How to Set Up a Women’s Clothing Store with Little Money

How to Set Up a Women's Clothing Store with Little Money

How to Set Up a Women’s Clothing Store with Little Money

If you want set up a women’s clothing store, in this article you will learn how to set up a store at a very low cost.

With reduced cost, we mean that you won’t need to spend buying clothes to resell at the first moment, you won’t pay rent or will have to spend setting up a structure to receive customers and the costs arising from all the physical and traditional logistics.

Let’s help you now set up a store in your home and present a sales strategy for you to apply and capitalize on to open a store, expand your business model or whatever you prefer.

Getting organized to have a women’s clothing store

Despite the focus on starting activities with a low budget, the development of this business has some characteristic costs. So if you don’t have proper financial planning, it’s important that you get it.

There are several courses, some free, that can help you acquire the ability to organize your financial life.

But in our case, the rule is clear: from everything you earn, half of the profit must be invested in promoting and managing your business.

That is, pay your costs first. End the day with no more debt. And the rest that’s left is net income. Divide by two. The first half is free for you to use as you see fit. The second half must be invested in the business.

And invested as a promotion of your store. You choose how: paid disclosure on social media, on google, making printed materials such as business cards, folders and etc. But invest in a way that it is possible to leverage your projection and your sales.

In addition, it’s important to have an organized sales process and know how to make the best use of it.

Step by step: opening a virtual clothing store with little money

There are several possibilities, if you follow this step by step and make the correct choices according to your entrepreneurial profile, your store can take off. All you need is resilience and a keen vision and commercial action – which can be acquired.

  1. Define the business model

There are possibilities for you to start selling without having products. One of them is the Dropshopping.

Basically, you go out of stock and sell the items that are in your supplier’s stock. This is a strategy that needs to be very well studied so that you don’t end up investing too much and having a very small return.

In dropshipping, your supplier may be based in Brazil or abroad. It all depends on the negotiations and how you organize yourself. But a warning: although this is an opportunity, it is necessary to pay attention to delivery deadlines.

Dropshipping will be mostly used to sell products on a blog, websites or social media.

But once the sale is confirmed, you will need to make the payment to your supplier, organize the delivery of the product and need to take care of the entire process.

Have you thought about whether your customer cancels the purchase due to delay or asks for a refund due to the poor quality of the product? The damage will be established.

But there are other possibilities, such as a thrift store. Yes, it is fashionable to use clothes from thrift stores, to style and create new styles full of charm.

So a thrift store is a great way to get started free of charge.

You can order clothes for your friends or publicize that you are looking for pieces and negotiate a kind of payroll purchase.

Basically, you assess how much the person wants to sell, and you build in the value of your work. And ready. It transfers the amounts to the “supplier” as sales are made.

If you don’t have sales, you return the product and that’s it. You don’t pay for it, just for what was sold.

These two business model opportunities are viable on a shoestring, but require different jobs. Choose the one that suits you and your audience. And remember, it’s just the beginning.

  1. make a plan

Defined the format of the business, proceed with the planning. Think about the overall cost of your business per month, what your sales target will be, who the audience will be, what niche you will be operating in.

And don’t forget: also think about where you want to go with your business in 5 years. How do you see yourself and what are the goals you need to achieve, what deadlines and what strategies can be cool.

You can abandon planning and pursue other strategies after a while, but the work put into drawing up an action plan is not wasted. You will only be able to assess the possibilities along the way if you have a solid foundation to build on. Otherwise, it’s just guessing and luck.

In addition, training must be part of your daily routine in the search for quality and professionalism, invest in courses, training and also develop sales skills, they will be essential for the success of your business.

  1. Make a digital outreach plan

This is a step from the previous tip. But we need to treat it separately as this is the basic pillar of this strategy that we will use for the sale of women’s clothing.

The first step in this process is to define which networks will be used for dissemination. We recommend the Instagram it’s the Facebook.

But the priority network is instagram, keep that in mind.

Look for references to define a nice layout, a cool arrangement to make the photos of the clothes you will share. And plan a posting schedule.

Preferably, choose the best parts from the stock that are advertised and boost instagram for your niche market.

And remember: you may need to mail the product, think about that cost.

Make a publication schedule, be consistent in publications and seek to build engagement with your audience. And in that way your reach is maintained and increased.

Define strategies and partnerships, make contact with bloggers, send treats that are pertinent and attract new customers, as more money comes into the box.

  1. grow the business

You may be tempted not to use 50% of your net income to invest in promoting your store. But it must be done to grow the business and increase sales and revenue.

And as this increase occurs, you also need to be prepared and able to grow the store.

To help you have a specific software for managing clothing stores, as it will give you much more information with specific functions and features for your store


Online clothing sales are a reality. Although competition from giants and several other smaller stores is high, there is still room, as long as a good sales strategy is executed.

People are interested in dressing well. Find the ideal niche and give it quality and good service and you will achieve success in your sales.

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