20 makeup ideas for bridesmaids

20 makeup ideas for bridesmaids

20 makeup ideas for bridesmaids

Have you been invited to be a bridesmaid, have you already chosen the dress, the hairstyle, but are you still having doubts about your makeup? Stay with us because we’ve put together a complete guide for you.

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Weddings are always a big event, and when we’re honored with the invitation to participate in everything right next door, we want to do our best, right? We are well aware of the mission to do justice to the ceremony, with a look that translates well this festive atmosphere, but that is balanced. And when it comes to makeup for godmothers, there is always that question: whether to play in super production or look for a simpler alternative?

The answer is below. Come clear your doubts, find out which makeup best suits your situation and gather accurate inspirations.

day wedding

For weddings in the morning or late afternoon, the idea is to bet on a more natural make up. Leftovers with neutral or earthy tones, less defined contours and nude lipstick are the best choice for a light and elegant result. If false eyelashes are essential, we recommend less voluminous versions, with more spaced hairs, just to demarcate the eye region and guarantee that extra charm to the makeup.

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eyes marked

For godmothers who want to ensure a look with more attitude, with well-lined eyes, the best option is the smoke eye with shades that are far from black. Nuances of brown, graphite and gray give that classic deep-eyed effect, but without too much exaggeration.

However, if you prefer to take advantage of the current trend and invest in reddish leftovers, it’s worth betting on shades of copper, wine and even a more metallic rose. They create interesting contrasts with darker shadows and lend that striking look.

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marked mouth

If the idea is to go for a red lipstick or a darker color, the tip is to use classic tones such as coral, cherry, wine and marsala. These colors bring clear emphasis to the make and make the look super glamorous. It is necessary, however, to pay more attention to the rest of the makeup, it is worth investing in a lighter skin and neutral color eyeshadows. The interesting thing is to follow the “nothing eye” trick to ensure a clear highlight for the mouth.

night wedding

When the ceremony takes place at night, there is no problem investing in a more elaborate makeup. In other words, more corrected skin, with well-defined contours, are highly recommended for those who want to look good in the photos. Another detail that can bring a super glamorous air to the look are the illuminators, which applied above the cheekbones and in the inner corners of the eyes give a radiant effect to the makeup.

With regard to leftover and lipstick, the rule is the same. It’s worth betting on a powerful lipstick or a well-marked eye, but always in a harmonious way. As mentioned above, the recommended thing is to prioritize one of these regions, or the mouth will gain a super highlight, or the eyes.

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