15 Easy Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Halloween Makeup Ideas - David Bowie

15 Easy Makeup Ideas for Halloween

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You don’t need to go overboard buying expensive Halloween costumes for the scary season during these tough times. Instead, you can employ some Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas that will turn your face into a creative Halloween character. So if you’re looking to transform yourself into a spooky ghost or cute character, these 15 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas will help you. Let’s do it!

1. David Bowie

Straight from the cover of his sixth studio album, Aladdin Sane, you can transform into David Bowie with some daring makeup products. Just buy a colored box and create blue and red lightning. You can separate the screws with a black liner if you wish, before applying a metallic lip gloss. That’s it!

Halloween Makeup Ideas - David Bowie

two. Unicorn makeup

This simple Halloween makeup idea should work wonders for you and your 3 year old. It’s fun, but the main attraction is the believable horn. First, apply rainbow colors around your eyes and then add pink makeup to your cheekbones and forehead. Finally, wear your bright pink lip gloss and put on that sparkly rainbow wig.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Unicorn Makeup

3. joker

If you like the Batman theme, you can apply Jared Leto The Joker makeup idea. For that distinctive look, use washable green hair dye. Now apply a white foundation all over your face and then apply a warm red eye shadow around your eyes to make them look sore. Lastly, use red lipstick and smudge it out to create the Joker’s signature smile.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Joker

4. witch makeup

You too can transform into a sexy goth witch with some easy makeup tricks. Start by applying a mixture of dark gray and black colors around the eyes, then use a black marker to create a thick liner outward. Then put on floating eyelashes and use a lipstick marker to create that witchy look.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Witch Makeup

5. Scarecrow makeup

You might decide to do things a little differently by adopting a scarecrow makeup idea. Start by painting two large orange circles on your cheeks and a unique orange triangle on your nose using orange liquid lipstick. Then apply the same lipstick to your lips and let it dry.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Scarecrow Makeup

6. Skull Makeup

In this easy Halloween makeup trick, you only need two products. Paint your eyes to give them a smoky black look, then use white eyeliner to draw white skull lines across your lips. Now paint a dark color on your nose with dark blue around the edges.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Skull Makeup

7. Sugar Skull Makeup

Here, make generic white ink to look paler, then create easy line work. Mark the shape of your eyes using black eyeshadow and paint the entire circle red. Now use black eyeshadow to draw a spider’s web and then draw black lines on your lips.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Sugar Skull Makeup

8. Deer Makeup

Deer Makeup is one of the easiest and cutest Halloween makeup ideas you can find. First, use any face paint to make stitches along the cheekbones and forehead. Then use brown eyeliner to strongly outline your lips. Finish with a bright pink eyeshadow.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Deer Makeup

9. Scary Halloween Makeup

You will definitely like this scary idea. Wrap a clear plastic bag around your head, then use cello tape. Then paint your eyes black and do the same for the areas around your mouth. Use white tape to cover the remaining parts of the face except the mouth and eyes.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Scary Halloween Makeup

10. angel makeup

In this idea, start by putting on your white angel wings and then apply a glowing foundation. Now apply some white or silver grainstones around your eyes and cheekbones, and you’re ready to shake.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Angel Makeup

11. Pumpkin Makeup

To make a captivating Halloween pumpkin makeup, all you need is black eyeliner and orange eyeshadow. Use your orange eyeshadow to draw a pumpkin texture, then create a black triangular shape on your nose and eyes. Add orange eyeshadow on the inside of the lips and draw a skeletal black line across the mouth.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Pumpkin Makeup

12. Vampire Makeup for Halloween

Vampire Halloween costumes have become quite familiar these days. So, to look unique, you can use a vampire Halloween painting. This makeup idea will make you look fabulous and scary. Of course, you need a lot of fake blood.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Vampire Makeup

13. Cracked Doll Makeup

Remember the story of a scary doll that haunted its owners every night? This is an opportunity to make it real. First apply your foundation and then use an eyebrow paint that matches your hair color. Make your eyes look bigger and then darken them. Lastly, paint some cracks on your face to make it look like the Annabelle Doll.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Cracked Doll Makeup

14. ghost makeup

Here, you need an older woman’s hair wig and her makeup kit. Start by applying foundation to your face, including your lips, and then paint your eyelashes and eyebrows white. Paint a light purple color around the eyes and finish wearing your wig.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Ghost Makeup

15. Halloween Zombie Makeup

With Halloween zombie makeup, you don’t need to buy any fancy products, you probably already have what you need. This simple Halloween makeup idea will make you look scary and great at the same time. The good thing about it is that it’s not terribly scary. So you can dress up like a zombie at your school’s Halloween party.

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Halloween Zombie Makeup

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to create these easy Halloween makeup ideas, because the designs are made for beginners. So if you don’t have time to prepare that unique Halloween costume, choose one of these makeup ideas.

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