How to advertise for clothing store and become successful

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How to advertise for clothing store and become successful

The fashion market is one of the fastest growing in the world. In this context, advertising for clothing store is essential! In Brazil this reality is no different. According to the consultancy Euromonitor, the sector has quadrupled its sales in the last 10 years, representing R$140 billion in 2013, going from 14th to 8th position in the world. In this way, the market is on the way to repeating results already presented in other sectors, such as perfumery, hair care products and cosmetics, ranking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in consumption in the world.

fashion universe

Despite not being a necessity itself – since, theoretically, the basics for survival would not represent the expressive growth as it has shown –, data released by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) point out the growth of spending in the sector according to individual economic development: with each step taken in society, consumption in this market doubles.

The reason for this is, of course, in women – that’s why it is so common to hear that investing in sales aimed at women is the best type of business on the market. With their significant insertion in the market in recent years, the sector is getting stronger every day, whether due to the availability of funds for purchases or the need to be properly dressed for the occupation of a position. Therefore, advertising for women’s clothing store should take advantage of this data, focusing your efforts on the right audience.

However, the attractions to invest in this market encourage not only you, but many others. This, then, also represents the growth of competition in the market and, therefore, you need to pay attention to developing strategies and actions to highlight your store in the fashion world. Learn in this post how to conquer your space in this market! In addition to tips on how to promote a clothing brand, we’re going to talk about location, partnerships, commemorative dates, loyalty, internet and, of course, how to make advertising for a clothing store become the big success you dream of!

Strong brand helps to sell

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How to advertise for clothing store

Bet on location

Calm down, before thinking about how to promote a clothing store, think carefully about the place! The choice of commercial point has great responsibility for the success of your store. This is because it is a critical factor for retail, which has as one of its forms of sales the attraction of customers who pass by the store and identify with its window. In addition, the types of products sold must be adequate, including the price factor, to the market that will be explored: the consumers that one wishes to attract. To do this, build a checklist to assess:

  • Accessibility of the chosen location;
  • Flow of people in the region;
  • Neighborhood security;
  • Point of sale facilities;
  • Project restrictions, in the city hall, to verify which types of renovations are allowed;
  • Public transport to the location;
  • Projects under development in the region that may positively or negatively impact your establishment;
  • Ease of parking;
  • Direct competitors;
  • Who are your neighbors: are there many companies or other businesses in the region that are attractive to bring customers to your store?

To see this, personally visit the available options and imagine what your store would be like in it. Visit the site on different days of the week and at different times, ask other traders in the region and use this information to better position your trade.

fashion universe

Make partnerships

Partnerships in the fashion market are an excellent way to promote a clothing store. They can be done in different ways, depending on your purpose. That’s why we’ve selected a few so that you can understand how to promote a clothing brand through good partnerships and gain more customers in your establishment:

Partnerships with related stores

To encourage consumers of a store to get to know yours and, thus, generate more sales opportunities, the tip is to form partnerships with other related ventures, which are not your competitors. For example, fashion-conscious customers often also like beauty products and treatments, perfumes, makeup, and shoes. Use your networking and propose discount exchange partnerships, promoting an “exchange” of customers.

It’s a simple clothing store advertising strategy: you’ll need to create a voucher or discount card so it’s delivered at the end of a consumer’s purchases at the other store. Remember that, for this, you need to offer a discount that is different from those you usually apply, ensuring that it will be irresistible for this consumer to go to your establishment, even if it is just to get to know you. Also, the coupon design will make a difference. Therefore, invest in an attractive layout that conveys professionalism and communicates your brand efficiently. Otherwise, it will be more of a paper destined for garbage. If you have funds available, a gift accompanying the promotional material is quite interesting. This will give more assurance that this consumer will at least look at the delivered voucher.

Partnerships by exchanging banners on websites

pay for clothing store

One way to use the success of digital marketing these days is the exchange of banners in stores. This type of partnership must follow the premises of the previous tip, especially with regard to competition. That’s because it won’t do any good to try to promote your brand or your products in companies that sell the same thing as you: it’s a denied partnership, for sure!

Here, the visual identity of the banner is also extremely important, which needs to be aligned with yours. So, don’t do the job anyway, reusing other layouts. Remember that this directly impacts your brand’s image to the market.

Outreach partnerships with bloggers

In the fashion area, bloggers have a fundamental role: to inspire and dictate trends. They are opinion makers and, generally, their legion of fans (blog audience) often follow what they indicate. In this type of partnership, there are different models to be proposed, depending on the size of the blogger.

Some only accept the promotion of products through payment, but it is possible to work with bloggers with smaller audience who are very influential in a certain region. With them, it is possible to carry out the exchange scheme, in which payment for the clothing store advertisement is made in products. Some even divulge them for the simple fact of earning them or during use in a “look of the day”, for example. So, use this as an opportunity to give visibility to your store.

Remember the commemorative dates

Commemorative dates are a traditional way of promoting a clothing store, bringing a lot of strength to the trade in other categories as well. Many of them were even created to instigate an increase in sales in certain periods. Therefore, it is essential that you conduct your promotions strategy based on the annual calendar. This way you will have enough time to develop an entire campaign targeted to date.

The tip for this work is that right at the end of a year you will be able to list all the dates that will be worked: Father’s Day, Mothers, Women, Valentine, Children, Christmas, collection changes, among others. The best dates will depend on your target audience. Therefore, you are the most suitable for this choice.

With this planning in hand, think about how the clothing store advertising should be in this period and define the objective and approach of each of the promotions that will be worked on. Consider the graphic materials, the store’s decor, the channels that will be used, among other issues to see what you need to invest in and how much. So you’ll be able to demand your creative professionals in a timely manner so as not to miss the great trade opportunities.

Promote a loyalty program

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More than just advertising for a clothing store with the objective of selling, you also need to focus on customer loyalty. When they are satisfied with the products they buy, the price they pay and the service they receive, your store will always be among their first choices when a need or desire arises.

Loyalty programs are among the best initiatives on how to promote a clothing brand. They are an excellent way to work on customer retention, making your brand their favorite. These programs aim to gratify your customers according to the history in your store. For the fashion market, you can work on options such as:

  • Establishing partnerships with existing loyalty programs, adding points to a larger network that includes various possibilities for its customers;
  • Give these customers an opportunity to have access to releases before they are made to the general public. If possible, even providing them with discounts, even if not that significant. The same goes for sales;
  • Different payment terms;
  • Adoption of a system that favors the creation of its own loyalty program, considering the conversion of amounts spent into points to benefit from reaching a certain margin. Benefits can be in-store discounts, which prompt a return for a new purchase, or even freebies. In this case, you need to assess what most pleases and engages your consumer.

The advertisement for the clothing store must also be on the internet

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The internet has been occupying a representative space in sales and, therefore, it is important that you are attentive to adapting your promotion and sales strategies for your web store. This brings several investment options, depending on the available budget, your target audience and the defined objectives. Check out some of the web actions you can develop for this.

How to advertise a clothing store on the internet:

  • Email marketing campaigns to increase sales or customer relationships;
  • Acting on social networks for customer relationship and attraction of new consumers;
  • Online ads, such as investing in services like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords;
  • Using the strength of Market Places, which function as online shopping centers, like a virtual mall where several stores sell their products, to drive sales. The great advantage of this business model is the reach of a new audience, as there are investments in online promotion strategies so that more people are aware of this shopping environment;
  • Development of a blog for content marketing work, generating customer value information to attract, convert, educate and retain consumers.

Marketing of products online

pay for clothing store

Sales through virtual stores have shown a constant increase. Industry data show very favorable prospects and, therefore, an excellent opportunity to expand your store to other potential markets that do not depend on physical location.

Fashion e-commerces have a growing acceptance in the market, mainly due to the ease and agility of the purchase. However, to be successful, it is not enough to have a platform and display the products in your store. It takes painstaking work that encourages conversions. This includes detailed descriptions about the product, quality images, in different angles and with the possibility of zoom, ease of payment methods, among others.

If you are already evaluating this possibility,…

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