Buy clothes in Bom Retiro to resell: Best places!

clothes in nice retreat to resell

Buy clothes in Bom Retiro to resell: Best places!

Buy clothes in Bom Retiro to resell it has been the goal of many people who want to earn money and today I’m going to introduce you to 13 stores so you can get in touch and, who knows, close a partnership.

The great demand for wholesalers in this neighborhood of São Paulo happens because it is the national clothing hub there. There are about 1,700 shopkeepers and more than 80 thousand buyers a day!

The business is so eye-catching because the prices there manage to be 30% lower than in other places in São Paulo. So whoever buys clothes to resell in the neighborhood gets an excellent profit margin.

13 places to buy clothes in Bom Retiro to resell

clothes in nice retreat to resell

Below you will find 13 wholesale clothing stores in Bom Retiro. I found them in my search and brought you all the means of contact.

Remember that neither I nor the blog have any connection with them, so look for more information before you go shopping, ok?

See the list below:

#1 – Namine Confections

Telephone: (11) 95082-3906
Address: Rua José Paulino, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#2 – Wholesale Karmani

WhatsApp: (11) 98796-4225

#3 – Talita Kume – Eloí Store

Telephone: (11) 3331-0091
Address: Rua José Paulino, 743, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#4 – Miglon

Telephones: (11) 3222-9100|3333-4528
WhatsApp: (11) 94226-7951
Address: Rua Ribeiro de Lima, 446, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#5 – Degrant

Telephone: 911) 97011-4850
Address: Rua Professor Cesare Lombroso, 85, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#6 – Groovy Forever

Telephones: (11) 3223-7463|3223-2761
Address: Rua Aimorés, 71/73, Bom Retiro – São Paulo – SP

#7 – Artmaia

Telephone: (11) 2696-6559
WhatsApp: (11) 95651-7215
Address: Rua Júlio Conceição, 559, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#8 – Sécia Fashions

Telephone: (11) 3224-9022
Address: Rua Carmo Cintra, 67, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#9 – Tricomix

Telephone: (11) 3333-1224
WhatsApp: (11) 97114-3138
Address: Rua Silva Pinto, 149, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#10 – Sweet Flower

Telephones: (11) 3362-8055|3362-0300

#11 – Tassa

Telephone: (11) 3327-9700
Address: Rua Visconde de Taunay, 340, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#12 – Lemon Fashions

Telephone: (11) 3331-3130
Address: R. Prof. Cesare Lombroso, 142, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

#13 – Antix

Telephone: (11) 3121-1030
Address: Rua Anhaia, 250, Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP

Clothes still make money?

Yea! Selling clothes makes money and you don’t need to have physical structure to start working, you can sell them over the internet or even door-to-door.

Depending on the investment you make with the parts, you can earn up to R$5,000 per month.

Many people start working as a street vendor and in a short time, with organization, they manage to set up a physical or online store.

The money will depend solely on how you work with your products. It is necessary to advertise a lot and have fair prices.

Even with the work that needs to be employed, I believe this is one of the best segments for set up a business nowadays.

5 points that need to be defined to buy from the best supplier

buy clothes at the nice retreat to resell

As much as there are many clothing suppliers in Bom Retiro, you shouldn’t think that all of them will meet your needs.

To find the best place to buy, you need to evaluate your business and some aspects of the companies you’ll see around here.


– Target Audience

Before you buy clothes in Bom Retiro for resale you need to know what you’re going to need. This will only happen if there is already a definition of who you will offer your products to.

Already decided who your target audience is?

Are they alternative or more formal people? Children, women, men or genderless clothes? Maybe for evangelicals or for people who need bigger numbers?

Analyze and decide who will be your target audience because this will allow you to understand what they need, what attracts them and filter the stores that work with exactly that type of piece.

– What is in evidence?

Within what your target audience likes, what is in evidence? How these people are dressing on a daily basis, what has them interested? What’s in fashion?

You need to be very attentive to this, because that way you will have ideas of what to buy and even what will surprise you.

– Quality of clothes

Do you already know which wholesale stores in Bom Retiro sell pieces to your target audience? Excellent! Now it’s time to see the quality of what they offer.

This is very important! Even if you sell products at popular prices, they have to be good, otherwise who will buy them?

– Professionalism of the company

It is also important to assess how the company that caught your attention in the market is. How do customers talk about it? Do you have any history about her? Are there complaints (see Complain here) and if so, how does she handle them?

Regardless of whether you are going to sell clothes at home, in a store or over the internet, you will need the items from time to time and having a trusting relationship with the supplier is essential.

Therefore, only close deals with companies that you feel you can really trust and count on.

– Price and payment terms

Last but most importantly, it’s time to look at prices! See how much the parts cost, the discounts given for the quantity you want to buy, the payment facilities that are given, guarantees and even delivery options.

This is a step that needs to be fully put down on paper and calculated.

After the results, just choose the clothing store that will give you the best value for money.

Start selling!

Now it’s just up to you! Start buying clothes at Bom Retiro as soon as possible to resell and earn money.

After everything I’ve brought, it’s easier to identify the right store and make a good choice.

I wish you success!

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