Clothing factories in Santa Catarina: discover 14 incredible options!

Clothing factories in Santa Catarina

Clothing factories in Santa Catarina: discover 14 incredible options!

Today you will learn about several options for clothing factories in Santa Catarina to buy wholesale and resell there in your city.

Anyone who works in clothing sales knows that the best profit opportunities are in factories. So, I selected some options that will interest you a lot and some important information. Check out!

Clothing market in Santa Catarina

Clothing factories in Santa Catarina

The state of Santa Catarina is among the places with large production in the textile and clothing industry. Today it is the main hub in Brazil and the sixth richest state.

With several industries, it is the stage for major brands with national projection, in addition to having an estimated population of over six million inhabitants. The main base of the economy is on account of the activities of textile factories.

In addition to fabric factories, the site also operates in the mechanical, wood and agricultural sectors, among others. Santa Catarina has a variety of industrial centers, including the highlight that attracts countless tourists every month.

For commercial development, the points are favorable, as the IBGE released, the retail data for the country and the state of Santa Catarina was 0.8%, higher than that registered in previous years.

This indicator shows the beginning of a recovery in the sector. Therefore, there is a growth in retail sales volume in Santa Catarina. This means that there are great opportunities for tenants and resellers.

Where to buy clothes to resell in Santa Catarina

The best cities to buy clothes to resell in Santa Catarina are Jaraguá do Sul, Brusque, Blumenau and Gaspar. But there are several other places that have clothing factories with great wholesale prices in SC.

This is a very strong state in clothing production and you find many options. Just do some research and spend time analyzing the manufacturers in each city, you will get great products.

List of Clothing Factories in Santa Catarina

1. Confections Azucena

The clothing company has been working in the clothing trade and industry since 1994 and is dedicated to producing exclusive collections for each season of the year. You will find a lot of quality in pieces for children.

  • Address: Estrada Geral Bananal 550, Guaramirim – SC, 89270-000.
  • Telephone: (47) 3373-1217
  • Site:

2. Wholesale Clothing and Clothing

The store offers numerous possibilities of parts for wholesale and works with several collections. located at brusch, offers special conditions for resellers and shopkeepers throughout Brazil.

  • Address: Rod. Antônio Heil, 2000 – Nova Brasília, Brusque – SC, 88352-501
  • Telephone: (47) 3252-1138

3. Fakini Malhas Ltda

Fakini Malhas is located in Pomerode and covers a variety of options for those who want to work with children’s clothing retail. These are affordable pieces that favor the self-employed professional.

  • Address: R. November 15, 1800 – Downtown, Pomerode – SC, 89107-000.
  • Telephone: (47) 3387-7777
  • Site:

4. Jo Jo Clothing Ltd.

The factory produces several pieces for children and young people. In fact, it owns the Pulla Bulla brand, which is a great success in Brazil.

  • Address: Rua Maringá, 533 – Salto Norte, Blumenau – SC, 89065-700.
  • Telephone: 0800 644 6644
  • Site:

5. Rocris Confections

Successful clothing store that makes amazing pieces for resale. Discover the possibilities available in the physical store!

  • Address: Rua Edmundo Leopoldo Merizio, 1122 – Bairro Limoeiro, SC, 88318-996.
  • Telephone: (47) 3247-0520

6. Marô Fashions and Clothing

Marô Modas works with the production of clothing for all styles for men, women and children.

  • Address: Rod. Ivo Silveira, 1373 – Steffen, Brusque – SC, 88355-200.
  • Telephone: (47) 3350-4636
  • Site:

7. Vanibele Apparel Industry

The industry makes women’s casual and party models. Has experience in the market since 1991.

  • Address: Rua Maria Emilia Borges, 110 – Vila Isabel, Criciúma – SC.
  • Telephone: (48) 3438-7946
  • Site:

8. Anas Confecções

  • Address: Ivo Silveira Highway, 9325 – Barracão, Gaspar – SC, 88355-200.
  • Telephone: (47) 3332-8405

9. Malhas Jagar Indústria e Comércio Ltda

The company has been operating in the market since 1992 in the women’s clothing segment and stands out for the production of exclusive plus size models.

  • Address: Expeditionary R. Carlos Fischer, 342H, Guabiruba – SC
  • Telephone: (47) 3354-0011
  • Site:

10. Rovitex

  • Address: Av Maria Marangoni, 391 – Dom Bosco, Luiz Alves – SC, 89115-000.
  • Telephone: 0800 500 5055
  • Site:

11. Formitz Confections

clothing factories in Santa Catarina at wholesale

Formitz is a large clothing company and was founded in 1987. With a wide variety of models, it has around 70 representatives spread across Brazil.

  • Address: BR 280, Km 58, nº 15.826 – Neighborhood – Imigrantes, Guaramirim – SC
  • Telephone: (47) 2106-6700
  • Site:

12. Rosa Poá – Women’s Fashion

  • Address: Rua Ver. Arthur Manoel Mariano, 825 – Forquilhinhas, São José – SC
  • Telephone: (94) 99185-7443

13. Serelepe Confecções Ltda.

The company was born in 2003 and has the objective of providing clothes full of comfort, elegance and style for children.

  • Address: Rua Ver. Reinoldo Bornhausen, 95 – Sete de Setembro, Gaspar – SC
  • Telephone: (47) 3332-8974
  • Site:

14. Bullay Confections

Bullay Confecções targets the young public and provides comfortable, authentic and stylish clothing.

  • Address: Rua AC 009 Nº 70 – Águas Claras – Brusque / SC
  • Telephone: (47) 98431-8868
  • Site:

Is it worth buying parts for resale in Santa Catarina?

As you can see, Santa Catarina has many clothing factories and wholesale stores for different audiences. Thus, the bag seller, retailer, shopkeeper or micro-entrepreneur will easily find what they are looking for.

With a wide variety of opportunities, it gets easier set up a clothing store and fill the stock. In addition, there are stores that offer the convenience of shopping online.

That way, you can choose the models you want and receive them directly at home. So, it is worth taking advantage of all the advantages that the state offers.

A very important tip for you who want to resell clothes is also to get to know the Vip Supplier List. This is a guide that brings together the best suppliers in Brazil, with great wholesale prices. You can buy clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

I really hope you enjoyed the tips and suggestions for places to buy wholesale. Now it’s up to you! Share the tips and good sales.

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