Creative ideas to build customer loyalty in a Women’s Clothing Store

Creative ideas to build customer loyalty in a Women's Clothing Store

Creative ideas to build customer loyalty in a Women’s Clothing Store

Attracting new customers to your business is essential to your company’s success. However, have you ever stopped to think about how much loyalty to these customers is essential for your women’s clothing store to be successful?

There is a very famous phrase in the business world, which goes like this:

“Conquering a new customer costs five to seven times more than keeping a current one.”

This statement, authored by Philip Kotler, illustrates well how profitable it is for a company not only to prospect new consumers and customers, but above all to retain and win them over.

Especially for businesswomen operating in the clothing resale segment, captivating and delighting their customers is the best way to maintain a recurring sales flow, increase business revenue and expand the presence of their brand, thus reducing costs and expenses.

Did you know, for example, that with just a 5% increase in the customer loyalty rate, it is possible to increase the average profit per customer from 25% to 100%?

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in creative ideas to retain customers in the Clothing Store and bet on actions that, in fact, work in practice.

How to make your customers loyal consumers? Fans in love with your store, and engaged?

Here we have selected some creative ideas to build customer loyalty so that your women’s clothing store will precisely hit people’s hearts. Check it out below and good sales!

birthday promotions

There is a customer loyalty tactic that is so basic and simple, that probably because of that, many women’s fashion entrepreneurs still let it go.

This is the classic birthday promotion. If we think about how much people look for quality service, feeling special, we will see how much the simple fact of you “remembering” your client’s birthday can make all the difference in the customer loyalty process.

From a freebie on the purchase of a certain item of clothing in the customer’s birthday, to even sending a discount coupon, when noticing that you remembered such an important date, the customer will certainly have, at the very least, more sympathy for yours. clothing store/brand.

Therefore, always keep your customers’ records up to date, and be careful not to miss this incredible opportunity to generate greater proximity and connection with your target audience and customers.

Discount coupons

Now, if there is a strategy that, regardless of date or occasion, is capable of generating great results in terms of customer loyalty, it goes by the name of discount coupons.

After all, everyone likes to feel like they’re saving up, don’t they?

And before you ask “what is a discount coupon”:

The term coupon is found in the dictionary with the meaning of a detachable card that entitles you to giveaways, participate in contests, promotions, for example.

However, in the current context its concept is much broader, and of course it can also be used in the digital sphere.

Best of all, in addition to helping to retain customers, who will have a feeling of gain and advantage when purchasing women’s clothing at your store, coupons bring other benefits to your business.

For example, through discount coupons, your women’s clothing retail store can:

  • Increase sales using the discount and best price mental trigger;
  • Improve your customers’ shopping experience;
  • Attract new customers to your store;
  • Move the store’s stock;
  • Encourage participation in loyalty programs, and thus generate constant sales of products to customers, etc.

An important tip regarding coupons is to pay attention to the commemorative dates. Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, among others.

E-mail marketing

Recent research indicates that using email marketing is one of the most effective ways to convert sales, stimulate long-term customer relationships and, of course, make them loyal buyers.

80% of brands bet on email marketing as a customer retention strategy. 56% of brands believe that to achieve loyalty goals, investing in email marketing is the most effective action.

The fact is that this tool offers a series of advantages for those who work in the women’s fashion segment. For example:

  • Helping in the relationship with customers in the after-sales, being a more personal and direct communication channel;
  • It has the potential to build trust and bring clarity to the relationship between brand and customer;
  • Inform customers about the latest news in the sector, bringing relevant content, for example, with tips on looks according to the season and the arrival of new products in the store;
  • Encourage bonding with customers through a highly personalized approach;
  • Promote research on products, services, customer service, among other important information for the success of your business.

However, when defining that email marketing will work in your women’s clothing resale business, take into account some essential precautions so that the effect is not reversed.

For example, never batch your customer’s inbox by randomly sending out a series of emails.

Make a calendar, plan, bet on seasonal campaigns and always think carefully and lovingly about the content that will be sent.

Otherwise, instead of gaining sympathy from customers, you might create an aversion. Never send spam and try to personalize your communication via email marketing as much as possible.

After-sales and service

In the business world, there is a popular saying that goes something like this:

“There is no better “seller” than a satisfied customer.”

Based on this principle, we can say without the slightest doubt that excellence in customer service is more than important, it is a crucial and determining factor for those who want to consolidate their position in the market.

Especially with regard to the women’s fashion segment, understanding trends, clearing up doubts, suggesting looks, and bringing more than just products, affection and attention to the client, effectively help to build customer loyalty.

All this care in service must also be extended to the after-sales service and throughout the relationship with customers.

Don’t look to your customers, just numbers. Bear in mind that there is a life there, with dreams, desires, pains and needs that need to be filled.

If a customer buys a part that she has regretted, try to provide all the necessary support, reduce bureaucracy in the exchange process, for example.

If there is a problem, always focus on the agile solution.

Trust me: the easier and lighter your communication with the customer, the more accessible you are, the greater the chances of retaining that customer. when she feels satisfied, this customer will speak highly of your store to everyone in her circle of relationships.

This is powerful social proof that can increase credibility and boost your business’ reputation.

Therefore, when closing a sale, understand that you didn’t actually “close” a deal, but you opened a door that, over time, should always remain open. The sale does not end in the act itself, it must be worked over time, like a seed that should soon generate new fruit, that is, new sales.

loyalty programs

Another idea to gain customer loyalty, but no less important, is to invest in loyalty programs. After all, your customer will love to be rewarded for always following your store, purchasing products and being part of your success, right?

There is no being in the world that doesn’t like a treat, a caress. And in the business world this is no different. Freebies, discounts and surprise promotions, to reward that loyal clientele, are great alternatives.

Create a points system, that the more your customer buys, the more points and benefits she earns.

You will find that the advantages for your womenswear business will be many, such as:

  • Keep your audience engaged with your store;
  • Greater engagement (word of mouth advertising);
  • Great cost-benefit;
  • Increased sales;
  • Closer relationship with your customer;
  • Motivate customers, as according to a survey, “54% of people say they increase consumption in a certain establishment due to the reward offered by this type of program.” (Source:

Did you realize how much it is possible to retain more and more customers, using creative and easy-to-apply strategies in your brand’s day-to-day activities?


  • Anniversary promotions;
  • Discount coupons;
  • E-mail marketing
  • After-sales and service;
  • Loyalty programs.

In addition to these topics, there are several other possibilities that you, who resell women’s clothing, can adapt and use in your business. Get inspired by our tips and see how your loyal customer base will grow!

Doubts? Leave your comment and we clarify! Follow our next posts with amazing tips to jumpstart your women’s clothing store!

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