How to Make Makeshift Children’s Costume

improvised costume tips

How to Make Makeshift Children’s Costume – 80 Step-by-Step Ideas!

Make a improvised children’s fantasy it might be a great idea for you who have no time to shop around or are on a tight budget. With inexpensive, easy-to-find items – even those you have at home – you can create looks incredible for kids to enjoy Carnival, Halloween and various parties.

To help you with this creation, we’ve created a post full of inspirational tips and images. With our suggestions you’ll be able to create a super original improvised children’s costume. Kids will love it!

Follow the complete post to know different costumes and learn an incredible step by step!

improvised costume tips

Photos and Ideas of Women’s Improvised Children’s Fantasy

There’s a wide variety of costumes for girls, from princesses to folklore inspirations, from little animals to famous TV and movie characters. They are very fond of fairy tales, the world of imagination and therefore a great tip is to bet on an improvised children’s costume, encouraging the kids’ creativity.

Let’s agree that costumes are getting more expensive, right? This is one of the most successful markets, especially on seasonal dates such as Carnival, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Because of this, the brands raise prices up there, leaving parents without much choice, after all, children have to have fun and participate in costumed school parties.

A master’s way out, in this sense, is to invest in fantasies that you can produce yourself at home with the help of your daughter. Using recyclable materials, stationery and not so expensive, you can create much more creative and full of personality pieces.

While the ready-made costumes will always be the same, the ones you produce will have a special touch. So the homemade Little Red Riding Hood costume, for example, won’t look like any other store-bought costume. Want something fancier than that? 🙂

Discover some sensational ideas for you to enjoy what you have at home to make your little girl very beautiful!


Looking for an improvised children’s fantasy that is simple? This is a good tip for anyone who wants to entertain the kids during the holidays or at the weekend, or who need a quick solution for the girl to participate in a party.

There are several inspirations for you who want to create a simple costume for girls. They can be made at the last minute, using pieces of clothing you have around your house and some everyday utensils.

We selected some images for you to know and write down the tips:

Children's improvised costume for girlsMakeshift Children’s Costumes for Girlsladybug costume tipladybug costume tipHarlequin costume tipHarlequin costume tip

Minnie's costume tipMinnie’s costume tipimprovised female costumeSee how much cool female improvised fantasy ideacostume for carnival girlsImprovise a costume for CarnivalGhost costume with tulle skirt Ghost costume with tulle skirtCreative Hawaiian CostumeCreative Hawaiian Costume

Creative / Different

Do you want to create your daughter’s own fantasy and attract attention through creativity? Fortunately there are many references on the internet to help you with this production. Roll up your sleeves to engage in a variety of very different but easy DIY!

We’ve found some really cool ideas that might inspire you to craft a stunning costume for the next Carnival or Halloween ball.

The materials used are of the most varied, especially those you can easily find in haberdashery and stationery, such as tulle, buttons, canetão, fabric paint, non-toxic make-up for children, fabrics, among others.

Check out the ideas we’ve selected to show you:

creative improvised children's fantasyCreate an impromptu children’s heroin fantasy for your daughterChildren’s improvised fantasy of a little ghostCinderella with creative and simple fantasymakeshift children's costume marilyn monroe and audrey hepburnImprovised Costumes by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburnimprovised children's red hood costumeLittle red hood improvised children’s costumewind-up doll costumeWind-up doll costume!Beautiful rainbow costume!Beautiful rainbow costume!The little girl could become Frida Kahlo!

Look what a super creative idea!Creative tip for customizing cat earspainter's creative fantasypainter’s creative fantasy

of pirate

Girls also enjoy dressing up as a pirate and there are many interesting improvised children’s costume ideas with this theme. The piratinha pieces of clothing you can usually find around your house – your daughter might have a striped or black t-shirt, for example, and you might have a red scarf, right?

The eye patch can be made in many creative ways, using cardboard and elastic or felt, with EVA, fabric, in short, this item is essential for this fantasy and very easy to create.

The pirate hat can also be improvised with any other black you have out there, or created with some material of your own.

Here are some pirate costume tips for girls:

Pirate costume for girls

from zombie

The zombie costume is super fashionable, for both boys and girls, and can be used at Carnival, although it has more to do with Halloween. This is considered one of the simplest costumes to improvise at home, as only the use of paint and makeup can create a very nice effect.

Red lipstick, for example, is perfect for giving the bloody effect to your mouth. Black eye shadow can be ideal to create dark circles, as well as light powder in color is the best to leave the face all white.

Check out all the images referring to the female zombie costume:

of witch

Girls love to dress up as a witch and you can create a very pretty costume by improvising the used pieces. A dress with a very strong plain color already creates the basis for this costume, which will look very original and different.

With a scarf of a different color, also dark, you can tie it around the waist. To decorate the look, we suggest that you cut EVA stars and glue them to the dress – you can add some sparkle to them too to give them a little extra tchan.

If you don’t have a suitable hat, just create one with black cardboard! Make a cone out of it and measure it on the girl’s head. Then, cut a strip of cardboard of the same color to make a flap. This idea is also cool with EVA.

Take a look at improvised witch costumes:

Men’s Improvised Children’s Costume Photos and Ideas

Do you have a boy at home wanting to play dress up? Or is he going to attend some school, family or club party? There is no reason to panic, lol. There are lots and lots of cool improvised costume ideas for boys, which are easy and much cheaper than buying.

Nowadays, a pirate costume, for example, can be bought in a costume shop for almost 100 reais and what is presented to us is not all that, no! Comes a t-shirt, shorts (or pants), a belt, an eye patch, and a toy sword.

Why not save money and risk creating a much more interesting, original and special costume for your child? He will definitely love getting into this production and will be super proud of the result later.

See several improvised children’s fantasy ideas for boys we’ve selected for you!


Super heroes, pirates, folklore characters… many costumes can be created using materials and clothes that you have there in your house. They are not difficult and in a few minutes you get a very fun result.

Boys’ costumes are naturally simpler, depending on the type chosen. Girls tend to wear a lot more hair accessories, jewelry, makeup, etc., while they can be more basic, which helps in quick production.

Here are some costume tips for simple boys:

Simple costume for boys

Creative / Different

Want something better than being able to create something with your child? Ask him to think of a very creative and different improvised costume to rock the costume ball or the holiday game.

Enjoy recyclable materials – properly cleaned, of course -, fabrics, papers, plastics, Styrofoam, paints, among a multitude of perfect options to complete the look. It could be a monster, an astronaut, a warrior… they will love the idea of ​​creating their own costume!

Discover some improvised children’s fantasy alternatives for very creative boys:

improvised costume boys

of pirate

Like girls, boys also identify a lot with pirates. There are many movies and cartoons that make reference to these characters and that’s why they get the children’s attention when they have an occasion that they need to dress up.

Boys can win a unique pirate costume using custom garments. An old black blouse can have the sleeves cut off and become a vest, a red scarf can become a belt, and worn pants with a zig zag cut at the hem are ideal to complement the production.

Check out improvised pirate costumes for boys:

creative pirate costume

from zombie

Boys can also turn into zombies to attend Halloween parties, play at home, or attend other fun events. They are inspired by movies and video games that have these macabre characters and that can yield good scares and creating stories.

Face paints are great for creating zombie-like effects. Customizing the clothes is much easier – if you have very old pieces out there, you just need to give them an even bigger mess, making holes and tears, etc.

Check out images of improvised male zombie costumes:

zombie boys costume

How to Make Improvised Costume: Easy Step by Step

Yay! Now that you’ve checked out countless tips for improvised costumes for kids, it’s time to learn the step by step of one 🙂 We’ve selected the super simple to make Snow White and 7 dwarf costumes. So boys and girls can play in costume together. Check out!

For the 7 dwarfs hat you will need:

  • Felt of the color you want
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Pen
  • Line and needle

How to make:

  1. Make a 32x32cm triangular pattern on paper
  2. Place on felt and cut two pieces like this
  3. Use the same colored felt thread to sew the two felt “sheets”
  4. Cut a strip of felt the width of the ruler to finish
  5. Use universal glue to glue this strip to the hat
  6. And it’s ready! Make different colors to distribute among the boys

For Snow White’s makeshift outfit you will need:

  • Yellow fillet or tulle (approximately 6 meters)
  • ribbon or elastic
  • Scissors
  • Cut 1 meter x 12 cm strips of tulle
  • You will fold the strip in half and tie a knot in the ribbon or elastic
  • Do this with all the strips, leaving one next to the other
  • Your skirt will be ready!

See below how the right step by step is and how the costumes are ready to go. The tip in the video is for adults, but you can adapt it for children, there is no difference!

Wow! What a beautiful idea of improvised children’s fantasy, no? I hope you enjoyed our suggestions and that you can create an amazing look for your son or daughter to have fun! Any questions you have, let us know, see you later!

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