Find out how to attract customers to a women’s clothing store

Find out how to attract customers to a women’s clothing store

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Check out some tips and learn techniques used to make women buy your store’s products

Selling women’s clothing means entering a very competitive market, as well as in other fashion sectors. Last year, the online fashion and accessories category grew by more than 45% – and the numbers keep rising.
To help you undertake and sell more in this field, we have created a list of tips for attract customers to your store.

1) Define the face of your store

Your physical space sends a message to the audience. So please make sure this message is correct. A luxury-looking store may work to attract a certain customer base, but it can have the opposite effect and turn other customers away if they think their clothes cost more than they can afford. Talk to whoever enters your store and try to find out what they are looking for.

2) Please the clientele to sell

In order to attract customers to a women’s clothing store, it is essential to focus on the consumers’ experience. What can you offer to retain them? There are stores that organize actions for festive dates or collection launches in order to attract consumers, while others offer treats on less busy days just to balance the scales.

3) Reinforce the respectful attitude of sellers

Problems with bad – and prejudiced – sellers resonate very quickly and easily, especially with social media, and can greatly harm your business. It is important to select and value those who work with you, helping to train these people, after all, no one is born prejudiced, they become one. They must know well what they are selling, aiming clarify doubts and not lose sales.

4) Put the customer at ease

Letting the customer pick up the pieces – without depending on the seller – for example, is a good idea. This does not mean not offering quality assistance. Just as it is important that your customer has autonomy to move around the store. Be on the lookout for help as soon as he looks for you.

5) Offer complementary products

Think of products, such as accessories and jewelry, that match your portfolio. Encourage sellers to offer accessories, in addition to having some near the checkout and in other strategic locations in the store. In addition to selling women’s clothing, this can increase your average sales ticket and, consequently, your cash flow.

Selling women’s clothing is working with customers’ self-esteem and mood – that’s why you must deliver a good experience to retain consumers, whether offering complementary products or reinforcing the values ​​of your store.

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