Makeup Idea

The nun can be both a male and female option, and it’s very easy to make. This idea of ​​taking care of your eyes, running black blood, is a very nice effect and doesn’t require a lot of work.

14. Pumpkin

halloween pumpkin makeup idea

Instead of just putting on a pumpkin mask, how about dedicating yourself to makeup and making a beautiful option like this? It’s going to be a blast. Then it’s just a case of looking at orange and black.

15. Jigsaw

halloween jigsaw makeup idea

The character from the movie “Saws” is another perfect theme to wear as a Halloween costume. It’s pretty simple to make, and the big touch is the curling cheeks. It’s also much cooler than just putting on a mask.

16. Sally

halloween sally makeup idea

The character from the movie “The Strange World of Jack” is a cute one. Blue face and the lines sewn on the doll’s face are the characteristics of the make that cannot be missing.

17. Ursula

makeup idea by ursula halloween

This is the character from the movie “The Little Mermaid”, which is also another really cool option for Halloween makeup, as she is the villain. She is the sea witch, with blue or purple skin and strong makeup.

18. Masking effect on the eyes

halloween makeup idea mascara

Don’t feel like using a mask and don’t even want to apply a lot of makeup on your face? So this smoky eye mask effect will do the job. You just need to choose which costume will match.

19. malevolent

Halloween Malevola Makeup Idea

Another character that has everything to do with Halloween is Maleficent. If you liked the movie, it’s a great inspiration. But to look similar, you have to do your makeup and also your costumes, in every detail.

20. Witch

halloween witch makeup idea

No Halloween can be without a witch. For this character, the makeup is quite varied, so use this model as an inspiration. Dress up in dark lipstick, very pale skin and striking eyes.

21. Vandinha

Halloween makeup idea vandinha

The daughter of the Addams Family is also a Halloween classic. Her make up is very simple, so it’s in her costume that she needs to be perfect. And of course, don’t forget about the cornrows. It’s the ideal character for anyone who can hold their laughter all night long!

22. macabre clown

halloween clown makeup idea

This macabre clown themed Halloween makeup idea is just perfect. Get out of the conventional colored face and use these special cut and blood effects. If you have the material you need to make, you’ll rock the party.

23. Vampire Bride

Zombie Bride Halloween Makeup Idea

Vampires also deserve space at the Halloween party, whether they are brides or not. In fact, the make can be the same, regardless of the costume you want to use for this character. All you have to do is look dead, dark under your eyes, and that basic vampire blood you just had a meal.

24. Traditional zombie

colorful zombie halloween makeup idea

If you want to make a not-so-pale zombie with a more colorful effect, this idea is interesting. It will be even better if you have special material to create the scars. There are several ways to make the zombie makeup, so just choose the colors and start training in front of the mirror until you find the ideal one.

25. Marylin Monroe zombie

halloween marylin makeup idea

Do you like this character, but want to adapt it for Halloween makeup? This idea is perfect. All you need to do is train the special effects and color combinations a bit. Very creative!

26. Rogue

vampire halloween makeup idea

Even if you don’t want to put your dentures on with your huge canines, you can do a pretty vampire makeup, taking care of your lipstick and eyes. This effect with veins showing is pretty cool. To look perfect, a colored contact lens is the finishing touch.

27. Skull

halloween skull makeup idea

This is another model that suits both girls and boys. As with the smiley cat make-up, the main effect is in the mouth, so it will have to be with a closed smile to show the complete look.

28. Mexican skull

mexican skull halloween makeup idea

Another way to go to the party like a skull is to do a painting in the Mexican skull style. This one is more fun, with flowers and various little details around the entire face. It’s very easy to assemble the look later.

29. Torn face

halloween makeup idea torn face

For lovers of professional-themed makeup, this model is super cool and one that draws the most attention. You will need a zipper to fix the face with makeup glue and then just paint the red in the middle. You can use creativity with this style.

30. Edward Scissorhands

edward halloween makeup idea

This is the beloved main character of the movie “Edward Scissorhands”. This makeup was perfect, so if you choose to do it, don’t forget to paint your eyebrows and use special mass for the scars.

31. Gothic Ballerina

make dancer

The Halloween version of the ballerina is more Gothic, bringing a vibrant make up, but with darker tones. This combination of black and orange-gold was amazing.

32. Macabre Snow White

macabre snow white make up

Is this the real face of Snow White after eating the poisoned apple? It’s a great idea to bring the delicate fairy tale character to the Halloween party with a themed look.

33. Snow White Witch

snow white witch make

If you go to the party in pairs, you and a friend, one can go a macabre Snow White and the other a Snow White Witch.

34. Neon skull

make neon skull

As there are Halloween skull models for all tastes, this very modern option with special paint will certainly attract attention.

35. Pink skull

make pink skull

Even being a scary make-up, this shade of pink left the costume very beautiful and enchanting.

36. IT Clown

make it clown

Instead of painting the whole face with the classic make of IT, this idea of ​​painting half of the face as if you were opening the skin with the makeup underneath is sensational.

37. Wonder Woman

make wonder woman

This is an idea for comic book lovers, as it is a type of makeup that imitates comic book designs.

38. Pinocchio

make pinocchio

In a similar style to the previous one, this option was made to simulate the wood in the face and really make the person look like a puppet like Pinocchio.

39. Cork in the eye

make cork

This make is very horror movie when a basic accident happens and you end up with the champagne cork buried in the eye with a lot of blood.

40. Stranger Things

make stranger things

Love the Stranger Things series, but don’t just want to dress up as one of the characters? So for sure this idea will surprise.

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