how to be different and gain customers

how to be different and gain customers

There was a time when only large stores dominated the Brazilian retail market, both in the household appliances and electronics sectors, as well as in clothing, footwear and various other products. With the expansion of the internet and the consequent growth of e-commerce, this scenario has changed. As the internet is a medium with many possibilities, small and medium-sized companies were able to find space in the virtual market. Large store chains continue to have the largest share in the retail market, but now compete with small and medium e-commerce entrepreneurs. However, establishing yourself in the online market is not the easiest task. Despite the internet being a largely democratic medium, which does not require large investments to enter, only the best stand out in the virtual market.

One e-commerce, regardless of the industry, you will face competition – unless you sell a very exclusive product, but otherwise be prepared for opponents. The good news is that competition is very healthy as it encourages constant improvement and makes your business more and more efficient in every aspect.

So deal with your competitors as best you can. In order not to be swallowed up by the market, you need to follow some parameters.

  1. Product with differential: it’s no use selling more of the same, your product has to be different in some sense. When we talk about e-commerce, you need to have a product or a line of products, with the identity that refers to your online store. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a unique product; he needs to send it to your store. You can customize the sale by giving discounts on cash purchases – even though this is nothing new, few stores do this. Delivery and after-sales relationships can be differentiated to surprise and positively mark the customer.

  2. Use content marketing efficiently: content is one of the best forms of advertising there is. Even before the internet, several companies used this type of marketing, but it was in the virtual world that it gained strength. Videos, articles, images and infographics can be made to talk about your product and your area of ​​expertise, without being invasive, just arousing the desire and curiosity of consumers.

  3. Focus on delivery quality: many of the big stores have problems with product delivery. Whoever succeeds, in this case, has a very big differential. One of the largest e-commerce stores in the world, Amazon, is always looking for maximum efficiency in delivery. If you make an error in delivery, for example, Amazon offers a free product as a form of compensation. A positive experience with product delivery builds customer loyalty and gains their trust for future purchases.

  4. Pay the same attention to new and old customers: a very common mistake of e-commerces is to worry too much about gaining new customers and forgetting to preserve the old ones. Both activities are important, but preserving old customers is critical. The time to retain a new customer and the costs this can generate makes retaining old customers much more prosperous.

  5. Be seen: promoting your store through blogs, forums and social networks is essential. On the internet, those who are not seen are not remembered. So, assemble content, use videos, photos, texts and everything that makes people read about your store and your area of ​​expertise. Make your e-commerce have visibility and brand value; Invest in your reputation. In this way, you gain authority and your brand becomes more and more well known. And, when your e-commerce is known, the better your chances of selling.

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