Instagram Bio: What It Is And How To Make A Perfect Store!

Instagram Bio: What It Is And How To Make A Perfect Store!

Instagram Bio: What It Is And How To Make A Perfect Store!

Understand how a short text can help promote your brand and gain new customers with a few tricks

Do you know how to create a bio for your store? Instagram has become one of the main social networks for entrepreneurs, as it’s a full-featured app for retailers and aimed at visual content, such as photos and videos.

THE Instagram biography – also known as bio – is one of the main tools used in profiles by users to try to get people’s attention.

The idea is to create a small personal or professional summary and cause a striking first impression.

As simple as it sounds, it is one of the first things seen when someone enters your profile. So today you will learn how to create a bio for your store and attract new followers (and customers) with it.

What is Instagram bio?

THE Instagram bio is a space located under the username in which you can write key information about yourself in up to 150 characters and put an external link, ie the address of a website.

For a business account, the biography on Instagram can be a determining factor for convert visitors into followers and customers. People need to understand your brand personality, what you do and why they should follow you.

What should be in the Instagram bio?

bio for store Instagram

One of the perks of a well-constructed Instagram bio is that it increases your chances of win new potential customers and sell even more. Even with little space to write, the task is not as difficult as it sounds.

Think about how you can innovate to stand out and attract new people. see below what to put in a store’s Instagram bio to present your brand impeccably:

  • profile name (usually brand name);
  • photo or logo;
  • occupation area;
  • brief description of the store;
  • contact information such as phone and email;
  • physical address, if any;
  • emojis and hashtags;
  • link to your store or website;
  • call for the user to perform an action, such as joining a group or like and comment.

How to make a good store Instagram biography? 9 tips to pump up your business

It may not look like it, but it is possible to write all the necessary information in just 150 characters. Check out 9 tips for how to create a biography for your business!

1) Start with photos and profile name

Instagram bio for sales

The profile photo and the name, whether of the person or the brand, are directly linked to an accurate Instagram bio, as they are the first things to be seen. Choose a photo with your brand logo and a simple and easy-to-remember name.

Also, don’t forget about your account content, after all, when you open a profile, the most recent images are the first to impact whoever arrives there.

Take excellent quality photos to get the attention of followers and clearly show your business.

2) Broadcast everything you want – the important thing is the form

write a objective and clear bio, which can solve people’s main doubts immediately, such as the payment methods accepted in your store and what products or services you offer.

Talk about your brand in an attractive way and that awaken interest. Be as brief as possible and use line break (splitting a line of text) so that it stays visually pleasing and about more space.

3) Leave contact information

Instagram users need find you beyond the social network, then enter your contact information, such as email, WhatsApp, phone and address.

Inform only those you use the most and you will be able to respond quickly. After all, nobody likes to wait a long time to be seen, right?

4) Use emojis to create proximity

A biography for a virtual store doesn’t need to have only words, quite the opposite. Choice emojis to represent certain information, such as the phone to indicate the contact number.

They can be used as markers at the beginning of the sentence, which makes your bio easier to read. This is an excellent technique to save space and give a more creative and personalized touch to your profile.

5) Bet on keywords and hashtags

At hashtags they are clickable links that are hot on social networks because they facilitate the search for certain things.

Using them in your Instagram biography can help promote your business and allow your brand to reach a wider audience.

Create your own brand hashtag with keywords for you to use in your bio and profile photos. It can help to attract and direct people to a specific content page that have the chosen hashtag.

6) Place a link

instagram bioExample of an Instagram profile that uses Linktree

Putting a link in the Instagram biography is an excellent opportunity to forward the user to any page you want him to access and that is beneficial to your business.

It is possible to place two types of links: the one that goes directly to your page or the one that brings together several links into one, as in the case of linktree It’s from linklist.

The second way is a great option for those who have several contact channels and want to show them to followers.

7) Invite the user to visit your store

After providing all the basic information, reserve a space to enter a phrase that directs the user to take an action – also known as call to action or call to action.

It is a sentence composed of a imperative verb and in this case, it can be accompanied by an emoji that shows what the person should do after reading the biography.

To write this sentence, think about the first thing you want people to do after visiting your profile and guide them how to get there.

For example, you can tell visitors to go to your store’s website or send a message.

8) Add contact buttons

Business profiles can route customers to different channels as a way to manage messages they receive and facilitate communication.

With that in mind, include buttons that allow people to call, text, or email you directly.

9) Create relevant highlights

Instagram bio to sell more

Instagram’s highlights tool is also a visual form of you if communicate with your customers and highlight the Stories you find more strategic and important. Always try to keep them organized and separated by subject.

create some to give important information about your store, remove recurring questions from followers and post positive feedbacks. It’s a great way to bring users closer to your brand and increase your chances of customer loyalty.

Extra tip: switch to a business profile

Converting your profile to a business account on Instagram brings benefits to your business. you have access to important metrics about your profile, such as engagement with followers and the amount of visits received.

A commercial profile also makes your brand more serious and professional. Entrepreneurs who make this change usually register a 1.46% increase in the monthly average of followers, according to the social network itself.

Examples of biographies for Instagram

There are many Instagram-ready biography templates which you can be inspired to create yours.

Before seeing the ones we separated, check out some profiles that knew how to use the available resources to their advantage and managed to attract more followers.

examples of biographiesExamples of ready-to-email biography

In the first photo, there is a profile of a women’s clothing store with an emphasis on the acting category in the commercial profile, use of emojis to represent the owners of the brand and a external link.

The second image is the profile of a hamburger in which it is possible to see the use of hashtags, emojis, call to action and practical contact buttons that drive customers.

And in the third, there is the profile of a coffee shop with address and hours of operation and telephone for contact.

In all these examples, you can see that the highlights are organized and separated in a clear way for the followers and with a link in the bio.

Examples of Instagram-Ready Web Store Biographies

Below are some ideas you can draw on to write your Instagram bio.

Bio ideas for stores

  1. Founded by @seuperfilpessoal
  2. 📩 Professional contact:
  3. (Motto or catchphrase related to your business) Look of the day: self-esteem #your brand name
  4. We deliver nationwide! 👇 Ask directly through the link! 👇
  5. Follow our news. FOLLOW US!

Bio ideas for promotions

  1. […]% off our products! Check it out on the website!
  2. 💸 See our promotions on our website!
  3. (Product’s name): limited edition! Run to the site and secure yours now!
  4. Special offers every day of the week! See our menu!
  5. Entire site with special Children’s Day promotion! Click on the link below! 👇


As you’ve seen, Instagram’s bio can change the way visitors see your profile and even increase your page traffic.

now that you have learned how to create a perfect bio for your business, just work on your creativity and start building yours based on the best sales strategies of social networks.

Also, do you know how to explore all the resources to sell on Instagram? Enjoy and take the test now. Then tell us how it went. Good luck!

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