Learn ALL about How to Build a Online Clothing Store?

How to set up a virtual clothing store - examples

Learn ALL about How to Build a Online Clothing Store?

Set up a virtual clothing store it is the dream of many entrepreneurs around the world. Whether out of passion or because of the various facilities that this market offers, the number of people who venture into small and medium businesses in this segment is really large.

How to set up a virtual clothing store - examples

By setting up a virtual clothing store, you will be inserted in a market with several suppliers, high demand, good profit margins, logistical facilities when delivering the product and many other advantages.

On the other hand, competition is great, and if you work like every other online clothing store, chances are your business will not be successful.

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How to set up a virtual clothing store - shirts

How to set up a virtual clothing store?

Discover 8 amazing tips that will make you think outside the box and, in that way, seek differentials that will make your online clothing store unique compared to the competition.

1. Define a Micro Niche

First of all, define what you are going to sell and to whom. It is impossible to be successful with an Ecommerce that tries to offer all types of products to different types of audience. It just doesn’t work.

Think that, in a country as big as Brazil, there are many micro niches to be explored in virtual clothing stores.

The truth is that there are underserved sectors, made up of millions of people and with very few companies specialized in satisfying their needs.

Ask yourself: who do I want to sell to in my online clothing store? Is my audience the young person who likes rock music? Is the middle-aged evangelical man? Are you the gamer who loves comic book prints? Is the executive who values ​​status?

To define a micro niche among virtual clothing stores, it is necessary to reflect on the main characteristics of their persona, such as gender, age, social class, marital status, hobbies, etc.

Check out some very targeted ideas for opening a virtual clothing store

  • Motorbike vests and accessories
  • Plus-size underwear (lingerie)
  • Baby overalls (with characters or animals themed)
  • Fun socks for the geek audience

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how to set up a virtual clothing store - persona

2. Think Brand Positioning

Brand positioning refers to how you want your online clothing store to be seen by your customers.

Every time your brand comes into contact with your audience, it has an opportunity to reinforce its position.

And, in the same way, every time your consumer is impacted by your brand, he will shape the image he has of it.

Therefore, positioning a brand goes far beyond promoting products and services.

In other words, brand positioning is an ongoing exercise in differentiating from the competition, based on the opinions and views of your audience.

3. Create Content that is related to your Online Clothing Store

Once you have defined the audience that your online clothing store will sell to, you will notice that these customers have demands for content.

They have “pains” that can be resolved with tips and insights given by you.

That’s the internet: everything revolves around content.

The more valuable content your online clothing store generates, the more consumers come to look at it as a brand that knows what it’s talking about (an authority on the subject).

If you still have any doubts that content has all this power, just look at the logic that moves Google and Facebook today.

People access these sites looking for content. They spend hours and hours consuming articles, videos, podcasts and ebooks on topics that are part of their daily lives

Your online clothing store needs to join this game!

Find out what doubts, problems and curiosities your customers have and write about them.

Some tips

  • Young and executive audience? Give tips on what to wear at a meeting, how to combine accessories and social clothing, create a manual with the fundamental pieces of men’s wardrobe and bet on themes that refer to the professional environment.
  • Young people and rock fans? Talk about the main shows of the month that are taking place in Brazil, the top 20 trivia in rock history, the 5 most awarded album covers in music, releases, new bands, news… There is a vast territory to be explored.
  • Fitness and middle-aged public? Talk about the precautions that people should take to age healthy, create a guide on healthy eating for those who have little time available, give tips to improve training at the gym, teach about prevention and the most common injuries, etc.

how to set up a virtual clothing store - content

All of these contents, in addition to generating credibility for those who already know you, will be available forever on the internet, so that, in the future, several other potential customers will have a initial contact with your online clothing store.

Attention: content goes beyond text

In any segment, creating content goes beyond writing good texts. When we talk about a virtual clothing store, the need to create amazing photos and audiovisual material becomes even greater.

use stories, invest in images that really add value to the products, shoot videos and always try to put your brand and what you sell in evidence, with material that really catches the public’s attention.

You can create content from online clothing stores on a blog, Youtube, podcast format or even using the Facebook fanpage.

Also, the Instagram and Pinterest also have excellent sales potential for the apparel segment.

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how to set up an instagram online clothing store

3. Star product in online clothing store

THE star product is the one that sells the most in your business and brings most of the revenue.

Usually, people search for it within the marketplace or online store without much effort on your part.

That is: is what you can’t open at all, because, in a way, it provides support for your brand to be able to test other products.

In the online clothing store niche, figuring out what the star product is can be more difficult. This is because the collections change constantly and, if you are a reseller, it depends on the production of the biggest brand/supplier.

At first you can’t handle it and you have to follow the market rules.

However, as it understands the products and its customers, it is able to go to the supplier asking them not to stop producing the part X.

He will tell you the least he can produce and you, when buying, end up having this “exclusivity”. Of course, for this you will need to know about the demand for the product. This is why validation is important.

This structure makes a lot of sense for fashion because you will work on it in campaigns, content, sponsored posts, etc.

As in Ecommerce there is no seller there to offer another similar product if you don’t have what the customer was looking for, you need to look for the star product and invest in it.

A common mistake in online clothing store is offering a product with low stock.

When the customer arrives, there are no more parts available. This will cause you to lose sales, so it must be aligned with your business demand.

4. Understand where your Virtual Clothing Store customer is

Now you might be asking yourself:

OK, I have the possibility to create a blog, a Youtube channel or even work with podcasts. But how to find out which channel brings the best results?”.

Here comes the next tip: you need to understand where your customers are (because you need to be there too).

Some audiences spend all day on platforms like Youtube and Facebook… Others prefer Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram. The habits of each audience vary greatly.

Ideally, you don’t try to be everywhere: find out which platforms your persona prefers and focus your ads, content and presence there.

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5. Have a Differential Service in your Virtual Clothing Store

It is when you serve your virtual clothing store customer that a great opportunity arises to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Believe me: if your service is done well, word of mouth will play in your favor.

Although most Ecommerces still do not understand this, there is no secret when it comes to providing a service that pleases you. you basically need to proactivity and willingness to help.

Another thing virtual clothing stores need to understand is that it’s super important offer several service channels like online chat, email, WhatsApp, inbox, telephone, direct and any other that makes sense to the customer. Make life easier for your audience when it comes to contacting you.

When relating to the customer, be aware of two important points:

language (culture)

You must express yourself in a polite, professional and courteous way ALWAYS.

However, the vocabulary and way of speaking and writing must be within the identity of your online clothing store.

For example, it makes sense to use geeky greetings like “Long and prosper” if that’s your audience and quote biblical passages if your niche is evangelical fad, as long as it’s within a context.

The level of politeness and formality varies as well. Anyone looking to buy swimwear has different expectations from expectant mothers looking for maternity clothes.

You have to understand your customer and speak to your audience the way they would like to be treated.


Regardless of the micro-niche of your virtual clothing store, everyone wants a fast and efficient service.

Your customer doesn’t want to wait 48 hours to receive a response about the outfit he said came up defective.

We live in a highly immediate society, and the fashion industry is even more focused on that. Answer as quickly as possible, but always efficiently.

Focus on problem solving and customer satisfaction to keep your store reputation intact and away from Complain here.

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How to set up a virtual clothing store - customer service

6. Is it Starting? simplify things

This tip is also very important for those who want to set up a virtual clothing store…

In fact, in the beginning you don’t really need a “virtual store” (website) — you can simplify things by starting operation only in marketplaces, such as Free market it’s the link7, for example.

Even though you have an idea about who your audience is, you still don’t know how they will react to your market entry.

Will your products be in high demand? Few? Reasonable? It would be nice for you to answer this question before you invest time and money in setting up an online store.

What I recommend is that, at the beginning of your virtual clothing store, you put all your energy into mark presence in the Free Market and on the main social networks…

That way you’ll have a first contact with customers, you’ll better understand what their demands are and, if that’s the case, after a few weeks you can start to build your website in parallel with the Free Market.

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How to set up a virtual clothing store - ecommerce

7. Study Hard to Succeed with Online Clothing Store

If you really want to lead the life of a successful entrepreneur in a virtual clothing store, you must have already understood that it has several advantages, such as flexible hours, possibility of high financial gains, home office, etc.

On the other hand, the challenges for virtual clothing stores are also diverse and can only be overcome with you putting your “face in the books”. It is necessary to seek knowledge at all times to achieve success in Ecommerce.

Do you want to sell a lot on Mercado Livre? So study hard on the platform. Are you going to advertise on Facebook?…

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