60 love images with romantic and cute phrases

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60 love images with romantic and cute phrases

oh how good be in love! It is a mixture of sensations, in which we feel fulfilled and, at the same time, with butterflies in our stomachs just thinking about the next meeting.

Thinking about it, we prepare 60 images of love with phrases to inspire and amaze. Share with the one you love!

Images and photos of love

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Lack of love is the greatest of all poverties.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


I love spending the weekend with you, between caresses and kisses.


So I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

Paulo Coelho


Love does not define itself; sit down.


Images of love to download and share everywhere

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If you know how to explain what you feel, you don’t love, because love evades all possible explanations.

Carlos Drummond de Andrade


The heart has reasons that reason itself does not know.

Blaise Pascal


You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Dr. Seuss


Love is space and time made sensitive to the heart.

Marcel Proust


If love is fantasy, lately I find myself in the middle of carnival.

Toquinho and Mutinho

Romantic pictures

Romance is in the air! How about some super romantic ideas?


Just thinking about you makes me smile.


The most beautiful words of love are said in the silence of a gaze.

Leonardo da Vinci


You complement me in a way I didn’t think was possible.


The measure of love is to love without measure.

Saint Augustine

Images of love for your husband or wife

In relationships of years, we let time pass and the declarations of love are forgotten. It’s always good to remind our love how good it is to have them on our side. ❤️


What is the difference between loving and being in love? I don’t know, because I feel both ways for you.


Giving up on love seemed as unreasonable to me as losing interest in health because we believed in eternity.

Simone de Beauvoir


I may not write like Shakespeare, but you make me as romantic as he is.


Look, I was never romantic… but you changed me.


If I were asked what love means, I wouldn’t be able to explain. Love is felt but not spoken.


My dream will never be complete without you in it…

Princess Tiana

“Good morning love” images

Oh, the only bad thing about my morning is having woken up far away from you!


When I wake up, I do three things first thing in the morning: check my cell phone messages, have a glass of water, and thank you for finding you.


Today I woke up missing yesterday, when you were here by my side.


Ever since you came into my life, I’ve had a good night’s sleep and mornings of innocent joy.


Hi, can I live in your embrace?


Today no one will spoil my day,
I’m just going to spend energy kissing your mouth.

Blue Sky – Charlie Brown Jr

beautiful images of love


My smile is so happy with you
My best friend is my love…

Old Childhood – Marisa Monte


You know someone loves you not for what they say, but for what they do. Love does not survive on theories.

Father Fabio de Melo


I had already given up on relating to other people, until you showed up and totally changed my mind.


Have you already invented teleportation? I want to use it to go to you.


If my life were a canvas, I could say you brought a whole new color palette to it.

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cute images of love

What kind of couple are you? Here we have some options for those who love to fill the other with affection and sweet words!


With you, the hand may be cold in winter, but the heart is always warm.


I came to believe in love after I met you.


All I wanted was you here with me, watching our show from the decks.


Do you know the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? You make me feel it. Ever.


Loving is: suffering attacks of laughter and cheek squeezing constantly.


I arrived at work and was asked if I had won the lottery. I said yes, in the lottery of life, thanks to you.


I open the door to say goodbye already wanting us to be together again.

Images of love and affection

We together are the best of all duos!


I love you is too strong a phrase to be said in vain. Love first, say later.

Renato Russo


The years passed, the beard grew, the shirt became tighter, the pants became tighter, and my love for you grew the most of all.


I don’t quite understand how your watch works: when I’m with you, minutes last seconds. When we spend the week apart, the days feel like months.


Sometimes, if I am distracted, if I don’t watch myself for a moment, I transport myself close to you.


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love images for whatsapp

Privately send a beautiful picture to liven up your love’s day.


My Sundays got so much better after I met you.


Good Saturdays are the ones we spend together.


There is only one law in love; make the one you love happy.



When you hug me, I feel in another dimension.


I understood the meaning of homesick after I met you.

Valentine images

It’s so good to have you in my life!


Loving is not looking at each other, it is looking together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


True love: letting a person be what they really are.

Jim Morrison


I admire every beautiful part of your face.


You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them despite the fact that they’re not.

Jodie Picoult


(x) luck in the game

(x) luck in love

(x) luck in life

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“I love you” images

When I realized, I was already completely in love with you!


I love you, I kiss joy in your mouth.

Pablo Neruda


i need to say i love you
win or lose you without mistake



Have you ever read the word companion in the dictionary? You fulfill all the requirements.


I’ve loved you before, but I’ve never loved you as much as I love you.


Shall we agree never to let go of our hands again?


No matter what happens tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, now I’m happy because I love you.

the spell of time


What I feel for you is more than I felt for anyone until today.


After so many years, I feel our love is stronger than ever.


I tried to tell you many things, but I ended up discovering that love is much more to feel than to say…

José de Alencar


Maybe it’s too soon to say, but I think I really like you.

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