How to Build a Functional, Practical and Profitable Online Store

How to build a virtual store

How to Build a Functional, Practical and Profitable Online Store

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How to build a virtual store

Knowing how to set up a virtual store is vital to create your own business and start making money online. After all, the web has become one of the best places to invest and thus gain financial independence.

The internet has become an extension of offline life. Even more after all the facts that shook the world in recent months. The online market came as an alternative, both for the general public and for those who want to undertake.

Buying online is easy, simple and practical. People don’t need to leave the house, they just have to access the virtual store by computer, tablet or smartphone, buy the product and wait for the order to arrive at their doorstep.

So learn How to open an online store became promising to exhibit their own work, sell all kinds of products and services, and finally earn extra income. No wonder that a survey of MasterCard indicates a 75% increase in the sector in 2020 in Brazil alone.

On the other hand, there is a lot of information about how to start an online store, to the point of confusing those who want to build their digital space.

In this way, we gather relevant content for you to achieve your goal. Check out what you can expect in this article about setting up an online store. Looking for help creating a webshop?

You will learn all about how to set up a virtual store, see the topics:

  • Is it worth setting up a virtual store?
  • Complete checklist of how to set up an online store.
  • Curiosity about online stores you should know;
  • How to open a virtual clothing store;
  • How to set up a virtual clothing store.

How to set up a virtual clothing store

Come on?!

Is it worth setting up a virtual store?

Unsurprisingly, creating an online store has many advantages.

With the latest world events, e-commerces gained more strength.

The Brazilian e-commerce market has already earned more than 27.3 billion in 2020 compared to 2019.

These numbers show that internet shopping continues to gain traction, especially when people are avoiding going out.

Among the advantages of investing in an online store are:

  • no rent, no extra bills and no employees
  • building an online store is much cheaper than building a physical store
  • you can serve your customers when you can, whereas it doesn’t have to be immediate.

So, if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and want a practical business model, the online store could be the right choice for you!

set up virtual store

Complete checklist on how to open an online store

Having knowledge about the path you need to follow, brings greater security in your journey to set up a successful online store.

Thus, we have prepared a step by step for you to reach your goal: set up your virtual store. Check out!

  1. Start from the beginning: create an online store

How to open an online store

First of all, to earn money through a webshop you must have a webshop. It sounds obvious, but what does it mean in practice? To have a website, you must have these three pillars:

  • Domain;
  • Accommodation;
  • Security Certificate;
  • Virtual store development (we’ll talk in topic 2).


It is the electronic address of your online store, for example:

Where of course, you will replace “nameofyourhouse” with your brand or your company name. It is important that you choose a domain that is easy to write and memorize, in addition, it needs to be available.

The domain is the identity of your online store, so each site has a unique domain. Likewise, pay attention to what comes right after the “.”.

We have several options, from the traditional “”, “.com” or “.net” to the most different ones, like “.shop”, “.club” or “.in”.

Choose the one that matches the sound of your brand, believe me, if the reading of your domain has a certain musicality, there are more chances for customers to decorate with greater ease.

Want to buy website domain?


It’s like the name implies, it’s the annual or monthly payment you need to make to have your space on the internet.

For example, we can compare with renting your commercial point, but of course, several times cheaper.

The hosting values ​​are consistent with the “space you will occupy”, for sites that take up more memory or need to be more powerful to handle a large flow of customers, the values ​​are more expensive, for less power, cheaper.

Learn how to identify the best website hosting.

Security Certificate

The Security Certificate, also called SSL Certificate, is a way to ensure your customer’s data and privacy.

Thus, it is mandatory in virtual stores, similarly, we can compare to the business license of physical establishments.

The investment in this certificate is not that high, but it needs to be renewed year after year.

See where to buy SSL certificate.

How to develop an online store?

You can find these three pillars to buy from providers of this service, such as Godaddy and Locaweb.

In addition to the points presented, you will need to program all the details that involve a virtual store, an option for this is the use of plugins such as Woocommerce if you choose a WordPress Hosting.

These plugins work like programming already made by another person or a community and offer facilities for those who are not knowledgeable about programming.

In contrast, they need to be updated from time to time. As a result, some errors during the update can happen to the point of taking your website down, and to solve the problem, you need to understand at least a little about website programming.

Understand more below.

  1. Do it yourself or hire an expert

set up virtual store

The time when setting up a virtual store required a large amount of investment. As a result, one of the most asked questions these days is how much does it cost to set up an online store.

There are three types of online stores on the market, which means three different types of cost:

1. Do it yourself or ask a “nephew” = Cheap

As mentioned above. This is the option for those who intend to spend as little as possible on this project, but it is not the best option for those who have no idea what to do.

In summary, we can use an example that High Sales directors often use is: do you prefer to travel on a plane that was built by a highly skilled engineer or by the nephew of the owner of the airline who “likes” the subject and wants to try it out ?

2. Hire an expert who makes it from scratch and customize everything = Expensive

A professional can charge between 3,000 and 12,000 reais to create a website from scratch, with everything you want and need.

It is important to say that in addition to charging the values ​​that match all the details that we explored in the previous topic, the professional will charge for the labor and hours spent to do this work.

3. Hire a specialized agency with fair values ​​= Good value for money

A personalized online store doesn’t have to be expensive, especially for those who are starting to invest in this type of business.

With a specialized agency, in addition to having a tailored solution that meets all your needs, you also have a personalized layout and support whenever necessary, as well as offering a more pleasant browsing experience to users and customers without technical problems.

Want to know how this is possible? Talk to a Digital Marketing Agency.

  1. Take care to make the layout engaging

It is necessary to set up a virtual store with an incredible, attractive and engaging layout.

If your online store’s design is bad, it doesn’t matter if your product is the best in the world, if you have the best customer service or if your delivery is fast and guaranteed, all your efforts will be in vain.

According to a survey published by Kissmetrics, 93% of shoppers consider visual appearance one of the main factors during a purchase.

For an online store to be profitable, you must invest to create something attractive. Every element used in the layout should have a sales purpose, not just because you found it beautiful. Remember that the store must appeal to the customer and not their personal taste. Learn all about website layout.

  1. Create a responsive store

A responsive online store is one that fits any screen, whether on a computer, tablet or cell phone, it will be highly visible and functional.

Smartphone purchases represented 30% of online shopping last year. And this is a number that is only growing day by day, even more so because cell phones are cheaper than a computer or notebook.

Thus, it is essential that your store is prepared to have access via mobile devices. Want two tips on how to set up a responsive online store? Then write down:

Use elements vertically for easy scrolling and viewing.

Test your store and look for errors that adaptation can generate. Trust me, there are always mistakes.

Learn more about responsive website.

  1. Invest in tools in your online store

This is a set of tools you need to use to get a good performance in your online store:

Many people want to know what is the best tool for their online store, but the question should be: what is the best tool for my business?

For example, consider whether you are new to e-commerce or advanced and what features you need. If you are starting to use a tool considered a standard on the market, it will help you.

In other words, don’t invent wanting to set up a virtual store from scratch and don’t even think about setting up a free online store. Balance is the best option.

Golden tips for those who are wondering how to start an online store:

  • The biggest problem with not selling anything online is not linked to the platform, the problem is in the offer, in your audience, or in marketing. To resolve this, carefully read the tips for setting up a virtual store in this article and the videos that are in it. Think of it like this, the platform doesn’t make you sell. Once your online business is running well, a more robust platform can help improve your day-to-day operational processes, but the platform alone doesn’t sell.
  • Do you want to set up an online store to work less? Don’t go into that illusion. Setting up a virtual store requires dedication, study, and day-to-day operations, of course if you want to be successful. To open a virtual store and be successful, it is essential that you have all possible means of communication, telephone, WhatsApp, Professional EMail, Social Networks, that you will use to answer questions, complaints and support.
  • if you are wondering How to build a virtual store, worry about providing the best humanized service, use the great advantage of having set up a virtual store and still being small to provide better service than the big players.

How to build a virtual store

  1. Offer exclusive online support

Your customers need interactive support, before, during and even after their purchases. Ensuring troubleshooting assistance is the foundation of any type of business. Even if they are small and online.

The main fear, especially for first-time online shoppers, is that the product will come wrong, that the exchange will not be made, or that they will not receive help.

So, while you build your strategy to open a store…

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