How to create store biography on Instagram

como criar biografia para loja no Instagram

How to create store biography on Instagram

Did you know that creating an attractive biography on Instagram makes all the difference for your store to be found? And needless to say how much this can impact your results, right? That’s why today I’m going to give you some tips on how to create a store biography on Instagram.

Why it’s important to have an attractive biography

I’ve already started today’s content by giving away the secret: creating an attractive biography for your store on Instagram is important and will make all the difference in your results. And the reasons are simple: the Instagram bio is the first contact between your store and your potential customers.

So it needs to be short, objective and attractive. There are only 150 characters where you need to perfect and introduce yourself to your client, seeking to attract attention. And these first moments, where your potential customers will enter your profile, are very important: they can define a lot, such as whether or not he will buy from you.

And that’s why you do need to invest some time to write a biography for your store, in addition to paying attention to other little things, such as the username.

Attention: Instagram username

Before doing your biography, I suggest you analyze your Instagram user – Yes, he will also make all the difference in getting your store found.

Some tips on what you can’t miss in your username they are: your name/name of your business and your area of ​​expertise. This way your potential customers can find you knowing who you are, if they search for your name, or even not knowing who you are, just looking for what you sell.

For example: let’s imagine a case where I sell Feminine fashion and in another where I sell plus size fashion. Some username tips that would be interesting would be:

@alemoraesmodafeminina, @alemoraesmodaforwomen, @alemoraesmodafeminina – in the first case.

@alemoraesmodaplussize, @modaplussizealemoraes, @alemoraesmodaplus – in the second case.

It’s important that you get create one username that involves your name or the name of your business, as well as your niche. Think and insert in your username your business keywords is also a good option.

Tips on how to create biography for Instagram store

Now that you know that you need to pay attention when creating your username, choosing a name that is easy to remember, type and find, it’s time for tips on how to create a biography for a store on Instagram.

In short, for this content not to become long, you need to:

  • make good use of your bio space to talk (attractively) about your business;
  • give information about what you sell and whether you are a wholesaler or retailer;
  • make your market/action niche very clear;
  • disclose the forms of purchase, payment and delivery;
  • if you have a physical store, also take the opportunity to publicize the address – and, if not, specify that you only work in the virtual environment.

But Ale, there is little space, how am I going to do it? Really, it seems like a lot for just 150 characters (and I pretty much agree that it is). But we need to adapt. And a tip to save space is to use links and emojis. For example, instead of writing ‘phone’, just put a phone emoji, same thing with email, website and so on.

How to put more than one link in your Instagram description

One thing is right: you need to have a link in your Instagram biography. But a single link may not be enough for your business, as is the case for those who have a website, catalogs, Whatspp and/or e-mail service, blog and other places to target their audience.

The good news is that you can put more than one link in your bio, improving your description and also having more paths to direct your customer. Want to know how to do this? Then read the content: Increase your Instagram marketing power for fashion sales.

Let’s get our hands dirty?

Now that you know some tips for how to create biography for store on Instagram, it’s time to start thinking about your business and write down the main ideas of what you hope to convey to your customers.

And if you have any strategy, share it with us in the comments! I will love to know…

Also take the opportunity to learn about the Most Followers of Fashion Training and good luck with your business!

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