How to take Tumblr

how to make tumblr style photos

How to take Tumblr-style photos: easy poses, editing tips and tricks

how to make tumblr style photos

Tumblr is the most inspiring image platform out there. And there, you can find several images such as nails, hair, DIY, fashion and lots of stylish photos. And it’s for these photos of super stylish girls that the social network was best known, causing many women to start doing Tumblr-style photos.

If you don’t know what it’s like, we’ll teach you. Grab your notebook and pay attention to these tips:

Tips for taking Tumblr-style photos

See everything you need to know and get ready to take a Tumblr-style photo.


imitating tumblr photos

You will never be able to make cool photos if you don’t have references! So look for inspiration in other Tumblr, We Heart It, Instagram and even Pinterest… The important thing is to gather as many photos as possible that you like and try to create yours based on these references.

Making your day more Tumblr

tumblr coffee photos with coffee cup
Want to leave your day with that Tumblr face? It’s very simple. Just work on the elements you have around you. Are you lying in bed feeling lazy about everything? Put on a pair of denim shorts, grab a cup of coffee and take a picture. Want more examples? Explore the city, go out for coffee with your friends, photograph the table, see if you have any flowers to put together or a more unusual tablecloth.

The elements to make a Tumblr-style photo are ours, just let your imagination go and take a picture.

Make up

tumblr style makeup

You may have noticed that the “tumblrs girls” are always well made-up, but the make-up is neither strong nor too heavy, just enough to leave flawless skin and well-defined eyes. A well-defined and deep outline is also a prerequisite. If you can’t do the outline, don’t worry, some Tumblrs Girls they only use mascara on their eyes.

make tumblr gir

tumblr makeup

hair and hairstyles

hair tumblr photos

Use your creativity when choosing a hairstyle! Boxer braids, for example, are super hot! A messy bun is also beautiful.


curly hair tumblr photos

colored hair tumblr photos

tumblr hair inspiration

messy bun tumblr photos

braids tumblr photos

Clothing and accessories

All black tumblr-style look in the mirror

This part of the photo is the most peaceful, as it will depend on the part of your body you are going to photograph (from the waist up or from the neck up, and so on). Remember: the more body appears in the photo, the more important the look will be for the photograph. No more flashy colors in the same look. For Tumblrs Girl, a basic, well-constructed look is paramount.

tumblr style mirror photo

imitating tumblr looks

tumblr style looks

Location of photos

tumblr style beach photo

One of the most important parts of a Tumblr-style photo is the location. Avoid dark, cluttered places or visual imperfections. Try to make everything perfect for the photo. Whether it’s a plain wall, with bushes, a wall with graffiti, a photo on the grass, on the beach or on the swing, the most important thing will be the lighting of the place. Know that lighting is essential for your photo and your camera’s focus. Try taking pictures in a place with good natural light, such as your home window, and you’ll find that much of a photograph is natural light.

tumblr style bedroom picture

tumblr style photo how to do

tumblr style photo in the window


imitating tumblr poses
When posing, it’s good with or without a smile. Take the opportunity to test new angles and rock your ass! Remember to use arms and hands in unusual poses.

tumblr poses with hand on face

tumblr poses in bed

tumblr poses in the street

tumblr poses

tumblr photo editing

After the photo is ready, it’s time for editing. Don’t think the Tumblrs Girls post a photo without editing it first. It is at this stage that you will remove any imperfections you find, whiten your teeth, remove a pimple, etc. And for everything in life, there are apps that make these edits, and we’ll show you some of them:

  • Photo: a Photo editor Free ideal for editing and retouching images. It offers many easy-to-use tools. With it, you can easily adjust the color and exposure of your photos, retouch portraits, remove backgrounds, create photo collages, apply photo filters and much more. It also comes with a built-in template library that offers several customizable templates tailored to size requirements for all social platforms. Perfect for bloggers, social media influencers and creatives.
  • VSCO: these effects are super professional and have a Tumblr feel, you can adjust the color, lighting, saturation, etc.
  • Lightroom presets: is an app that has everything you need. In our opinion, it is one of the best in photo editing.
  • snapseed: this app is perfect for you to adjust images, HDR, lighten or darken some part of the photo.
  • Facetune: this one is perfect for editing, because with it you can remove pimples and small imperfections.

Well, apps in hand, you have to remember that for a Tumblr-style photo, the golden rule applies: less is more.

How to take Tumblr photos alone with mobile

One of the biggest difficulties in taking a photo alone is having someone to set the best angle and take the photo. If you don’t have anyone to do this for you, don’t worry, know that you don’t even need a tripod, just a little creativity. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a clothespin or paper clips, check this out:

tripod for mobile

Tumblr-style photo poses alone

tumblr-style photo poses

Make fun poses, Jump, laugh, be serious, clap your hands, toss your hair, raise your hands… anyway! Whatever you think and believe will be fine, do it! Have fun, make Faces and Mouths, make a real photo shoot! 😉

tumblr photo ideas

Tumblr-style photo poses with coffee cup

Tumblr-style photo poses on the side

Tumblr-style solo photo poses sitting on the floor

Tumblr photos easy to imitate

Some Tumblr-style photos are quite easy to imitate and don’t require a lot of photography technique, editing or you need to have a lot of accessories. See photos that are easier to reproduce.

tumblr style photo details deiei remus

Tumblr photo inspirations alone

Want Tumblr photo inspiration to make alone, look at the ones we’ve separated:

tumblr style photo in nature

tumblr photo details deisi remus

tumblr photo in bed Deisi Remus

tumblr photo on deisi remus street

easy to make tumblr photos

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with dog and braid

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with a bun and glasses

Easy to imitate Tumblr photos with hibiscus flower

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with flowers on the face

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with hand to mouth

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with hand to face

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with legs up

Tumblr photos easy to imitate with ice cream

Tumblr photos easy to imitate in bed

Tumblr photos easy to imitate in the window

Tumblr photos easy to imitate on the floor with flowers

Tumblr photos easy to imitate sitting on the floor with bandana on her head

Tumblr photos easy to imitate smiling

imitating tumblr photos

Tumblr-style photo poses pictures of hair on the floor

Tumblr-style photo poses alone smiling

Tumblr Summer Alone Photo Poses

Tumblr-style photo poses alone

Not over yet!

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