10 Instagram Profiles That Sell Wholesale

Clothing suppliers on Instagram

10 Instagram Profiles That Sell Wholesale

if you are looking clothing suppliers, know that one of the best ways to achieve this is through Instagram. After all, many clothing distributors create their profiles on this social network to reach more customers.

What you can do is filter the contacts and see which profile has ideal clothes for you to resell.

To help you with all of this, I did a quick search and selected 10 Instagram profiles that sell wholesale clothing. They are companies from several clothing producing poles, so surely one of them will be able to serve you.

See where to get clothing suppliers for resale:

Clothing suppliers on Instagram

1. Fashion Dessa – Brás Clothing Suppliers

This is one of the ideal retail clothing suppliers for the women’s store. Because he works exclusively with pieces for this type of audience.

It has been in the market for over 6 years and supplies directly from a large factory located in the region of Brás in São Paulo. Serves shopkeepers, bags and resellers from all over Brazil with its parts.

Whatsapp: (11) 94058 – 4662


2. Wholesale Fashion Showcase

This clothing supplier is located in Caruaru, Pernambuco, where it supplies its products throughout Brazil. It has its own factory and is constantly producing pieces that are on the rise.

Whatsapp: (81) 99746 – 1594


3. Jait Boy – Men’s Clothing Suppliers

If you are looking for resale menswear suppliers, this may be a good company to buy wholesale. It is located in one of the largest clothing producing centers in Brazil, which is Santa Cruz in Capibaribe.

You’ll find different types of shirts, polos, shorts, tank tops and much more.

Whatsapp: (81) 98904 – 6244


4. Cauã and Valentina Kids

This is a children’s clothing supplier also located in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe. It has its own factory and produces several types of children’s pieces, both male and female.

Whatsapp: (81) 99325 – 8168


5. Fitness Scent Pepper

For those looking for a fitness clothing supplier directly from Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, this company can serve you very well.

She sells both wholesale and retail and has a very wide range of gym clothes.

Whatsapp: 22 99723 – 2236


Wholesale of clothing on Instagram

6. D’Laini Fitness

This is another fitness clothing supplier, but located in Goiânia. It is located in the 44th Street region, where it produces and supplies wholesale gym clothes throughout Brazil. In the company profile, it is possible to check all the clothing models and purchase conditions.

Whatsapp: 62 98170-7048


7. Canelan Knit Wholesale

This is a good opportunity to buy winter clothes directly from the factories in Monte Sião, Minas Gerais. This company produces knitted clothes and sells wholesale throughout Brazil, with a minimum order of 6 pieces.

Whatsapp: (35) 99977 – 4153


8. Viller Bull Jeans

For those looking for jeans suppliers in Goiânia, this profile works precisely with pants, shorts, shorts and much more. Therefore, you can buy men’s and women’s denim pieces at wholesale price for resale.

Whatsapp: (62) 99446 – 3014


9. Body Emporium

With two stores in Goiânia, this company is also a reference in the sale of women’s bodysuits at wholesale. But in addition to that, she works with several other pieces of clothing, such as cropped and pants. The wholesale order must be a minimum of 12 pieces.

Whatsapp: (62) 99640 – 8585


10. Rayssol Beachwear

For those who want to resell bikinis, bathing suits and swimwear in general, this company can provide it. It has its own factory and is present at the Santa Cruz fashion center, where it supplies its products wholesale from 10 pieces.

Whatsapp: (81) 98985 – 2085


Wholesale clothing profile on Instagram

How to find clothing suppliers on Instagram?

You need to go searching in Instagram’s own search for terms like “wholesale clothing”, “own manufacture” or other such terms. That way you can find profiles that sell wholesale clothing.

Another option is to follow profiles that advertise clothing stores for some fashion centers. As is the case with the profile of Moda Center Santa Cruz, profile 44 in Foco and Brás Aqui. These are just a few examples that show wholesale clothing retailers and manufacturers.

Another way you can gain access to many clothing suppliers is through the Vip Supplier List that I always recommend here.

In this list you will find the contacts already organized by each type of clothing. You will have access to Instagram and WhatsApp from these companies so that you can buy and resell. So it’s very practical!

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