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physical and online stores that deliver throughout Brazil – JUROMANO.COM

Hello darlings! Today a follower he sent me a super cute message saying he loves my style, but that has no financial conditions of buying expensive parts. Asked for directions from cheap plus size stores and I made a list to help her.

And of course I also want to share it with all of you, because right… Who doesn’t like to make some finds for a nice price?!?

We made an average, compared to the plus size market, of what would be such “cheap”. we think values ​​between BRL 40 and BRL 150. of course this varies from the financial condition of each one and nobody is obligated to buy anything in this life, ok?! I even defend a lot that we can develop our style with what we already have in the closet, just use it in different ways.

But for those who want a new piece or an item to give a fresh air to the productions, here’s a Basic list of cheap online and physical plus size stores.

Cheap plus size stores: physical and online


BonPrix is ​​a super partner online store here on the blog and lives in my heart. Despite the thin models (the photos are made in Germany) the products fit the plus size ones well. The difference is that many of the pieces for skinny women, have EXACTLY the same for plus size. And there’s “brusinha” from BRL 19.90.

Buy online >

bonprix cheap plus size stores


Posthaus also delivers throughout Brazil and brings together really cool brands, always at a SUPER decent price. Lunender, Marguerite, Miss Masy and Rosalie are just some of the brands over there. Do you have something expensive? Have! But the difference is that on the side of the screen there are filters and you can select the price filter, up to how much you are willing to spend. Filters start from R$50 – and between BRL 50 and BRL 100 is where there are more pieces, believe!

Buy online >

posthaus cheap plus size stores


Quintess sells at Posthaus, but has its own online store as well. The pieces follow a young and cool style. To make it easier, there is also sidebar price filters from the left.

Buy online >

quintessential cheap plus size stores


Caedu is a physical store and only has it in São Paulo and surroundings, but if you live around here, it’s worth keeping an eye out. The plus pieces sell out very quickly, but you can almost make wonderful finds always for less than BRL 80.

To find a store near you see here on the official website.

caedu cheap plus size storesNote: I’m very past that I’m on Caedu’s website and I didn’t even know! hua hua hua

Roast Roast

It’s also a physical store and I confess that I’ve never even set foot in one, but I trust the taste of the Mel Soares, from Relaxa Aí Fofa, who has already made great finds there and has even been a poster girl for the brand. By the way, there are also for the boys, since Junão, my boyfriend, was the last plus size poster boy of them, too.

To find a store near you see here on the official website.

cheap plus size stores roasting roasts


Online and delivery throughout Brazil, it’s one of my favorite stores in life! The most expensive are the fake fur coats and the sequined ones, but they don’t even come close to being the price of a “mall” store (even so, they have a price that is super worth the investment for the piece). WearEver is all fashionista, really modern, for the party girls. Have pieces from R$ 30 and also price filter on the side.

Buy online >

wearever cheap plus size stores


If you are a fan of a style more street and cool, need to know this brand. Prices start at BRL 45 and go up to BRL 150 at most. In addition to the incredible and ultra-modern pieces, it has “wonderful” sizes, which can be worn up to 60 or more! 😉

Buy online >

cheap plus size stores lollaboo


For those who don’t know, Ashua is the Renner plus size store. It only has online, but delivery throughout Brazil. There are things that are VERY expensive (it’s kind of surreal) and there are things that have a normal department store price. But my advice is that you keep an eye out for promotions, because the clothes are really cool! I have several that make all the difference in my closet.

Buy online >

ashua cheap plus size stores


Marshal of my heart. It used to be more daring in plus size fashion, but it keeps doing a good job regarding lingerie and more basic parts. You can find basic day-to-day blouses, beachwear and gym tops for less than R$40.

Buy online >

cheap plus size stores marisa

wish fashion

Wish has everything from jeans to social. The coolest thing is that it has a specific section of pieces up to BRL 99. In other words, you can make great finds. Furthermore, few are the pieces that exceed R$ 150 on the rest of the site. You can go without expecting a stab to the heart.

Buy online >

cheap plus size stores wish fashion

Another amazing way to buy parts that aren’t necessarily in cheap plus size stores is keep an eye on the promotion (or sale) tab of the most expensive stores. The promotion tab of the flaminga, for example, there are great things, the Clamorroca it has high quality denim pieces for R$ 99.90 and the one from Fashion Program have dress shirts at super decent prices.

Good cats, this was a short list, but I accept more suggestions!!! Leave in the comments the indications of cheap plus size stores that you know, in your cities and states as well.

That’s it for today



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