Looks to Inspire and Shine in the Work Environment

casual chic looks

Looks to Inspire and Shine in the Work Environment

Being well-dressed and feeling confident in your work environment is essential to shine in your professional life. We’ve put together some women’s social clothing tips that will help you stand out in the corporate environment from Monday to Monday.

But before we go any further, we want to know, do you know your style? Once you know your own style, the fashion tips to compose your everyday productions become more assertive. If you’re still not sure what your style is and want to find out what kind of piece suits your personality and your work environment, we can help you, click on this link: What’s your style?

If there is one key piece to transforming an ordinary work look into a standout look, that piece is the female dress shirt. More than a corporate clothing item, the dress shirt conveys sophistication, authenticity and credibility.


Let’s start with the proposals below, which refer to a casual work environment, with freedom of choice for productions that can range from simple to tidy. who makes the style casual chic is identified with this type of piece, both for the practicality when composing the look and for the advantage of being well dressed in different environments.

casual chic looks

Items such as women’s dress shirt, lace collar shirt, polka dot print, white shirt, women’s blouse, printed shirt, basic t-shirt, polo shirt and jeans render super stylish looks.


The classic work looks, on the other hand, have tailoring as their starting point. They are items for those women who need a more sophisticated look, in environments that value formality. women of style Classic they are always aligned and elegant and will feel represented by the productions below.

looks for classic work

In the image we can see productions that include: women’s dress shirt, striped shirt, plain women’s shirt, dress pants, and flare pants.


for women modern, who like a bit of daring and novelty in their work productions, we suggest items with animal prints, stylish pants and leather, proposals that are a trend this season. It is possible to notice with the dress shirts and blouses in animal print version, they break the formality of the office look without neglecting elegance and style.

looks for modern work

bet on printed shirt, animal print, flared pants, leather pants, bow collar and blouses.


For those who prefer to bet on basic pieces for work, punctuated by neutral tones such as black, white and nude, our curator has selected timeless items, easy to combine with each other or with other pieces that already exist in the wardrobe. The highlight goes to the patterns that appear in the form of stripes, dots and plaid. To insert a color point in productions, bet on colorful accessories.

neobasic looks

Basic looks include: women’s dress shirt, women’s work shirt, striped shirt, printed blouse, tailoring shorts, sleeveless shirt, plaid skirt, midi poás skirt and black shirt.


Women who identify with the Romantic style you’ll love working productions that include sweetened tones, otherwise known as candy colors and delicate details such as lace, ruffles, ruffles and bows. Those who want to break the softness of the look a little can bet on a dark complementary piece, such as a skirt, pants or blazer.

romantic looks

Romantics will love pieces like: women’s dress shirt, work blouse, skirt, tailoring shorts, bow collar, satin and polka dot print.


For professionals looking for more than just a dress shirt in the workplace, Principessa offers custom shirts from monogram line. With a minimalist design, the Monogram Line shirts feature as a differential the possibility of embroidering the initials of the name on the shirt cuff, offering a unique experience of sophistication, authenticity and exclusivity.

princess monogram personalized shirt

The personalized shirts have the monogram embroidered on the cuff, an excellent option not only as a work shirt, but also as a gift for someone. The collection features pink shirt, white shirt, navy shirt and blue shirt.

Betting on the right parts for the work environment is a great investment. Every woman is looking for a more decided walk and a more confident posture, isn’t it? And when you choose items with quality and great fit, success is guaranteed.

At Principessa store you’ll find shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses and shorts to wear on different occasions, as well as amazing news to update your wardrobe with the latest trends.

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